Mindvalley Review 2024: Is Mindvalley Worth It? (My Verdict)

Mindvalley Review


Mindvalley brings you classes and live sessions on mindfulness, spirituality, and other aspects of life, making you not only career-ready and life-ready too. Mindvalley provides you lots of courses related to your mental health and your growth.

Out of 10


  • Teaching from passionate, respected, and accomplished instructors
  • A unique and effective approach to online learning
  • Genuinely community oriented platform
  • Strong ‘results that stick’ focus
  • Bite-sized courses that build on and reinforce earlier knowledge


  • Only works if you do (like any eLearning)


Price: $

Looking for an unbiased Mindvalley Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review, I will discuss whether Mindvalley is worth it and whether you should try it.

We all know that the world is changing fast, and we need to be able to adapt quickly.

The problem is that most people are not prepared for this change. They have a hard time adapting because they don’t have the skills needed to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

Mindvalley Review

Solution: Mindvalley teaches you these skills through their courses so you can stay up-to-date with your career and mental health. Their programs cover mindfulness, emotional intelligence, meditation, and more.

By taking their online classes or attending live events, you’ll learn how to take control of your life and achieve success on all levels—in work, relationships, family life, and beyond!

Bottom Line Upfront: Do you want to learn more about mindfulness and spirituality?

Mindvalley is a platform that provides courses on mindfulness, spirituality, and other aspects of life. They provide classes and live sessions with experts in these fields so you can be career-ready and life-ready too. They have lots of courses related to your mental health as well as your growth.

MindValley Facebook Reviews

You deserve the best for yourself! With Mindvalley’s help, you’ll be able to reach new heights in every aspect of your life. Sign up today for their free trial class or live session!

Join Mindvalley Right Now!

In this post, I have featured Mindvalley’s review, which includes detailed insights, features, courses available, support, pricing, and pros & cons of Mindvalley. To answer your question- why should I join Mindvalley?

So, let’s dive in.

Mindvalley Review 2024: Is Mindvalley Worth?

Mindvalley brings you classes and life training on spirituality, mindfulness, and other aspects of life, making you career-ready and life-ready.

Aspiring to become a good person with a healthy social status? They host online programs and create groups, applications, and e-books in the domain where your personal development is weak.

Mindvalley- Online Learning

Awareness of socially wrong practices, relationship advice, meditations, diet, and fitness consultancy are some of the services offered by Mindvalley. Enlightening you about the power of mind and thoughts, this initiative seeks to develop a conscious world for the human race.

Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, initiated the startup in New York in 2003. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and social activist.

Headquarters is in Kuala Lumpur with a working team force of 300 employees from across 54 countries. Keeping the adults aside, more than 10 million students across the globe have witnessed Mindvalley’s extraordinary teaching experience.

Let us list the key highlights for you that Mindvalley’s programs offer. I am sure you cannot ignore reading these out:

  • Mindvalley conducts events both online and offline around the world to spread awareness about the idea of spiritualism in personal development. This online Ed-tech hub is so much fun because it offers something to all ages, languages, or religions.
  • Are you seeking personal development and attaining a conscious state of mind and thoughts? Adults kept aside, they have more than three million students currently registered with their programs. They have set up integration with top-notch schools and colleges across the globe.
  • Every bit they offer is unique; you won’t find such content anywhere else. No YouTube video, blog, or workshop can provide a better fulfilling experience than Mindvalley. All their libraries have original content and deeply teach you the domain you want to learn about.
  • Domains? You talk about it! There are hundreds of shady areas in one’s personality. Not everyone out there in the world is looking for a wealthy status. Some might want a peaceful mind or a healthy relationship. But, most of all, Mindvalley’s spiritual development program is something all its users are obsessed with. 
  • They do not charge for some talks either. Their speakers are more inclined toward building a better tomorrow, leading to a transformational change in human minds. These are the best talkers you would have ever paid all ears to. 

How do you get started with Mindvalley courses?

When I joined Mindvalley courses, I had a few initial hiccups, like many. But, the curriculum is such a breeze and easy to understand.

