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How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Easily Step By Step

Want to know how to watch deleted YouTube videos? This article will help you further.

The social media platform YouTube is interesting. Videos can be shared by anybody.

Because of this, there are many videos on YouTube. They can be watched over and over again. You may, however, lose track of your favorite video one day. Although you marked it as “Watch later”, it shows that it has been deleted. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to access deleted YouTube videos.

You don’t need to worry about this at all. Other users usually repost or re-upload videos. A video can sometimes be found on more than one channel. Knowing YouTube’s strict policies, a certain video will disappear entirely. The title or author cannot be searched through the search box.

Watching deleted YouTube videos will prevent this from happening.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Through Easy Ways

It’s good to know there are many different types of videos on YouTube before we discuss how to watch deleted YouTube videos. The number of YouTube channels has been growing steadily in recent years.

The number of channels will reach more than 40 million in 2022, which is 25 percent more than last year.

Additionally, YouTube users make a video every minute that is equal to 500 hours. No matter how big or small the channel.

According to the uniqueness of the content, YouTube organizes it into categories.

If a video is deemed inappropriate or has an issue, it will be removed. Copyright and trademark issues are common issues. The video will be removed if YouTube receives a “complete legal request” from the original owner to take down the video. Trademark issues are covered under YouTube trademark policies.

Furthermore, YouTube’s guidelines are broken when it comes to inappropriate content. YouTube has rejected the video because of its Terms of Use if you see the message “Video removed: Inappropriate content” on your result.

If we are talking about inappropriately contented videos, the same might happen to them as well. YouTube will review flagged videos and channels along with its guidelines and age-restricted policy after someone flags them.

Any report can be analyzed by YouTube staff around the clock.

The site will respond to reports of content that include the following content: nudity or sexual content, harmful or dangerous content, hateful content, violence and harassment, spam or scams, threats, child safety, impersonation, and other additional policies.

Steps to Find YouTube Deleted Video

Viewers are not notified when YouTube removes a video.

If you enter a video into your watchlist or favorites and it disappears, don’t worry. Here are the steps you need to follow so you can watch deleted YouTube videos if that is all you get. Does the account name and title still ring a bell? If so, we can proceed more easily.

1. Go to YouTube

how to watch deleted YouTube videos

YouTube should be your first stop. You cannot watch the video there because the video is not there.

You can access your favorite videos by logging in as you normally would. Your playlist of liked videos or your watch history will show you the URL for deleted videos if you don’t know the URL. Open a new tab next to the playlist or watch history.

2. Go to archive.org

Enter “archive.org” in the address bar of a new tab once you have already opened it. Click “go to”, or press “enter”, so it will direct to the home page. There are many icons and a search box with the “go” button.

YouTube archived videos- watching deleted YouTube videos


3. Enter the URL

Your favorite video is waiting for you. Click the previous tab to watch it. You can also visit the YouTube page mentioned earlier. Go to the archive tab, copy the URL from there, then go to the search box.

guide to watch YouTube Videos

4. Click Browse History

The Wayback Machine is next to the search box. Click the “browse history” button on your keyboard, or just copy and paste the right URL into the box. You can now watch the video again if you would like.

wayback machine YouTube videos

5. Enjoy It!

You may need to wait a while for the video to appear on archive.org, but after a few minutes, you will be able to watch it. You can find it in history. It can be recovered or re-downloaded if you wish. Then, you can enjoy the movie as usual.

How to watch delted videos on YouTube

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos without a URL

Is it possible to recover a deleted YouTube video without the URL?

We live in a global village.

Internet connections make things more useful.

It is possible to watch YouTube videos without a URL, even if the video is deleted, since people always reproduce videos and share them on social media channels.

We will search the vast internet for your favorite YouTube videos to make sure you can watch them again.

You need to give your full attention to this method in order to locate the video you want to watch so badly that you landed on this article.

1. Go to the Google search box in a new browser tab. In this case, we’re going to use Google Search Operators, a tool in the toolbox of SEO experts.

2. To find a video, enter “site:www.youtube.com + name Of The Video” in the search bar.

tips to watch deleted YouTbe videos

3. We will move closer to finding our deleted YouTube video by allowing Google to crawl all relevant videos only from the YouTube databases.

4. You can change the site URL in the search bar if you know the video was shared on Facebook or any other social network. For example, you could replace YouTube with Facebook.

5. As soon as you find the video URL, you can simply paste it into the internet archive, following the first method we discussed earlier. The archive will allow you to view a deleted YouTube video.

In the event that you still are not able to locate the video using this method, I’m sorry to inform you that it may have been permanently deleted from the server.

Quick Tips:

A variety of years are displayed on the Wayback Machine page.

Choose the oldest available year instead of a newly archived page, since you will also see a warning about a deleted page.

How to watch YouTube videos that have been deleted is the easiest method. The YouTube policy, which prohibits certain content, cannot be avoided, however. The content would be removed regardless of how much you love and support the author.

Conclusion: How to watch deleted YouTube Videos?

A typical mobile viewing session on YouTube lasts more than 40 minutes on average. YouTube has become the only platform that is free to satisfy our thirst for video content.

You don’t need to worry about losing your favorite song or movie, as I have compiled the best way to watch deleted YouTube videos and even recover deleted YouTube videos to enjoy sharing them with others.

Let me know what you think of this article in the comments below.

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