1Gbits Review 2024: The Best & Trusted Web Hosting

1Gbits Review


1Gbits is a web hosting provider that offers reliable services at competitive prices. I have excellent customer support, fast servers, and useful features. 1Gbits is a good choice for businesses and individuals. They have a presence in over 15 countries.

Out of 10


  • There are no fees to set up 1Gbits.
  • 1Gbits is up 99.99% of the time and never fails.
  • Scalable solutions
  • Network stability
  • Competitive prices


  • The website doesn’t have any information about the plans for Asia’s specialized services.


Price: $ 14

You might be here if you’re having trouble finding a good RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) service that’s both affordable and reliable…

You can finally take a sigh of relief as 1Gbits has the answer. They offer a Windows RDP account, allowing you to connect to gaming machines or supercomputers for your remote needs.

Now, let’s explore all the great features and benefits you get with 1Gbits’ RDP service.  Also, here you can know what more you can expect from 1Gbits, as I discuss in detail here.

1Gbits Review 2024: What Is 1Gbits?

1Gbits is a popular provider of dedicated servers and VPS hosting solutions. They serve customers worldwide and offer high-performance servers with strong security.

1Gbits Review

Their flexible options work well for businesses of all sizes, ensuring websites run smoothly. They are also known for their 24/7 customer support and competitive pricing.

RDS Services

1Gbits’ Remote Desktop service allows seamless work within a Windows environment over the internet, utilizing their server resources.

IGbits RDS Services

With administrator access, you have the flexibility to install and use your preferred software programs at any time. It’s a convenient solution for remote work and productivity.

Users who require remote access to Windows environments for work or productivity should definitely try 1Gbits RDS services.

Features of Windows RDP Service from 1Gbits?

The 1Gbits Windows RDP service is designed to empower users with location flexibility, reliability, performance enhancements, quick setup, resource scalability, full control, and accessible support.

They aim to make your experience smooth and efficient. Discover the advantages of our Windows RDP service tailored to benefit you:

Features of Windows RDP Service from 1Gbits

1. Location Freedom: Choose your ideal location from various options, such as the U.S., Canada, Germany, Lithuania, UK, France, and Romania, allowing you to operate with ease where it suits you best.

2. Reliable Uptime: 1Gbits service guarantees an impressive 99.9% uptime, thanks to advanced hardware and continuous monitoring by their support experts. You can rely on them for uninterrupted access to your resources.

3. Operating System Flexibility: Select from a broad range of Windows client and Windows Server operating systems, including Windows Server 2012, 2012R2, 2016, and 2018R2, as well as Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. This versatility ensures compatibility with your specific needs.

4. Enhanced Performance: Experience improved speed and performance with Windows VPS, as it comes with dedicated resources designed to provide consistent and reliable services.

5. Swift Setup: Get your Windows VPS ready to use in less than 15 minutes, saving you time and enabling you to focus on your tasks right away.

6. Resource Scalability: They accommodate your needs by offering additional hardware resources upon request and promptly upgrading your plan after you’ve completed the ordering process.

7. Full Control: With administrator access, you have complete control over your Windows VPS, giving you the freedom to manage it according to your preferences.

8. Accessible Support: Enjoy 24/7 support services available via tickets, phone calls, Skype, and online chat. They assist you promptly and efficiently whenever you need assistance.

Why Choose 1Gbits for Affordable RDP Accounts?

Choosing 1Gbits for your RDP needs means gaining access to top-tier hardware, a global network, and reliable, round-the-clock support, all of which contribute to an outstanding RDP experience.

Why Choose 1Gbits for Affordable RDP Accounts

When considering why you should opt for 1Gbits’ budget-friendly RDP accounts, here are some compelling reasons:

1. High-End Enterprise Hardware:

1Gbits exclusively uses Intel and Supermicro Enterprise hardware for its dedicated servers. This choice ensures exceptional stability and efficiency for our bare metal servers. Purchasing an RDP online from 1Gbits guarantees top-notch performance.

2. Global Reach:

With a network spanning over 20 world-class Datacenters across 15 countries and three continents, 1Gbits offers a remarkable 99.9% uptime.

This extensive reach significantly reduces latency, ensuring a seamless experience. When you buy an RDP from 1Gbits, you’re investing in quality and performance.

3. Round-the-Clock Support:

1Gbits boasts a professional support team available 24/7. You can reach them through live support chat, ticket submissions, or by sending an email to our support department.

No matter the issue or query, our support team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible solutions.