Here is what I found in getting started with Mindvalley:

Step 1. Creating an account

We always love the free steps, don’t we? Signing in to Mindvalley’s website is free. You can do so by using Facebook, Google, or any email you commonly use. Do not forget the password, buddy!

Step 2. Choosing your preferred Quest

Done with an account? Choose one of their famous programs, quests, on the official website.

I suggest you start with their free courses to get the hang of them. After that, you may switch to other high-quality paid courses once you realize their potential to influence.

Mindvalley Free Masterclass Course

Step 3. Starting the Quest you choose

Once you can access whether paid or unpaid, you can start your transformational journey.

Do not leave the courses in between. And, always keep an eye open for the regular updates they put up on their notice board. Attend their live online events and gather much more info!

MindValley Courses

Who can benefit from Mindvalley?

As discussed above, our education system is fragile in teaching practical skills and moral ethics. Students are made to focus on just one cliché: their academics with a pinch of salt-like games and crafts.

Mindvalley teaches these students transformational ideas covering personal development, well-being, thoughtfulness, and spirituality.

Preaching the notions of inner balance and connection with one’s soul is the motive Mindvalley keeps in mind in their spirituality program.

MindValley Facebook Reviews

They offer unique courses like ‘The Law of Attraction and ‘How to Become a Psychic.’ You can be a perfect audience for them if you can relate to these statements:

  1. You are interested in the benefits and how new age trends like consciousness, personal development, and yoga affect you.
  2. You are ready to endow the traditional learning methods and employ new ones. Say, for a clear picture, you want to practice meditation daily to unlock transcendence into your life. 
  3. You want to become more practical, logical, or successful and work out specific personal growth sectors.
  4. You get easily dissolved in a new mindset and are very accepting of various perspectives in life. If you want the most out of these unique programs, you necessitate being open-minded.
  5. You are interested in taking your corporate life to a whole new level by introducing a spice of spirituality. 
  6. You are interested in investing money in excellent online courses that help you outgrow your yesterday. 

How Mindvalley Works: Courses and Pricing

Mindvalley offers two options: Pay per course each or Quest All Access Pass.

For example, The Silva Ultramind: This course runs for four continuous weeks and costs $399 to your pocket. This course equips you with insightful classes but costs your pocket heavily for just a month’s return.

Mindvalley- Course Pricing Plan

However, the Quest All-Access pass offers a much better deal! $599 for over 30+ courses for a year. If you think fitly, you pay that amount for just three courses per year, whereas an All-access pass can give you all the courses in the same amount.

So, if you are willing to buy three or more of their courses in the future, I think an All-access pass is your answer.

It gives you access to almost all the courses available for a single yearly price.

Start your quests at the next accessible starting date once you have paid the enrollment fee. The course material can be accessed instantly without waiting for the other members to flank in. It consists of: 

  • You get full access to over 30+ quests in a single plan for a year. One new quest is added to your plan every month. If you think 30 quests can be completed in a month or two. People, it would be best if you gave it a second thought. Each quest can take more than a month to get through fully. Each of them is like a separate paid course diploma! 
  • With this course, you also get access to Mindvalley Life Assessment. This 20-minute questionnaire tells you which are the dark areas of your life wherein you need to work. It will suggest anything from focusing on self-love to thinking big. 
  • You get lifetime access to various famous quests’ social media groups. Trust me; these active groups will get you the best soulful content.
  • The most compelling feature of the All-access course is the free live calls with the instructors. Having attended one, I understand those calls are pretty promotional, but they suggest many insightful things on the quest you are following them for. 
  • If I know the day won’t come someday, and you don’t like the pass, they have a 10-day refund policy. Fill up a simple form with an enticing reason to leave, and automatically get the full refund.

Those are all things that you get. Some things that you miss out on and can pay more and get as an add-on are:

  • Lifebook Online
  • Unlimited Abundance
  • Wildfit

We recommend getting the Lifebook Online add-on, as it is a fantastic course. With an interview with Marisa Peer, the instructor for Unlimited Abundance, we figured out that this course gives you insight into building a money mindset.

