Why You Will Be a Successful Blogger in 2024

In This Post, We’ll Talk About Why You Will Be a Successful Blogger

I am sure.

I am damn sure.

You would be tired of reading posts like

“Why you will not be a successful blogger

“You are not doing it right”

Though I accept I have also written posts like these but now I feel the only thing that these types of posts do to you is

Demotivating you!

For a blogger (like you!)

For a passionate blogger (like you!)

For a blogger with the potential to be the best (yes I am talking about you!)

This demotivation is not good at all and it would really hurt you if you find this type of post on your favorite blogging tips blog.

These types of posts are getting in trend because they warn you; they scare you to make you read.

Today, let’s be the part of a change

if you want to change the world then change yourself, if you and I change we can change the world together.

I am not asking you to go on a war with me, just read the whole post and then I’ll tell you what to do to bring the change.

In this post we are going to discuss some reasons

Why you will be a successful blogger

You as a blogger, you might be working really hard from the past few months but you are not seeing results.

Well, that’s fine because we are told from the beginning, “BLOGGING IS NOT QUICK MONEY” but do you trust yourself that you will be a successful blogger one day, Do you?

Well let us see….

You are spending a lot of time on social media

Do you sit before your computer with your FB account open on it?

No matter you chat with your girlfriend the whole day, but trust me

If you are a lot active on social media, you don’t know it but you are actually creating a brand out of yourself.

Let us have an example, you know two bloggers

One, who just checks his twitter or Facebook or any other account once, twice or thrice in a day

Other, you see a green dot after his name the whole day, or he just tweets every minute

You will soon forget the first one after some days but the later one will be on your mind whenever you check your social account, and he doesn’t know that he just made a regular reader for himself, yes he just bound you

he forced you to think about him, he forced you to think about his blog just by being active on the sites he loves.

Well, let us just keep the example aside

The blogging guru’s teach you, Social media is a vital part in marketing

And they are doing it, you too just try doing it

and if you are already a lot active on social networking sites then there is no harm in saying that you, yes you! Will be a successful blogger.

People who visit your site, you call them readers not customers

As I said previously, blogging is not quick money and if you understand this simple line then there is nothing more left to say

If you understand that money will not stay for a long time but your readers will,

If you actually call them readers not customers then you can relax because you can be a success in the days to come

That’s not just a hollow advice but if you think about it in long-term you will bow before me 🙂

I want to elaborate the above point, May I?


It’s good to make money but it is stupidity to compromise with the comfort of your readers.

I say it again; I am not against making money

When you start taking the people who visit your blog as customers you will soon see that your blog’s readership has now decreased and you actually have more products on your blog than some quality content

If you have readers instead of customers, no matter you are in loss or in profit you will always think of their betterment and someday or the other they will understand it

and once they do,

Everyone loves being loved

And let me say it frankly, if your blog looks more like a blog and less like eBay or flipkart then you will be a successful blogger.

You are a helper

Okay, now answer my question

as a blogger, you create content


What’s the role of that content?

Why do you write it?

Simple, the content you create helps people in some or other way

helping people is a trait which I bet you will always find in every top blogger

don’t believe me, first try and then believe

Contact any top blogger in your niche and ask for any kind of help

If he is not buried under some really urgent work he will always help you out in getting your issue solved.

Your 100th post is better than your first one

Seth Godin said

You don’t launch a popular blog, you build one

Okay, I totally agree with it


When it comes to building a blog you need to be consistent, patient and a lot other things according to the gurus but one thing which I believe is most important is


Your blogging success is not about your next post, it is about all your posts

Do one thing, open a new tab in your browser and open your blog

Head to the archive section and browse through your blog archive

Open any post from you first five posts in a new tab and then open any post from your latest posts in a new tab

Read the first one and then the second one

Found something?

Check your writing style?

Is it same or different?

Check the overall quality?

Same or different

I don’t know whether it is same or totally different but if you see that second is better than the first one then take a deep breath

Sorry, take the deepest breath

Because you got one more reason to say that yes, I will be a successful blogger.

You don’t look at the time while working

I don’t get track of the time I blog


Don’t I have a watch?

I do, but I get too bound with blogging that whenever I am before my computer screen writing something the only thing which goes in my mind is the next word which I want to type.

You know the reason behind this

In one word it is


Yeah, if you are truly passionate about what you do I am sure while doing it you don’t feel like thinking about something else.

If I throw some more light in my philosophical way then it would be like,

Your heart comes before your brain

Passion about the job is the determinant factor in a blogger’s success, right?

No matter you are disciplined or not

You are patient or not

You are consistent or not

But if you are passionate about what you blog about you will surely develop the above qualities in you after sometime

And your passion will once again make you say,

Yes, I will be a successful blogger and no one on earth can stop me

There is no word such as “Quitting” in your dictionary

A blogger faces a lot of problems in his career and there are times when he thinks about quitting

If you think

Jeremy shoemaker never thought about quitting.

Hongkiat Lim never thought about quitting.

John Chow never thought about quitting.

You are totally wrong,

These people also at some point of time must have thought about quitting when they didn’t get the expected results

But you know what they decided,

Obviously you know,

They kept on working and whenever anyone asked them

Why don’t you quit? you are not getting good results

Their usual reply would be

Quit? What is this word, I haven’t heard it before

They remained consistent in their work and kept on running

In your blogging life you must have also faced the decision of quitting but if you were able to resist it and decided to remain in the fight as many bloggers did then you can say it again, this time loudly

I will be a successful blogger

Over to You

Above were some reasons why you will be a successful blogger, remember I was talking about a change in the beginning of the post.

That change was in you

Answer me one last time,

Are you Feeling motivated?

Are you feeling like, Yes I will be better than the best

I will reach the top?

I know your answer but then also. say it 🙂

If you really like this post, be honest to yourself

Is this post worth your share and comment?


Did I hear it right?

Then what are you waiting for, share this post on your favorite social networks (remember, I just motivated you) and believe me I am too eager to know your responses about this post.

Good luck, Happy Blogging

And remember; never give a shit to critics and demotivational posts

Read this post again and say to yourself

Yes! I will be a successful blogger and no one on earth could stop me

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