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5 Tips to Save Your Money While Doing Online Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping? Whenever we find some free time for ourselves, shopping is the best way to relieve our tensions and by something good for us. In my case, the scenario is the same, but I am a bit of a lazy shopper, who sits at home and finds exclusive offers by implementing different strategies, which I am going to disclose in this post on “Tips to save your money while doing online shopping”.

Actually, there are two kinds of people in this world, one who like only window shopping on most of the days and hit the stores only when big sales are going on. Another type of shoppers falls in my category who only sits and relax at home and make use of the innovative technology to provide us everything at our doorstep. So let’s start exploring my way of shopping and save more money.

Benefits of online shopping:

  • Quick and convenient
  • Better prices
  • Saves time
  • More variety and more option to explore on various websites
  • Fewer expenses (taxi fares, eating out, buying of unnecessary stuff)
  • No waiting in long queues and no crowd
  • Even old and used stuff can be purchased at lower prices


5 tips to save your money on online shopping

Look for discount coupons

Many sites that offer discount coupons for various shopping websites in order to increase sales and get a commission in return. The websites like coupondunia.com, shoppirate.com, couponcraze.com, couponmom.com, etc. There are hundreds of such discount coupon providing sites which cover up the offer of every small and big online retailer.

Some of the global coupon sites like retailmenot.com, sear.com, and landsend.com offer discount coupons ranging from $20 to $ 50 at times. The sites cover upto 65000 online retail shops. Such sites are an excellent way to save money while doing online shopping without waiting for seasonal store offers.



Take advantage of social networking sites and apps to save more money online

Nowadays, social platform has become a powerful medium to influence sales of a retailer. Many retailers are making huge money promoting their products and services on FB, Twitter Instagram, etc. You get access to the most exclusive offers, if you like, share and or spread the word of the particular retailer’s auction. When a retailer finds that you keep on sharing their offers and take a keen interest in their displayed products on social media pages, they approach you personally via email or message and offer you special and exclusive discounts. These discount can be redeemed by you only.

You must have heard about App Only offers shown on the rightmost corner of every online site when opened on the laptops or computers. Well, this is again a goof way to save more money on online shopping when you shop after installing that brand’s application on your mobile or tablet. I have also noticed one more thing, that due to their tracking system, they come to know that you are interested in buying a particular product.

So, to influence your decision to buy that product, the company will send you multiple offers via calls, SMS, emails, which will help you in increasing your saving on your favorite product and make it absolutely affordable.


Compare online versus in-store prices

I don’t say that you always end up saving money on online shopping. But to combat all the chances, you need to be a smart shopper, whether it is online or in-the-store shopping. You can’t blindly say that online stores offer more discounts than the regular shops, as many such cases have been disclosed where online prices at a discount are actually more than the prices offered in the stores.

But let me make one point clear to you that all these techniques are adopted by either small retailers or new online stores which are just establishing themselves and know how to manipulate the prices. These online stores implementing such tricks on consumers usually end up shutting down their businesses. And when we talk about industry leaders like Amazon, EBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, etc., these big companies always offer generous discounts which are usually benefitting for the customer.

Before buying always take help of price comparison shops like Froogle.com or bizrate.com, etc. In this way, you will come to know the various prices offered for the same product on multiple sites and you can choose the one offering the lowest price.

Save big on shipping fees by ordering few needed products

Recently, I wanted to buy a skirt which was costing me $8 and additional shipping charges of $2, if I do not order item worth $10. So, I decided to go for free shipping products in the same category, but as we all know that once you like something badly, it’s not possible to get your eyes off it. Then I went back to the same item and decided to buy an additional matching accessory which cost me only $2. In this way, I got something relevant to my stuff also, and I spent those $2 for buying something instead of giving it away like that.

Take benefit of referral programs, cash back and loyalty points

You can set aside a good amount of money if you refer the product or service you liked, to others through your app and earn reimbursable money on it. It is a fair play, and you can really save more on your shopping list. There are many online sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, which offer referral programs, or cash back to increase your saving up to 15% on each purchase. I and my brother save lots of money on online shopping through these ways. Not only us but even our friends who we have referred the program keep on spreading the word.

Some online retailers give loyalty points on every purchase made by you, and when the points are accumulated in big number, you can use these points for paying off your shopping bills. Many aviation sites use this method to benefit their customers.

Saving is just a click away

With the emerging trend of online shopping, the e-commerce websites have flourished like anything. From unbranded item to a branded item, all are available at great discounts all the year round. Not like in-store shopping, where you have to wait for seasonal sales and after that too in long queues to get your favorite product. Online shopping saves your precious time which you can utilize for some other productive purpose. And if you are an impulsive shopper like me, then you will definitely end up buying unnecessary stuff from the shop.

So, for people like us, online shopping is the best solution where you can still save more by ordering from the comfort of your home. The above-mentioned tips to save your money while doing online shopping will help you take a better decision. After all – “Money saved is money earned”.


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