Many of you would be disappointed about these three courses not being included in the All-access pass, but you always have an option until you have money!

What’s included in the Mindvalley Quest?

I have been very fond and proud to be a part of this foundation and have taken up many quests. Two to ten hours of premium high-quality video lessons with some tasks given.

These tasks are given in the description of every video lecture. Usually, every quest starts with a particular set of people. However, it depends on whether you wish to follow the instructor and the batch. You are at ease to move at your own pace as well. 

The uncluttered interface and longer quests of around 30-45 days keep you engaged. Be aware that a glitch in their site may cause you harm! You will automatically be logged out if you mistakenly navigate to the member login area.

Imagine my pain when I realized I was no longer enrolled in the All-Access Pass and tried to buy it over again. It would be best to stay in the ‘Today or ‘ My Programs’ section so you are not automatically logged out.

Do not let this small bug deviate you from attaining the path to spiritual success; trust me, the content is premium. 

MindValley Be Extraordinary Day 2

It’s easy to access and navigate the videos; the good thing is that you can also speed them up. Below every video, there would be two tasks. Also, every quest has a Facebook community where you can join in and interact with other learners.

Coaches, ex-trainees, and many foundation members are present in the community. Mindvalley allows you to contact these people and clear your questions personally.

It would be more convenient if they had installed a community feature on their platform on their website. That lack of points surprises me a little.

Mindvalley, a community of more than 3 million people and with so many technical advancements, can’t put a community feature or simple chatbox on their website? Maybe they have a good answer to it.

MindValley Facebook Groups

I know you want to know the 30+ courses the All Course Access Pass Offers; here they are:

  • Unlocking Transcendence (Jeffrey Allan)
  • Awaken the Species (Neale Donald Walsch)
  • Conscious Parenting Mastery (Dr. Shefali Tsabary)
  • Conscious Uncoupling (Katherine Woodward Thomas)
  • Life Visioning Mastery (Michael Beckwith)
  • Money EQ (Ken Honda)
  • Live By Your Own Rules (Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani)
  • The M Word (Emily Fletcher)
  • Hero. Genius. Legend. (Robin Sharma)
  • The Quest for Personal Mastery (Dr. Srikumar Rao)
  • The Psychology of Winning (Denis Waitley)
  • Speak and Inspire (Lisa Nichols)
  • Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance (Marisa Peer)
  • The Habit of Ferocity (Steven Kotler)
  • Chakra Healing (Anodea Judith)
  • Superbrain (Jim Kwik)
  • The Longevity Blueprint (Ben Greenfield)
  • Be Extraordinary (Vishen Lakhiani)
  • The Yoga Quest (Cecelia Sardo)
  • Energy Medicine (Donna Eden)
  • Feng Shui For Life (Marie Diamond)
  • The Mastery of Sleep (Michael Breus)
  • Total Transformation (Christine Bullock)
  • Super Reading (Jim Kwik)
  • Duality (Jeffrey Allen)
  • Uncompromised Life (Marisa Peer)
  • The Silva Ultramind System (Vishen Lakhiani)

The quests that are soon to come:

  • Becoming Stress-Proof (Paul McKenna)
  • The Alan Watts Quest (Alan Watts)
  • Energies of Love (Donna Eden)
  • 10X Fitness (Lorenzo Delano)
  • Integral Theory (Ken Wilber)
  • Ultimate Leadership (Keith Ferrazzi)
  • Superhuman at Work (Vishen Lakhiani)
  • Mastering Authentic Networking (Keith Ferrazzi)

The Power of Boldness (Naveen Jain)

Quests are one thing, but how does the Mindvalley Awaken the Species in Course feel?

This specific course, Awaken the Species, embraces spiritual development. Have you read the sky-rocket selling the famous book “Conversation with God”? You heard me; Neale Donald Walsch hosts this Mindvalley course.

Mindvalley - Naveen Jain

Focusing on how your Spiritual enlightenment plus personal growth could help your personality shine, this course teaches you selflessness.

