7 Ways by Which You Can Make Your Blog Post Presentable

In This Post, We’ll Talk About Ways by Which You Can Make Your Blog Post Presentable

You have many questions circulating in your mind at the time of blogging. They are like – would readers love your blog post? Will they read it completely? Will they ever come back to you after reading your first blog post? Will they post good comments and share it across to social networking sites?

Oops !! I missed out one – will they find your blog post presentable? So today let’s discuss something about it.

7 ways by which you can make your blog post presentable

1. Proper font style make presentable blog post

It very important to use proper fonts which will make your online blog presentable. Fonts provide readability to your blog post. One has to use proper fonts in different segments of the article. Like use the largest font size may be h1 for post title, use h2 or h3 heading style for sub – headings.

Use a moderate font size – neither too big nor too short,  for rest of your content  size ranging between 11 or 12. Also use a font style which can be easily read by your visitors. Do not use a too stylish one.

Too big fonts irritates the readers and too small fonts strains the eyes of the readers.

Font color also falls in this category. Too bright colors like deep red spoils the presentation of the blog post and irritates the eyes of the readers and too light font color like light move makes it difficult to be read.

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2. Proper indentation of blog post

Indentation of paragraphs, page margins provides a good visibility to the post. Even line spacing is a type of indentation. By the word indentation we basically mean separation of edges.

Coinciding edges like the ones of two paragraphs, two lines, content and the page border, etc;  makes the article look nasty. These kind of minor stuffs contribute  a lot to your blog post.

3.  Less use of ads in blog post

Ads imparts some color to online blogs but too much of anything is bad. Too many ads hides the actual content. Readers move their focus away from the post and concentrate on ads where they might find some lucrative offers like discounts or prizes.

Sliding or rotating ads are even more irritating because it confuses the readers by blurring out the vision of the entire page. This draws away the attention of the reader and they sometimes end up in closing the window.

4. Focus on cross-browsing compatibility

Your website should look the same in all browsers. These things can be missed out at times by the bloggers. They view their website only in one browser and not in others. The visibility which appears on google chrome may look different in mozilla firefox or internet explorer. All readers do not use the same browsers

Basically the indentation, the page alignment and the image position changes. So check these factors thoroughly before uploading your website on the web server.

Uniform compatibility hikes the presentation of the blog post.

5. Optimizing for mobile applications

The visibility of the web pages differ in mobile applications and computers or laptops. The ones who are most of the time moving and traveling hardly get time to sit on their PC.

The smart phones now-a-days suffice the requirement of computers. Online blogs must be optimized for mobile applications so that they can be viewed properly in mobile phones also.

6. Use of proper web templates

Impressive blog design impart good presentation. A neat and clean website is pleasing to the eyes of the readers and attracts them fast. Use of properly colored templates and backgrounds are to be minutely considered in blog design. The design of your website should be clutter free.

Your eye-catchy content becomes more eye-catchy if has a good blog design.

7. Proper Images and its position

Images are very important for our blog post because they reveal what is written in our article. But nevertheless there is a proper way of inserting the images.

First of all images should be related to the topic your blog post. Secondly you cannot insert images here and there. It should be done either at the top, or beside the content’s introduction, in the middle of the content or at the bottom. Improper arrangement of the images in your blog post will spoil its look.

Thirdly try to use compressed and good quality images. Heavy images makes it difficult to load the page and good quality image are pleasing to the readers.


You can deliver tons of blog post but what is the point of publishing it, if  is not presentable enough. Visitors will not come to your blog post themselves, you have to invite them to do so and then encourage them to read your content and that also read it completely.

Your blog post is worth a million if it is found to be presentable enough to the readers.

What do you implement to make your blog post presentable other than these? Share with us in the comment section!

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