Virtual Private Server (VPS) Explained: Why to use it

VPS hosting is the acronym for Virtual Private Server, and is technically a virtualized server. Basically, the hosting environment provided by VPS behaves like a dedicated server in a shared hosting service.

VPS hosting

Thus technically, VPS hosting is both dedicated and shared hosting.

To host your website on the World Wide Web, you need the files of your website on a web server. It can be a tedious task to set up and manage a web server. When you purchase a web host, it provides you with a space on a web server that makes it easier for the website owner to host the site online.


A VPS hosting is a kind of server which has its own operating system and own set of server resources allocated to a server that is bigger in size.

How does VPS hosting work?


Every website that is hosted on VPS hosting gets hosted on a virtual private network based on a much powerful hardware.


You can consider it as a physical machine that is subdivided into many virtual components and the software for server is installed on all of them separately, thus providing each component the ability to function independently from each other.


In this kind of hosting, other websites are hosted on the same system, but the website you hosted will be separately hosted on the virtual component allocated to you. Thus, you have independent resources like RAM, CPU, disk space and others. The performance of a website is not affected by the other websites present on the same physical system.


Thus, consider it as a big house, where many websites stay together in separate rooms with sufficient independent resources needed by them.


You have the full access to the server as if it was your own dedicated server. But, practically and technically speaking, you are on the same system with other websites sharing the resources like RAM, CPU, bandwidth and disk space.


With VPS hosting, you get complete control over the server as it is your own dedicated server. Also, you get to enjoy the same benefits as a dedicated server but at a lower price.


Thus, you get a virtually dedicated server at a much lower price and superior performance that you get while hosting your website on a shared server.


So when is the right time to Switch to your preferred Hosting Service?


Is VPS the perfect solution for your website?


As shared hosting provides limited number of resources even if you select their “unlimited” plan, therefore more users choose VPS hosting when they require more number of server resources and are looking for safer hosting environment.


When you have selected shared hosting, when is the right time to go for VPS hosting?



Initially, most of the websites opt for shared hosting plans. This is perfect for the newbies as it is cheaper, simpler to manage and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. But, as the website grows, more functions are necessary, and hence it becomes imperative to shift your hosting service.


how will you come to know it is the time for you to switch to VPS hosting. Let  me tell you about few indicators after which you should change your hosting service so that your visitors get the best service you promised to them.


Traffic has increased manifold


So, are you getting an enormous amount of traffic on your website, then it is a splendid news! You must be celebrating. But, consider it as the most immediate indication that you might be using too many resources on your shared plan. Few of the shared hosting providers even send you an email indicating that you are pulling many resources from the shared server.


Even if you don’t get any email from your service provider, you can take a look at your traffic and load times, this shall give you an estimate of the resources you using. This is a good sign that you need to change your hosting service to VPS.


Reliability and security


To maintain the credibility of your website, you require a stable resources allocated for your site. Also, better backups, enhanced security features like SSH and advanced monitoring abilities are required. You get all these and many more in VPS.


Better control / Server root access


Once your website is launched, give it some time to get popular among the niche audience. Once, it gets established, you would require full control over the hosting platform to perform more actions like installation of custom software or server configuration based on the advanced features of your website.


If you are developer helping your clients in designing and hosting their websites, then VPS is the best way to give a better control to your customers.


These are the main indicators suggesting you shift from shared hosting to VPS.



Many service providers are offering VPS hosting plans. Browse through the top VPS providers and compare their prices and features before selecting the one that suits best for your website.

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