  • Breaking up the Course

With a beautiful 12-minute introduction video with all the insights, this course gives you 36 days of content. I know that is quite some load to go through, but once you are done with a quest, that satisfaction is heavenly.

A weekly workbook asks you random questions revolving around the course. Say, “What sources do you use to experience happiness?” or “Do you need to own materialistic assets to lure in happiness?”

The Power Of Boldness - Naveen

The basic motive for this inside quest is to energize your brain and make you start thinking! Each new sunshine comes with a message from Neale followed up by two tasks.

These tasks can be amazing yet simple to do. Like “Kiss your mom goodnight today!” or “Make a list of things that annoy you.”. Or, sometimes, as lame as “Download the reference presentation.”.

Three things that Awaken the Species course follows are:

    1. A lesson
    2. A Behavioral Intro
    3. A Reflection

Sounds confusing? It also did the same to me during my first day here. Trust me, it is much deeper than you are thinking.

The lessons and the behavior intro generally consist of a 10-minute video each, wherein the reflection part showcases an instructional text followed by committed journaling time.

To clear the clutter, you must listen to Neale and follow up on the tasks allotted. Finally, apply all these learnings to your life and inspect the changes and betterment you have made.

How do you put the work in Mindvalley?

Do you think this is some course where you chill all day long and finally rest with the course? Nope. It would be best if you put in a lot.

Your brain, ideas, and thinking must be altered as you dive deeper into the course. Skimming through the videos would earn you a certificate of completion.

However, knowing what your instructor needs you to do will drive personal growth. You can trust these men! They are highly trained and have earned quite some accolades and achievements in life. 

MindValley Be Extraordinary Discussion

What you need to do is Journal and internalize his lessons and then finally apply it to your life. It would help if you committed to yourself completing the course without long breaks of days.

You can stop if you do not see the personal growth you always sought through the videos and exercises. Learning the material is not enough; the material here is you. It would be best if you learned about YOURSELF.

Once you finish a certain course, you will buy all of them. Well then, the ALL course Access pass will come into play.

Yes! Mindvalley has a Mobile Application as well!

Once you are done enrolling in the All Pass, you go on to your app store and download this application. It belongs there with the same name, ‘Mindvalley.’

In the application, you will find everything you have purchased and more after logging in. The community section in the application doesn’t impress me; it just has some graphic media linking to their quest’s Facebook community.

Is an All-Access pass not an option for you? Do not worry; here are the best courses you can opt for.

People are sometimes attracted to a particular domain that interests them more. I am personally more drawn toward the Feng Shui training program!

After learning from this program, I can’t express the energy I feel around the house. They teach you, with scientific reasons, why placing particular furniture or objects in the house greatly matters.

Coming on to two very special quests in Mindvalley: The superbrain and Uncompromised life. 

Popular Mindvalley Courses Available In 2024

Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer

Hypnosis words make our rabbit ears go up. For some, it is hard to believe, but experts trust this technique to work. Using certain images or moving objects with some sound effects can turn around your brainpower.

Sounds at a certain frequency and repeated imagery can make your brain go into rest mode automatically. This state of a human’s mind is subconscious and can be used to alter your habits and belief system.

Marisa believes that in life, whatever happens is a coarse action of what we believe in, so if we need to take charge of our actions, we need to get hold of our belief system. Beliefs don’t change overnight; it is a practice, a years-long journey.

Marisa Peer is a well-recognized hypnotherapist who upskills people with it to change their perspectives towards life completely.
Uncompromised Life is an 8-week program with access to all the audio podcasts, workbooks, tasks, cues, and, as you know, the Facebook community group.

There is a set of 21 audio records that Marisa advises to listen to once daily with high-quality sounds. Every day, she offers you tasks in the workbook or journals so that you change one perspective of your mindset every day.

Just access to this course won’t change anything in you. Also, you delay when you know you have lifetime access to it. It would be best if you took action in your life with Marisa. 

  • Week 1-3: Mind Reprogramming: This period is reserved for building the perfect mindset to take up the upcoming course.
  • Weeks 4-6: Building new habits: Take actions during this period according to the tasks allotted to you. Also, complete your journal and workbook sheets to get the complete hang of the hypnotherapy.
  • Weeks 7-8: Go back to yourself and question: Towards the program’s culmination, they tell you why you are the best version of yourself. Positive self-love and motivation building.

