Jitendra Vaswani

Websites do go out of style

Time changes all things, and websites are included in the “all things”. In the professional and business world, advertising and marketing is changing and excelerating every day. To keep up with the latest trends businesses need to update and maintain a current and up to date website.

Why is this so important? In the internet world, your only representation out there IS your website. It lets all of your potential customers or clients see what great services or products you provide. You wouldn’t continue to sell stone washed jeans in the year 2006, because no one wants to buy them, or look at them anymore. They are tired, outdated, and out of style. So in turn, you shouldn’t just have a website and never update your merchandise, progress or contact information on it. Having a website that is unattractive and not up to internet and search engine standards is not worth much in posting on the internet.

When you set your website up, you need to consider your visitors 100%. Just because a little graphic is “cute” doesn’t mean you should put it on your website. Every business should have a website and every business needs to keep their website updated, attractive and designed for internet marketing and search engine optimization. Your website should be easy to use, easy to check out if you sell merchandise or services online.

There are many reasons why a website should be updated and upgraded. One of the most important reasons is search engine marketing. Updating content and adding additional pages with relevant information for your visitors is highly recommended for your natural rankings within the search engines. The search engines value how much information is available on your specific website and how relevant it is to the visitors that come to your site.

If nothing else, consider this: why do people use the internet? Most are using the internet for informational purposes. If your business offers resources that are of any value to it’s patrons, then your website visitors shouldn’t be left in the dark either. Let you visitors know how great your business is, tell them with a professional custom website, that is attractive and professional, and keep it updated!

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