We are good at managing blogs, we can manage WordPress blogs, blogger blogs and other CMS. BloggersIdeas provides a very elaborate service, for an important and essential aspect of earning profits online: Blogging!!! Are you struggling to make money  online, learn  how you can make money online with BloggersIdeas. Blogging is an increasingly rewarding career path for both individuals and groups when it comes to flexibility, monetary growth, fiscal benefits, travel and leisure, satisfaction and knowledge etc.You can hire us for your blog management.


To help business owners we came up with various kind of online marketing services like SEO, social media, blogging, WordPress, Web design services, Logo design services & many other web services. Within a short time, Digiexe can increase your overall brand presence and establish a strong foothold with a very quick turnaround.Our team is quick to adept to the ins and outs of social media such as Google AdWords, affiliate tracking platforms, Facebook advertisements and more.


We are into the 21st century now, and it’s all about technology and internet. The picture has become a completely digital landscape. Today an online video is easily one of the most inclusive and effective outlet available to express your brand’s identity, perception and mission. With the invasion of social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more, branded media has become more persistent, and the demand for quality commercial productions have become even more vital.


We are a socially respected company specializing in creating social videos that engage audiences’ hearts and minds. We have been featured on several leading websites and blogs as being a company and team who analyze, work and deliver results. We have been a pillar behind the success of many socially accepted and praised brands and we are proud to have built such a reputation for ourselves. With boast of in-house studios and videographers, who are fully equipped to bring your advertising campaign to life through social video, online commercials and live video streaming facilities. If you want to live stream your event, show off an incredible new product or service, profile your company, promote your work ethics and culture, we provide you the entire platform and guidance to do so. You can even educate with a whiteboard animation, or simply create supportive social video to share with your fans and followers. Our team can make all that happen.

We have helped produce a series of live videos for influential direct sellers, who today are master blasters in their area of play to document and amplify the energy around their seasonal and annual summit events. We always begin with an intense planning session and then systematically proceed to blend our social media and video production expertise to create some fun, creative and engaging footage. The footages, we are proud to note, have resulted in an estimated hike of around 4,000-7,000 person increase in the number of Facebook fans for the brands.


When we believe you are ready to be seen, we will start with a discussion with your team to learn everything about your project and then craft a custom execution strategy. Then once we are clear on your vision, we start designing out the best possible “look”. This may vary from including storyboards, reference videos from existing content you admire, and/or a full, shot-by-shot breakdown from behind the scenes. You can count on us to deliver the full package, whether you’re going for laughs, drama, fans, or a powerful first impression. We also distribute the media to the social platforms that matter most to your audience, along with providing talent, professionalism, and flawless execution and editing. We always aim to produce a finished product that speaks and directly represents  to your audience in the spaces where they most naturally fit and spend their time by prioritizing your brand mission, audience, message, and goals over everything else.


Contacts and experience don’t necessarily need to be at odds all the time. But when the two are combined, a conversation becomes an opportunity for conversion. Finding, contacting and engaging key influencers can drive huge visibility and results for a brand. We connect your brand with the influencers. That includes Social media celebrities, YouTubers, Instagram and Facebook personalities and even reputed online publications, for astounding and profitable results.

The right influencer, or set of influencers, or even an influencer brand, combined with proper press coverage and follow-through, can push your brand to a completely different level. This will be a level where you are not only following trends, but also setting them.

We study your audience thoroughly, and map out where the largest share of your followers will be. This will often require you to partner with a popular YouTube channel, writing a post for a reputed publication, or even pitching your company as a capable leader in your industry to the media. Wherever your audience is, we’ll connect with them.

Influencer marketing is a digital game changer when connecting to your audience. If done the right way, influencer marketing enables brands to connect with their audience in such a way that it creates a lasting impression. We research influencers and shortlist them and initiate conversations with those who’s target and interests line up with your desired target audience. We will act as a mediator between your brand and the influencer, ensuring that all details of your latest campaign or project are well conveyed understood. We’ll even track the progress of your influencer marketing campaign to draw conclusions and design the next steps to move forward with.


SEO and digital marketing services are very much in demand nowadays. This is due to the exponential outburst of the internet and social media as a leading platform for advertising, generating leads, creating customers and generating revenues. But the underlying question which troubles all you solution seekers is that whom to trust? There are numerous people online who claim to be digital experts and SEO consultants.


We combine the strengths of being informed and articulate with a keen sense of efficiency and timing to showcase you as a leader in your brand’s conversation. Our team has written content that has gone viral, garnering millions of views and earning widespread media coverage in a matter of hours. Our top- writers can create original and engaging content that will boost the services of your brand on social media, plus boost your web traffic Thus ultimately, converting your services into more customers. We can take the lead or offer a more collaborative approach. Whether the content is not your cup of tea, refining, redesigning and broadcasting your voice, views and message is our mission.

