Must Know Negative and Positive Sides of Guest Blogging

In This Post, We’ll Talk About Negative and Positive Sides of Guest Blogging

Blogging – a word with a huge meaning. No one will ignore if I say that, “We can make a career in blogging by spending a small amount of money and relative to that in return we can get good income”. Let’s go to past, when we thought to start blogging as a career.

At that time, what we had misconception as “Blogging is an easy job and after one or two month we will start earning“. Right? If you had never thought like that then you wouldn’t be a blogger right now.

In fact, we had passed out one month as a beginner and learned many things about blogging.

One of the main things which I have learned in my blogging career is that, “If you want to explore yourselves in Blogging or if you want to engage with bloggers then start doing Guest Post on other blogs.” We all know the meaning of Guest Post so I am defining the meaning of Guest Post in my own words as below:

A meaningful post which is contributed to others blog for expressing one’s own views in an exaggerated way.

Now, it’s obvious that we are not small kids in blogging stating that we doesn’t have knowledge about Guest Post and How to write good Guest Post or Which points should we keep in mind when writing Guest Post and blah..blah..blah. Be mature! (Kidding 🙂 )

Oh! That’s too much I getting off from the topic, let’s start our journey.

I want answers from you (bloggers) of question: When you are writing the Guest Post at that time what you think negative or positive? Negative in sense – Author will like my Topic?

My Writing Style?

Images? etc. And Positive in sense:

What I have written that’s correct and Author will surely like it. Remember your answers because you will need it at last.

Here are Negative and Positive Sides of Guest Blogging

#1. While Choosing Topic & SEO Keyword:

When we have to write Guest Post, of course first we think about attractive topic on what we are going to write. But along with the topic we also think about SEO and here comes the great loss because we always try to include more topic keywords in our post at unnecessary places to improve SEO.

Think Negative:

  • What if Author doesn’t like Topic or Topic is not suitable for the post? (SEO doesn’t matters)
  • What if there are unnecessary keywords included in the post? (Topic doesn’t matter)

Be Positive:

  • Choose topic which can attract readers/authors attention and include more than one keyword so you can include good SEO keywords in your post. Then, Topic and SEO both will better and of course approved by any Author.

#2. When Writing First Paragraph of the Post:

First paragraph is the main part of the post because if first paragraph will not like by Author then he/she will reject the post and suppose your post get published then readers will skip reading your post.

Think Negative:

  • What if first paragraph doesn’t like by Author? (May gets rejected)
  • What if first paragraph doesn’t like by readers? (Further reading will not be there)

Be Positive:

  • Your post first paragraph must be interesting and must related to topic which includes some questions – which make author/reader to read further, some useful definition of hard words related to topic – so they don’t have to search Google for that word and you can also include real instances.

#3. While Putting Bulletins & Quotes:

We all know that post must include some bulletins and quotes to attract readers but that too related to post.

Think Negative:

  • What if I do not includes bulletins or quotes? (Some Authors may accept and some may not)

Be Positive:

  • Include bulletins when you are giving step by step guide and when you are including some important thing then quote it. You can also include some famous persons quotes related to the post if necessary. This will help reader to differentiate important points and it will read more carefully.

#4. While Writing Small/long Contents:

Here you have to read Guest Post guidelines on the blog where you want to submit your post. Because some authors wants long content post and some wants small or medium content post. So, depending on their guidelines you have to write the post.

Think Negative:

  • What if I write small content post and cover all the things related to topic? (Author may or may not approve)
  • What if I write long content post and cover all the things related to topic with some extra content? (Author may or may not like the extra content)

Be Positive:

  • So, write according to the guidelines and deliver your content with good efforts. Small or long Content which is well-framed related to the topic are always acceptable by anyone.

#5. While Concluding:

The last and one of the best section is concluding because in this section you have to give all the answers of question which you have asked earlier in the post as well as you have to conclude in such a way that reader must comment, share and return once again for reading other posts.

Think Negative:

  • What if conclusion not good or strong enough ? (You will be in great loss)

Be Positive:

  • If conclusion is not good then at last you will be in great loss because you have done Guest Post and you also want traffic on your blog, so conclude the article in such a way that readers enjoy it, share it, comment on it as well as traverse on your blog to read more articles from you.

Hope you have got the answers of all the questions. After reading the post don’t think we can’t write on major blogs. In fact read the following quote and keep going.

Deliver me from writers who say the way they live doesn’t matter. I’m not sure a bad person can write a good articles. If art doesn’t make us better, then what on earth is it for! ~ Alice Walker

Now it’s your turn:

What do you think about this article? Share your views below via comment form and if you like the article then please share it and don’t forgot to put your valuable comments below! Happy Blogging 😀 and Guest Blogging 😀

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