Pricing for RDP Service Plans:

Pricing for RDP Service Plans

Windows RDP 50GB – $14 Monthly Plan:

The Windows RDP 50GB plan is priced at $14 per month. It offers substantial resources, including a powerful CPU and ample RAM, making it suitable for various tasks.

However, it does not provide admin access, meaning you won’t have full control over the server configuration.

Windows RDP 100GB – $24 Monthly Plan:

The Windows RDP 100GB plan is priced at $24 per month. It offers the same CPU and RAM as the 50GB plan but comes with a larger 100GB hard drive. Like the previous plan, it does not grant admin access.

Windows RDP 150GB – $34 Monthly Plan:

The Windows RDP 150GB plan is priced at $34 per month. It offers increased storage capacity with a 150GB hard drive while maintaining the same CPU and RAM. Admin access is not included in this plan.

Windows RDP 200GB – $44 Monthly Plan:

The Windows RDP 200GB plan is priced at $44 per month. It offers the largest storage capacity among the plans, with a 200GB hard drive. Like the others, this plan does not provide admin access.

1Gbits Other Services

Apart from the RDS services, 1Gbits offers many other services as well. Let me take you all through them also.

Services Offered By 1Gbits

1. Dedicated Server Hosting:

Businesses looking for high-performance hosting solutions across various geographic locations.

1Gbits offers dedicated server hosting in top-tier data centers across 15+ countries, connecting regions like the US, Europe, and Asia with fast connections and ample traffic capacity.

This service ensures reliable and high-performance hosting, ideal for businesses with diverse global needs.

2. VMware Ready Servers:

Perfect for businesses seeking efficient virtualization solutions. A virtualization-optimized dedicated server is available from 1Gbits. This simplifies the deployment process, saving time and effort.

With these servers, you can harness their expertise to meet your virtualization requirements effectively, translating to cost savings and increased efficiency.

3. Colocation Services:

Businesses that want to host their servers in a secure and professionally managed environment. 1Gbits invites you to colocate your servers on their top-tier infrastructure, handling everything from power supply to networking and security.

This service frees you to concentrate on your core business activities while ensuring your servers are well-maintained and secure.

4. VPS Hosting:

Users in need of flexible and powerful virtual private servers. The VPS solutions from 1Gbits come with dedicated resources and are virtualized with VMware’s ESXi hypervisor.

This means you have dedicated resources for tasks on both Windows and Linux-based operating systems. It’s an adaptable and robust solution, perfect for various hosting needs.

5. Game Server Hosting:

Gaming enthusiasts and communities looking for top-notch game server hosting.

1Gbits offers professional game server hosting solutions designed for users who want to share their favorite games with a global multiplayer community.

With robust infrastructure and powerful hardware, these dedicated servers ensure an exceptional online gaming experience, perfect for memorable gaming sessions with friends.

My Experience with 1GBITS RDP Services and Its Benefits:

I’ve had the opportunity to put more than a dozen hosting services to the test over here. I must say that 1GBITS has easily secured a spot in my top 5 when it comes to server quality.

For the purpose of this review, I’ve been using 1GBITS for a total of three months, and within that time frame, I’ve been more than pleased with the performance of my server.

The standout feature has been the impeccable uptime – there hasn’t been a single instance of downtime up to this point.

Setting up my server was a breeze, and I owe a big thanks to their support team for their assistance. The processing power of the server has met my expectations and is on par with other hosting companies I’ve tried.

However, what truly impressed me was the lightning-fast disk speed, courtesy of the SSDs they use.

My experience with 1GBITS’ RDP services has been nothing short of exceptional. The reliable uptime, ease of setup, robust processing power, and remarkable disk speed have made it a valuable asset for my hosting needs.

There have been instances where I needed to access critical files or troubleshoot issues outside of regular office hours.

With 1GBITS’ RDP service, I have the flexibility to connect to my dedicated server at any time, ensuring that urgent tasks are addressed promptly.

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Conclusion: 1Gbits Review 2024

In my experience with 1GBITS, I’ve found it to be a hosting service that truly stands out. I wholeheartedly give it a thumbs-up. The reliability and uptime of my server have been outstanding.

Their commitment to uninterrupted service is evident in the fact that they have not had a single moment of downtime in three months.

The ability to connect to my dedicated server from anywhere in the world has provided me with the flexibility to work and access important data on my terms.

I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a hosting solution that truly delivers. Thumbs-up all the way!

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