Our different teams for Content Writing, Social Media Consulting and Influencer Outreach Management work together as a 3 in 1 team so that you get the maximum quality, reach and longevity out of each and every piece of content. We can even craft full campaigns around a single blog post or content asset to place your brand in the digital spotlight. Our records have shown and rather proven that clients who engage in our content marketing services have enjoyed higher conversions, increased traffic from search results, increased media and social coverage, a higher Google search ranking, and greater recognition as thought leaders.

Good content determines the credibility to your brand and it proves to be the most powerful when combined with the knowledge of SEO trends, reader habits, audience’s desires, and some rigorous and cutting-edge research.


Once you are into the field of marketing, especially digital marketing, we first and foremost lay focus on the fact that you need to understand the concept and importance of consumer behavior analysis. According to which, most buyers read product reviews before purchasing a product. A good, direct and comprehensive review makes readers and buyers confident about the quality of your product or service. But how many read app reviews before installing an app?

With more than 7 million apps in the App store, Play store and Windows store and hundreds uploaded every day, many developers and companies get cold feet when uploading a new app to the marketplace. Getting a good app review can help ease the tension.

Developers today go all out, e-mailing every app reviewer, sometimes more than twice a week, to get a review of his app done in time to coincide with the app launch. But most of the time it doesn’t happen and developers are left downtrodden and even more nervous about the success of their app.

All big names in the mobile industry today plan an app marketing strategy months before the launch of their app. App reviews is a major part of this strategy. This helps leverage the buzz around the app that particular company is working on. Our company boasts of a completely separate section of analysts that focus on planning the structure of marketing strategies for apps, softwares and websites. We even have a team of skilled web content writers who have an expertise in app reviews, software reviews and website reviews as well. Industry big shots have hired our teams of writers and analysts to do the work for them. One of our prime aims is to try to coincide the date of the launch with a good review and social media activities relating to the app.

Apart from providing these services, we even train and guide brands and developers on how to approach popular and influential reviewers for app reviews and analysis. Viral word of mouth spreads like wildfire, so even if you don’t get an app review, then make sure at least a handful of industry leaders you trust, know about your app and have some experience with it that they can tell others about. So if done the right way, it can be your ticket to a gold mine. Our drill mainly includes following and understanding these basics:

  • Write the uniqueness of the app in the subject line.
  • Be personal with the app reviewer but not informal.
  • Introduce your company and your previous work.
  • Talk about the reviewer’s previous work. Let them know you are an industry expert and not an e-mail spammer.
  • Along with the description of your app, attach a press kit, app screenshots & a link to the app video.
  • Highlight high points in the app, and how do you plan to release a sequel (if it is a gaming app).
  • Let the reviewer know what is unique in your app and how it is better than others.
  • Send the app for no less than a month before you plan to launch it. An app reviewer does not work on your deadlines.
  • A reminder email is suggested, but not every day. You may e-mail after a week and then again after 10 days.
  • Have a professional signature at the end of the email, with links to portals you can be contacted at.

OPENING OFFICES IN INDIA (Providing ideal work space and facilities to expand)

It’s obviously said and understood that India is the fastest growing IT hub in the world. With a population of over 1.3 billion, India provides a substantial boost, exposure, promotion and outreach for new technologies and startups.

If you are planning to expand your business in India and eyeing the audience here, then we will help you set up your office and work base in India. We have a broad, reliable, trustworthy and efficient network of people and organizations which can provide you with the contacts and facilities to let your business step foot in India.

We have helped multiple companies and brands from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Mexico and some South American countries to set up their offices in India so they could expand their business here. Our services are not just providing you with relevant set up contacts. Once you find your ideal contact, we stay connected with you through every step of the procedure and guide you till your work is set here. We make sure you get the best and modern place and facilities that suit your budget, investment and sets perfectly in tune with your requirements and work ethics.


Our Event Management service is entirely bespoke – and whether you need help from the initial planning stages though to delivering the event, or just help on the day – we’re the right team for you! Our corporate event management service ensures a creative and professional approach to your next event.  We can project manage your event, from creation and development through to on the day management of the event.


We solemnly believe that the Public Relations (PR) of your company involves a variety of programs designed to maintain or enhance the image, products and services your brand offers. Hence we harp on the fact that successful implementation of an effective public relations strategy can be a critical component to a marketing plan.

Public relations, is indeed one of the most effective methods to communicate and relate to your market. It is powerful and, once things are in motion, it is the most cost effective of all promotional activities.

Our PR marketing strategy will play a key role in your brand’s promotional strategy. It can be just as important as advertising and sales promotions. Hence, we help you to develop a planned approach to leveraging public relations opportunities.

