10 Types of Blog Posts People Love To Read in 2024

In This Post, We’ll Talk About Types of Blog Posts People Love To Read

Scratching your head to come up with an idea to write next great post?

Have you ever thought about writing an article which people would love to read but couldn’t even start writing?

Are you still reading other blogs to get some ideas and then compile them in single post?

If you are one of them then sit relax and read this article for getting better ideas to write your next blog post. Here I am going to talk about 10 types of blog post which I have used to drive traffic on my blog and people love to read and share them..


Have a look at my list and be ready for the action.

#1. Tutorial Posts

We all love to write such posts. These are the posts which help people to learn something new, something which can help them to solve their problems and make their life easier.

Such articles provide step by step instructions to your readers to accomplish any particular task. Having visuals (images, videos) are MUST for such types of articles, as we are going to teach them something, so explaining everything with the help of pictures is a great idea.

Mots of the times such posts are either about tools or any online service so you must put maximum efforts to explain things in easy manner. As people who are searching for such tutorials are in strong need to learn how to use that tool/service, so giving them what they want in easy manner will make them more comfortable.

#2. Interviews

Personally I love this.

This one practice can open many doors for you.

You can know more about great internet marketers and help your readers to learn the tactics directly from experts.

Interviews motivate people, they make them feel more inspired and more dedicated for the work they are doing.

So you can start an interview series on your blog where you can ask your niche-related questions. This will make your blog popular and industry experts will love to share your content.

#3. List Articles

When I read one article on Income Diary about how he got over 100,000 visitors in a month just by writing list articles, I also started writing them on my blog.

You can check on my blog that around 60% of my articles are list articles.

Why such articles are most successful?

  1. Because we are giving them specific figure of our points (like this post “10 Types of Blog Posts That People Love To Read“).
  2. Such articles are very easy to scan.
  3. Such articles don’t need any extra efforts to read big paragraphs.
  4. Such articles make a picture in our mind about points.
  5. We become curious to check new points (as we already know few of them).

In short these article are easy to write, easy to scan and ultimately easy to let people come in.

#4. Review Posts

I was not a type of guy who loved to write review posts on my blog.

Because they need a lot of efforts and you need to cover each and every point of the product which you are reviewing. But one day an advertiser approached me and offered $550 for writing a single review article on one of my blogs.

Yeah.. money talks.. 😉

So I started writing review articles on my blog.

These are the type of articles which help people to make their decision to buy products.

If you are writing review articles on your blog then make you you are adding actionable elements on your blog. These elements will let people take quick action and they will end up buying products with your affiliate links.

#5. Resource Posts

These articles can put extra money in your pocket every day. 😉

People love to know about the tools and services used by blog which they love to read. In my case it was Smart Passive Income blog, where I used to check his tools and services.

These pages build confidence in your reader to buy products because they believe you.

#6. Infographics

If you can hire anyone to make an infographic for you, believe me this would be one of your best online investments to boost your brand.

Read this SEO strategy written Brian Dean at Backlinko.

His one infographic went so viral that he ended up getting hundreds of quality links at free of cost.

So you can start publishing other people’s infographics on your blog, share them on various social media sites to bring more people on your blog.

#7. Round-up Series

This is something which I am going to start soon.

You must be reading hundreds of articles on various blogs every week, and there would be many articles which you love to read again and again.

You can compile those articles on your blog and let your reader know what you learnt last week.

By sharing other people’s articles on your blog you will not help your readers to learn something new but also you can make strong relations with people.

You can check one example here, where one of my online friends shared my article in his round-up series.

#8. Giveaways

I know you love giveaways. 😉

This is a nice opportunity to grab premium things at free of cost.

I keep running various giveaways on my blog, because people love to participate in the giveaways. On my blog I have observed more traffic than usual days when I run giveaways on my blog.

You can contact the advertisers and show them your blog for giveaways.

If your blog is having quality articles and good stats then advertisers will sponsor giveaways on your blog which will ultimately start bringing more traffic on your blog.

#9. Video/Audio Tips

Audio/video hits our subconscious mind more than anything.

We can recall the things which we have seen or listened.

So putting audio/video content on your blog can please your readers because such content can be consumed anytime. For reading any article you need proper time, as you will have to sit in front on computer or magazine to read the stuff.

But this is not applicable for audio. You can listen them anywhere.

If you don’t know how to start audio/video podcast on your blog then you can check SmartPassiveIncome blog.

#10. Your Personal Experience

These articles bring more traffic than any other articles mentioned above.

If you aren’t agree with the above statement, let me ask one question form you.

I have two articles on my blog:

1. How to attract 10,000 visitors on your blog?

2. How I attracted 10,000 visitors on my blog in 25 days?

Which article would you love to read first?

I think you got the answer.

We love to read articles which are more personal as compared to generic ones. So writing articles which convey your true story to your audience will bring more traffic and people would love to read more articles written by you.

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Wrapping up

These are types of blog posts which you can use on your blog to get more loyal readers and ultimately more traffic on your blog. If you are still writing one type of blog posts on your blog then start doing more experiment and see what your readers want..

Now your turn

If you think I have missed anything in this article then feel free to add more value here. I would love to have more suggestions from your side so that I can produce more awesome content in future.

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