Superbrain By Jim Kwik

We hate the person who brought the idea of examination to the education sector, don’t we? If I tell you there is a course to increase your learning capacity in just months?

If you have always wanted to learn all the monotonous notes, Jim Kwik has tips for you! Superbrain promises to make you learn faster while retaining it all perfectly.

It is a 34-day course, but remember, it isn’t some quick brain growth hack. You need to follow up with your instructor do the creative brain exercises, and follow the techniques told.

The divisions created in the SuperBrain quest are:

  • The Fundamentals
  • Lifestyle
  • Remembering Long Lists
  • Remembering Names
  • Vocabulary and Languages
  •  Speeches and Texts
  • Numbers
  • Lifestyle Integration

One eye-catching thing in this program is learning how feeling negative about oneself can hamper your learning capacity.

Thoughts matter a lot while learning. But as you must be widely aware that some negative thoughts are automatic, we need to access control over them and influence them.

The pros and cons of Mindvalley

Mindvalley Pros

  • Transforms a person completely 

Mindvalley programs are designed to profoundly affect human emotional life and bring out their inner strength to live a better experience. 

  • Provide Mental Stability

When a person is mentally stable and emotionally healthy, he can conquer any dreams he dwells within. This online ed-tech startup is the first and most successful company to touch a human’s emo.

  • Free courses are available as well.

Log onto their website now, and you can access a list of free courses they offer. Well, honestly, this is a very straightforward marketing strategy because they have so much belief in their content that once you are on a quest, you will try the next. 

  • An abundance of Motivation and Inspiration

Mindvalley invites the best entrepreneurs’ professional, mental, and physical guides to share their knowledge with the public.

With all their experiences and struggles, these veterans have more than just learned to share. They inspire and motivate the listener and help them to rise and shine.

  • Wide range of different categories

If you visit their website, you will find different categories in the interest of different audiences. These categories help them to reach a wide range of people and help them with many aspects of their life.

  • High-Quality courses

The pain or free Mindvalley courses haven’t been compromised on their quality or content; try them once now. You will know how true I am writing about Mindvalley’s Gold Mine of mind-arousing courses; some are free to try!

Though you still would find better content quality for the paid courses, I suggest you try one. 

  • Courses for Everyone

It doesn’t matter what age group you belong to, your gender, or your profession; if you are determined for self-growth, you will find something to your satisfaction. It almost has courses for every sphere of life and for anyone who seeks it.

Mindvalley Cons

  • No Refund Policy

I am unsure because recently, I found a girl struggling with her refund. She applied for a refund due to some issues, and the reply from the other side first got delayed; when they did reply, they told her that her previous transaction had gone missing.

Due to a technical issue on their side, the poor girl suffered.

Thus, we can conclude that Mindvalley’s refund policy is ineffective. They refunded her in quite a fascinating way by giving her access to two more paid courses of the same amount she was to get the refund. So, this clearly states that we can not trust their so-called ‘full refund’ policy.

  • Membership fees are applicable even when you leave the platform.

Once you buy a free trial to their membership platform, it is applicable for a week. You need to give your credit card details to avail of this offer.

After a week, when members tried to cancel their membership for some monetary reasons or others, they could not find a straightforward path to cancel the membership.

Thus, they were charged the non-refundable fees and then suffered financial loss and had to avail of the membership benefits even when they didn’t want to. 

  • Over-Charging the Members

Mindvalley permanent members are sometimes still charged for membership after leaving the platform and using no services. This is troublesome for the members as you pay a considerable sum without rendering any benefits.

  • You will most probably be dissatisfied with the customer support service

You must have realized this point by now after giving a read into the above disadvantages. All the MMO platforms like EdX and AmissioFormula have this issue of worsened customer support.

  • No proper communication method

You won’t get on-time replies from Mindvalley customer support, nor will they have any calling support. Maybe that will cause an issue when you must stop your membership, and you just can not! Your payments would get deducted even when you did not use their service.

