Exploring the Realms of the Internet Marketing world with Jitendra Vaswani!

From where I was, to where I am today..

10 years ago, during early 2010, I was a naïve, reckless and restless lad who understood very less about responsibilities and a sustainable financial future. Roaming around with friends, watching “FRIENDS” and “How I met Your Mother” while eating all the junk in the world was all that I used to do. For me, THIS was life and “Productivity” was something that I never cared about.
Come 2014, chapters of my life changed and I thought of “Earning”. I began developing a curiosity about achieving financial freedom, something that was totally missing from my life. I started with blogging, and gradually began exploring the gullies of SEO, followed by Affiliate & Digital Marketing.
5 years forward, 2019, I gradually moved from kicking trash cans to cracking deals. I moved from playing games to handling emails, watching movies to giving live speeches and having video conferences in an office room. Today the name “Jitendra Vaswani” is counted as one of the top emerging and most promising Affiliate & Digital Marketers of the modern Internet world!

Jitendra Vaswani At Philippines Digital Marketing Conference Talking Conversion Marketing


Speaking out to the entire world!

Today I’m a proud speaker when I take the stage in front of budding entrepreneurs, bloggers and digital marketers. Spreading the knowledge, work and experience I have acquired personally over the past 6 years and sharing them with the bustling internet world is an art that I love to paint!

I am often mistaken for a social media guru or a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ Star. But no! I am an online marketer who likes to get involved in internet technologies and the enormous and dynamic world of Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Blogging and more.

A Little Bit About Me

I have been on both sides of this highly exciting subject being trained and providing training. The knowledge, advices and expertise I prefer sharing with my dedicated listeners are blunt, real and logical, simply because everything about the internet world is DYNAMIC. I have NEVER believed in strictly sticking to textbook-ish guides for Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, PR marketing, and SEO.


  1. Uncover and understand the different possibilities for developing a cool and exciting idea of digital marketing that might work for your brand.

  2. With the aid of the actual knowledge and expertise I share, you will be able to understand how exactly the market works.

  3. Explore and feel my knowledge and skills about things from “Behind the scenes" which simple "Blog readers" and daily "Web surfers" will never learn until they themselves encounter it.

  4. Discuss what produces the perfect and highest-performing marketing strategy and get the most out of the promotion of your product.

  5. Share the most common yet unsaid errors many new affiliates and digital marketers make, as I break them down as I have examined over the course of my professional career with examples from his own professional career, which could ruin a potentially fruitful project for you.

  6. I SIMPLY LOVE SEO! I KNOW exactly what all is needed to have your website run smooth, reach out and be among the ranks in search engine results!

Sharing Stage with Industry Experts

My recent Talks

Jitendra Vaswani at GetSetBlog Event: How Blogging is a Life Changing Experience

Jitendra Vaswani Workshop at Università Cattolica Milan Feedback By Students

Jitendra Vaswani at 24adp digital marketing conference

Jitendra Vaswani At Panel Discussion at Philippines Digital Marketing Event

Jitendra Vaswani at 24adp Pune 24adp digital marketing conference 2015 6 june

Jitendra Vaswani & Dr. Sachin Bhide at 24 adp Pune 2015


Jitendra Vaswani Speaking at Delhi University 2016

Jitendra Vaswani Speaking at WHD India Bangalore 2016

This Is What Industry Experts Are Saying About Jitendra's Speaking

Fernando Javier Digón

Managing Director at 3xm Thailand Co. Ltd.


I met Jitendra for first time in ADDays Vietnam Conference, where both were speakers. I was fascinated about his social abilities and the way he does networking. He is a real hustler and he knows to perfection the online marketing business. Also he is an excellent writer: his book “inside of a Hustler’s brain in pursuit of financial freedom” is a must-read piece if you want to succeed in this business. Was a pleasure to met again in Moscow

Vipul Garg

Letreach Cofounder


I got an opportunity to be in touch with Jitendra Vaswani through my co-founder, Rishabh Saxena and I can undoubtedly accept that I was really impressed by his hustle attitude. I have also attended his training workshops & talks. Trust me he is man of wisdom.
We have had some “serious business” conversations a number of times, and Jitendra has always pushed me when necessary and encouraged me to not only be the leader in business with our web push notification based SaaS solution but also to take good care of myself so that I show up with undivided attention & care for customers. He has also been one of the very early stage users of my product, LetReach, and his suggestions have helped me improve my product a lot.
When you’re ready to think & act like a real businessman and want to experience massive growth, he is your go-to coach.
What I love about Jitendra as a blogger cum trainer is he digs deep into your “why” and “how”, and then helps you navigate through the waters and become a stronger leader who is able to make better decisions through every tide of time. I highly recommend everyone to work with Jeetu a.k.a Blogger in case they want personal attention and advisory to take their business to the next level. Kudos! Keep Hustling Bro..Keep Growing!

Barry Page

Internet Marketer & founder of BarryinSiam.com


I first met Jitendra in Bangkok, when we both attended a marketing seminar. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge and energy, and we’ve kept in touch since. He’s definitely one of the most knowledgable bloggers I’ve met and he continues to provide no B.S knowledge to the blogging community. .Jitendra has a laser sharp focus on profitability. His vision requires you to up-level immediately and you will be able to take actions in your life without doubt.
His digital marketing training is must for budding marketers. You must hire him as a trainer and learn from hustler Ninja Jitendra. He provides real value in his workshops & trainings.
Also I was humbled by Jitendra generosity, creativity, passion, energy and knowledge that made the meeting in Bangkok a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If every solo-preneur had the opportunity to spend just a few hours with him, there would be a lot more successful people in the world!
If there’s one guy to follow, it’s Jitendra hustler. Go Go Hustler Ninja

As A Speaker/Panellist

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