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WP Engine vs Nexcess 2023: Find Your Best Hosting Service Provider!

If you’re looking for a managed WordPress hosting company, your best bets are probably WP Engine and Nexcess. We’ll compare WP Engine vs Nexcess to help you decide which WordPress host is best for your needs.

Liquid Web has acquired Nexcess. We can test if there is a difference now that Liquid Web uses the Nexcess platform for their WordPress hosting.

WP Engine vs Nexcess 2023: Overview

Nexcess Overview

Nexcess is a reliable web hosting platform that offers powerful features for users who require high-performance website hosting.

It has been designed with flexibility in mind and is ideal for businesses of any size. With its advanced caching capabilities, fast page loading times, and scalability options, Nexcess is sure to meet your needs.

Additionally, Nexcess offers access to 24/7 customer support as well as a number of other features such as free site migrations and a free CDN service. 

WPEngine is another popular web hosting platform that provides businesses with the resources they need to succeed online.

It offers a wide range of features such as automated backups, staging environments, and WordPress-specific security measures.

Additionally, WPEngine offers robust support services including 24/7 customer service and an extensive knowledge base filled with tutorials and instructions on how to use the platform effectively. 

WPEngine vs Nexcess: Differences

WP Engine vs Nexcess-WPengine Overview

Reasons for Choosing WP Engine over Nexcess:

  • Google Cloud Platform delivers faster website speeds
  • Support that is more responsive to customers
  • Themes from StudioPress are included for free
  • Includes tools for improving page performance
  • Money back guarantee of 60 days

Reasons for Choosing Nexcess over WP Engine:

  • Syncs with iThemes
  • Themes and plugins are not restricted
  • Testing and updating of plugins automatically
  • There are no pageview or traffic limits
  • Multiple websites are less expensive to host

WP Engine vs Nexcess Details

Category WP Engine Nexcess Comments
Setup Yes    
Control Panel   Yes  
Data Centers Yes In addition to its data centers in the USA and Canada, WP Engine also has locations in Europe, Asia, and Sydney.
Website Speed   Yes Written below in detail
Security Features Yes   Free SSL and real-time threat detection are provided by WP Engine
Data Backup and Restore Yes Yes Result: tie. Automated daily backups are stored for 30 days, as well as snapshots.
Automatic Updates   Yes Automatic plugins are available with Nexcess Additional updates to the WordPress core.
Servers   Yes  
Network Yes    
WordPress Development   Yes For managing multiple sites, Nexcess includes iThemes Sync.
SSL Yes Yes Result: tie. Let’s Encrypt SSL is provided by both.
Resources   Yes  
Staging Yes   Website staging is simplified with WP Engine.
Customer Support Yes   Explained below
Money Back Guarantee Yes   You can get a full refund from WP Engine within 60 days.
Price/Value   Yes  

WP Engine vs Nexcess: Website Speed and Performance

WPEngine Speed & Performance

We recommend WP Engine and Nexcess as two of the best managed WordPress hosting providers. While both are speedy and efficient, we found that Nexcess was the clear winner when comparing the two.

They are able to achieve speedier results thanks to Nexcess’s optimised servers, powerful caching, built-in CDN, and premium image compression.

Even while WP Engine also offers a plethora of useful performance-related tools, Nexcess comes out on top in this comparison.

Website Staging

Both WP Engine and Nexcess offer full-featured staging environments for WordPress sites, but WP Engine is our top pick. In my opinion, both providers make it simple to create a duplicate of your production site for use in testing.

On the other hand, using WP Engine, it’s as simple as re-importing the modifications from your staging copy into your live website. WP Engine triumphs in this respect.

Data Backup and Restore

Nexcess and WP Engine both provide reliable methods of backing up and restoring data.

The content of your WordPress installation is backed up automatically once per day on both of these managed hosts, and you can also create backups whenever you like yourself. It’s also simple to restore your data.

This round ends as a tie.

Customer Support

Nexcess Support

Comparatively, the customer support teams of WP Engine and Nexcess are both excellent. When comparing two WordPress hosting providers, look for one that focuses on the latter. So, who takes first place in this field?

In this case, I have to go with WP Engine. Both are fast to respond, however I’ve found that WP Engine’s customer service is consistently pleasant and helpful.

It’s a close call, but WP Engine’s customer service wins out.

Pricing WPEngine vs Nexcess

WP Engine Plans:

WPEngine Pricing

  • Startup ($20 mo.)
    1 Website/10GB Storage
  • Proffesional ($50 mo.)
    3 Websites/15 GB Storage
  • Growth ($115 mo.)
    10 Websites/20GB Storage
  • Scale($290/mo)
    30 Websites/50GB Storage
  • Custom (Get in touch with the team)
    30+ Websites/50GB+ Storage

As for writing this article, if you buy WP Engine before 2023, you get first 4 months free. 

Data Centers: U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia

Free Domain?: No

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Advantages of WP Engine

  • Master WordPress Host
  • Google Cloud Platform virtual machines speed up performance.
  • Proprietary Genuine Staging Area for EverCache Technology
  • Backups of Data that are Both Automated and Snapshot
  • Your hosting package offers unlimited use of StudioPress themes at no additional cost.
  • Relocatable Software and Billing
  • Analyzing the Efficiency of a Page
  • Professional Solutions for Businesses Now Available Getting Help From WordPress’s Support Team

Nexcess Plans:

Nexcess Pricing

  • Spark for  $13.30 for 3 months
    1 Website/15GB Storage
  • Maker for $55.30 for 3 months
    5 Websites/40GB Storage
  • Designer for $76.30 for 3 months
    10 Websites/60GB Storage
  • Builder for $104.3 for 3 months
    25 Websites/100GB Storage
  • Producer for $209.30 for 3 months
    50 websites/300 GB Storage
  • Executive for $384.30 for 3 months
    100 websites/500 GB Storage
  • Enterprise for $699.3 for 3 months
    250 websites/800 GB Storage

Data Centers: Michigan,  Lansing, Phoenix, AZ; Amsterdam, EUR

Free Domain?:: No

Money Back Guarantee: Pro-Rated

Advantages of Choosing Nexcess:

  • Focus on Premium Managed Hosting with One-Click Plugin Upgrades
  • Constant Availability, With No Downtime
  • Compression of Images Mechanically
  • Take Control of Your Websites with iThemes Sync
  • No Pageview Restrictions with iThemes Security Pro
  • Repeatedly and mechanically saving your data every day Full Server Access and Offsite Storage for 30 Days


WP Engine vs Nexcess are two of the best hosting services I’ve used for managed WordPress sites. Both are fully capable of providing first-rate functionality, speed, and customer service for hosted websites.

Nexcess is a great choice for hosting your WooCommerce store.

WP Engine is my top recommendation for any WordPress site, from personal blogs to large corporate portals. In this extremely close head-to-head matchup, WP Engine emerges triumphant.

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