  • Inclination towards the Religious practices

Mindvalley courses are more or less around Eastern religious practices. So, if you have different beliefs and ideologies, you may find them difficult to understand.

  • Unsatisfied customer review

Although it claims to provide the best content, many customer reviews describe it as a waste of time or regret buying the courses as it particularly brought no change in their life.

Is there some scam in Mindvalley? Vishen Lakhiani’s reality!

Many negative and caprice talks about Vishen Lakhiani not being a good CEO. People have passed hate comments toward the company and the employees there, blaming Vishen for being incompetent and ruthless with his team.

Bad-mouthing is one thing; people also accuse the Vishen of sexually harassing the females in the office and disrespecting the males.

MindValley Facebook Rating

Being an outsider, I am not someone to criticize something like this. But, from my experience, I believe that in a company with more than 300+ employees, people are sometimes disappointed when they face rejection.

So, we cannot say that due to some critical reviews, Mindvalley has turned into a scam. After all, every high-rising building has spectators judging and spitting around. You cannot keep everyone merry or wishful.

In Conclusion, it is not a scam! Despite some technical issues, their courses are high quality, with a real office in Kuala Lumpur. They have separate teams for sales and marketing or the new community members.

So, they are 100% trustworthy. The major objective of the founder was always to build a more spiritual world with empowering thoughts, and he has come a long way.

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What if I join a group of people? DO I get a discount at Mindvalley?

Yes, you may. Drop a mail with the list of your family or friends’ names and other details at [email protected] for getting a call back regarding the same.

Which type of audience does Mindvalley aim for?

If you are mentally stressed or want to dive into the beautiful world of spirituality to learn something that can improve the quality of your thoughts, Mindvalley is for you.

Do Mindvalley offer shorter packages?

They have started this new system of event tickets. You can purchase tickets to 1,2, or 4-week event tickets according to your requirements. These events are simplified versions of the quests they offer. You can get a good insight into their coaches and material through these shorter packages.

How much is Mindvalley worth?

Mindvalley is the best educational platform for self-development. Experts teach all of the courses, and they have a great price! The skills you learn there will help improve your life.

Is Vishen Lakhiani legitimate?

Vishen Lakhiani is the co-founder of Mindvalley. He has courses that teach how to heal from a broken heart, live longer, and achieve career success. He also wrote The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and the Badass.

Does Mindvalley provide a certificate?

Mindvalley also offers certificates for those who have completed their courses. These certificates show that you finished the program.

What has included in Mindvalley all access?

With Mindvalley Membership, you get unlimited access to all quests, meditation, live workshops, and training, a private social network. It is for $1.36 per day.

Does MasterClass have a free trial?

You can access a list of free courses on the Mindvalley website now. They have so much belief in the content that people will try a new quest when they are done with one.

Which is the best Mindvalley course?

Some of the best Mindvalley courses are Superbrain by Jim Kwik, Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer, and Super Reading by Jim Kwik.

How you can cancel Mindvalley subscription?

To cancel your Mindvalley subscription, go to the Billing section of your Mindvalley account. You will see Cancel Subscription under Status.

Are Mindvalley courses worth it?

Mindvalley is the best place to learn about personal development. Experts teach the courses. You will spend $499 on an All-Access Pass, which will help you in all areas of your life.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Review 2024

Finally, everyone wants something very specific in life. A happy family, a royal status society, and rich-class bookings, but to achieve these dreams, people usually miss out on some important ones.

Mindvalley drives you through all these basic ethics like facing your fears, giving respect, meditation, believing in yourself, brain-power, and much more. Stick to this wonderful company, and you will be surprised how it enriches your life with positivity.

I think I have stated my point by now, and if you have read the Mindvalley review so far, I think I was clear about the topic.

This article has given you every aspect of Mindvalley with much more detailed information. I am glad I could give you this information, and I aspire to engage you again soon.

Mindvalley Students Reviews & Testimonials:

MindValley Facebook Review

 Mindvalley- Success Story Online Course

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