The success of our well executed PR plans can be seen through several organizations that have made PR marketing design a central focus of their promotional strategy. The foundation goals of our PR marketing have a list of goals. Our effective public relations seek to communicate information to:

  • Launch new products and services.
  • Reposition a product or service.
  • Create or increase interest in a product, service, or brand.
  • Influence specific target groups.
  • Defend products or services that have suffered from negative press or perception.
  • Enhance the firm’s overall image.
  • The result of an effective public relations strategy is to generate additional revenue through greater awareness and information for the products and services an organization offers.

Our strategy begins with identifying your goals and stating your objectives in a much more direct and comprehensive way. We analyze the notions, history and performance of your brand to figure out what are the goals and objectives behind your public relations strategy and can they be measured and quantified?

Each of these areas, reflect the goals our public relations campaign seek to accomplish for the existence, recognition, reputation and credibility of your company.

  • Press relations
    Communicating news and information of interest about organizations in the most positive light.
  • Product and service promotion
    Sponsoring various efforts to publicize specific products or services.
  • Firm communications
    Promoting a better and more attractive understanding of the organization with internal and external communications.
  • Lobbying
    Communicating with key individuals to positively influence legislation and regulation.
  • Internal feedback
    Advising decision makers within the organization regarding the public’s perception and advising actions to be taken to change negative opinions.

Facebook Ad Marketing 

Whether you are a seasoned marketer or brand new to the industry, creating digital advertising budgets is a must do activity and can be one hell of a brain storming session. There are several good ways to digitally advertise your products and services like Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, etc.

Our team of marketing and budgeting analysts are seasoned experts who guide you on How much you should spend or where you should split your budget?

To get started, We explain you the goals behind creating and budgeting Facebook ads in a very direct and comprehensive way. Our first concern is always that you need to answer why you want to advertise on Facebook.

  • Brand awareness: Are you looking to increase branding for your business? This is especially important for new dealerships or established dealerships that are just new to Facebook.
  • Events and specials: Do you have a new car event coming up? Or maybe some product specials? Facebook works well if you have time limitations and need to get ads rolling quickly.
  • Product placement: Do you have new model you want to announce? Or do you want to remind your audience about a model they have already viewed? You can place your model in front of a relevant and reliable audience using Facebook’s advanced targeting options.

Once you have answered the “why” question, we need you to decide what action you want your audience to take after viewing your Facebook ad:

  • ($) Website clicks
  • ($) Post engagement
  • ($$) Page likes
  • ($$$) Lead form submissions

Once we are through with these two steps, we turn to the next important page. Next we focus on your campaign length. There are two different methods for campaign budget length in Facebook.

  • Lifetime budget
  • Daily budget.

Next thing we guide you through is the size of the audience your brand is targeting on Facebook. The audience size is where you really start digging into the cost of the campaign. You will have to set a daily or lifetime budget, but your audience selection will determine your cost per action (click, like, impression, form submission, etc.).

Step three, we analyze and summarize the prevailing competition your brand is most likely to face from rival brands and design an advertising blueprint to knock them over.


If you own a business, brand or an organization, then engaging with your audience on social media is a MUST DO task. Staying in touch and updated through regular tweets, posts, status updates, and comments are key ingredient to stay connected to your customers, be it new or old. Understanding audience feedbacks is a must. This helps you to analyze your customer’s demands and know what they want, working on it and ultimately boosting your sales and services. However, many often fail to convert this concept into profit and hence fail to achieve their full potential. Brand and customers bond is a relationship that needs to be fostered in real-time with foresight, friendliness, diplomacy and creativity. We proudly possess a team of social geniuses and hardcore social media consultants who will stay on top of every message and comment your brand receives on social media, responding in real-time and ensuring that each audience member feels valued. Because we believe that valuing your audience equals valuing profit.


Like any other “Business”, social media consulting is also like a venture and should follow a strategy to yield results. Our social strategy and management focuses on three major steps:

  • We listen
  • We research
  • We help optimize

Listening is a process that is entirely about you, your goal and your brand. We listen to get a sense of your vision. We research your brand, rivals and audience. We employ time-tested tactics and sophisticated analytics to clarify what works for you and why and formulate a strategy to help you stand out. We are consistent and diligent with the plans we implement, and if we sense an opportunity in the social sphere for you to shine, we jump into action and convert it into social media gold. Your work would be to just get ready for new waves of friends, followers and customers.

We have worked, consulted and guided more than 1,000+ budding entrepreneurs and brands into creating a broader customer base and boosting their businesses over time. We believe in conversion, rather than claims.


“I am excited to meet Jitendra in person and to see him in action. We are very impressed with the quality and number of impressive interviews he has conducted in the domain name industry.”

Richard Lau, Co-founder, NamesCon


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