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WP Engine Review: Why It is Best WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is a very superior web hosting company whose main aim is just on one: WordPress Hosting. Its whole hosting system proceeds on a WordPress platform (no domain manager, cPanel, phpAdmin etc.). If our website is not running on WordPress, you will need to host your website somewhere else.

Wp Engine Review 2014

I first had knowledge about WP Engine when I interviewed Jason Cohen, who is one of the company’s founders. At the time I interviewed him, the company was just a year old and not many knew about this brand. Near about one year later from the date of interview, I shifted one of my website to WP Engine and the remainder is history.

Founded in July 2010 by Aaron Brazell and Jason Cohen, WP Engine is a very commanding hosting platform for users of WordPress that aims on mainly three issues: Speed, Security and Scalability.

When compared to other hosting site reviews, WP Engine is comparatively new;however, with such a magnificent management and some great market position, it has tempted many big names and influencers in the WordPress community. Our folks from WordPress.com and Automattic.com had made a tactical investment in the late 2011.

FourSquare, HTC, SoundCloud, Balsamiq are some of the very popular brands that are hosted via WP Engine. And a number of bloggers like me migrated to this hosting service.

Wp Engine working with big brands

Why Only WordPress Hosting?

You may question, “Isn’tit foolish to fence your market and aim only on WordPress users?”In fact I was correspondingly surprised when I asked Jason during the interview session. Jason’s reply to this question was “focusing on one thing means we can do a marvelous work”.

So there you go, take it or leave it because this hosting company is all about WordPress. So if you are not a user of WordPress, then this article is not for you and just stops reading further.

But if you are looking for a company who offers serious WordPress hosting, then go ahead and don’t stop reading till it ends as it is a must read for you!

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