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I have come a long way since I started blogging 8 years back in 2012. There I was, with a laptop, some ideas I wanted to share with the world and an incessant desire to break the barriers of personal freedom and become independent of the 9-to-5 ecosystems.

Nervous, understaffed (only me) and with no actionable experience or intelligence, the only way I knew was to hustle, hone the skills that I needed and polish those I already had.

I have experienced a lot since then. I have established a blog and have taken it forward to become one of the most popular blogs in India. I have launched a product and failed miserably. I have succeeded at business deals and have also seen my fair share of failures. I have made worthwhile connections that have turned very profitable.

I have also made rivals who are always on the lookout to push me down. I have amassed lovers and haters alike. I have spoken at events, colleges, and forums, both online and offline.

In a nutshell,  have entered the realm of personal and financial freedom.

Here in this book, I want to discuss my experiences and the insights I have gained, with you, my readers, the only backbone that keeps me going.

Topics covered in my book

Loved by industry leaders

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Loved by industry leaders

I met Jitendra for first time in ADDays Vietnam Conference, where both were speakers. I was fascinated about his social abilities and the way he does networking. He is a real hustler and he knows to perfection the online marketing business. Also he is an excellent writer: his book “inside of a Hustler’s brain in pursuit of financial freedom” is a must-read piece if you want to succeed in this business. Was a pleasure to met again in Moscow
Managing Director at 3xm Thailand Co. Ltd.
First time I saw Jitendra we were at the Affiliate World Conference in Berlin trying to get our passes. What we didn’t know was that period of time that everyone was complaining about (30 minutes) it will not be total loss, but actually it will be the start of a new friendship and partnership. This is what Jitendra is doing in his life, seeing opportunities everywhere and trying to make the best out of everything.
In 3 hours of flying I read his book and I was impressed by his strong will of becoming the successful blogger that he is today. Actually, after reading his words and seeing how optimistic and hardworking he is, I received the impulse that I needed in my life.

I want to thank you now for giving me a fresh new perspective about things in my life. I hope everyone who will read your book will have the same feeling.
Marketing Specialist –
After having met Jitendra at AWE conference in Berlin, I got a strong desire to read his book telling his life-story. After having read his life-story (which is his book “Inside the Hustler’s brain”), I have no other words than describing it as:

A – airworthy – which means both the book and the author are ready to fly around the Earth and be heard about
W – waterless – meaning you won’t find any unproved theory or any lies, you will find only the real experience of the real human struggling for his place under the sun
E – earthshaking – highly recommended to read not only for bloggers-beginners, but for every entrepreneur, both experienced ones and newbies
S – superhuman – as only some sort of supernatural power is able to let the author lead the life he does, as with everything he has achieved so far it seems like he is on the run 24/7
O – organic – meaning the book is easily written, so you literally read it in one breath
M – measurable – the content of the book brings valuable tips with its every next page
E – educative – teaching both professional and personal qualities that so many people unfortunately lack nowadays.
And from the above mentioned adjectives you can see one simple word – AWESOME – which is the exact description of it! No time to waste your time for reading this testimonial, hurry up to start reading the book!
Olga Havrylyuk
Brand Manager CPA Hub “TerraLeads”

Learn How to To Be Digital Hustler & Be Location Independent

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