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Whatsapp Voice Calling: Now Available on iPhone/iPad

Well good news! Apple users will now have full access to the Whatsapp voice calling feature which was rolled out a few weeks back for android devices.

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Whatsapp Voice Calling: Now Available on iPhone/iPad 

The latest version of Whatsapp: the Version 2.12.1, which is available on iTunes has complete voice calling! Now you can call your friends, family and colleagues and exchange information easily. You just need an internet environment. However, extra data charges may apply.

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The app is updates but the voice-calling option will be fully operational in a few weeks. The latest version has also taken advantage of iOs 8’s extensions. This means that you will be able to share media like photos and videos directly from camera.

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Whatsapp Voice Calling

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With the latest version you can edit contacts directly from Whatsapp. This is a nifty improvement as till now; you need to manually save the contacts to your synced ids. Therefore, much time will be saved.Android whatsapp background for free download

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