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AdPeriscope Your Ultimate Solution For Adult Ad Spying

The need for Ad spyinng

Ad Spy is a business in its own today, primarily due to the fact that hundreds and thousands of websites are popping in every niche every day and competition is to stand out as the best is becoming fierce. Spying on Your Competition and their internet marketing campaign helps you understand what your rivals are doing that works for them, giving you the power to unlock better marketing ideas and creative for your own business.

Ad spying tools

Every internet business is a business, regardless of its genre or niche and ad spy tools have seen real success when it comes to helping businesses spy on the data and metrics of ad campaign of their competitors.

An Ad Spy Tool is used by website owners know what’s working for you and can then devise such advertising and marketing campaigns to rocket your ROI by analyzing your competitors’ native ads. These tools get you access to valuable insights and much-needed intelligence data by exploring the current trends in the advertising industry.

Furthermore, you can explore new niches and get relevant details including statistics, traffic overview, and much more. So in this post we will give you quick review of AdPeriscope.

AdPeriscope reviews


You can use this tool to easily view the best ads online from different ad networks along with the landing pages used by your rivals as well as the best landing pages you can use for yourself. It also helps you analyze the most successful ad campaigns that attract the most number of customers online to come up with winning campaigns for your own business.

AdPeriscope has been designed specifically for adult website owners and allows them to spy on other competing adult sites in their niche. The tools primary aim is to empower businesses to unlock the Secrets of Profitable Adult Advertising Campaigns.


AdPeriscope is capable of handling the ad spying requirements of any kind of adult website network at ease. Registered users get complete access to some really cool and cost effective features and options like:

  • Multiple filters

Filter your data using AdPeriscope advanced multiple filter options. You can filter your search by ad-network, country, mobile carrier, device type, and more to zero down on the best results for your campaign.

  • Multiple sorting options

Sort your data more efficiently using AdPeriscope multiple sorting options by duration, ad-strength, date-seen & alexa rank of the landing page

  • Simple search

Easily search banners and ads by keywords using AdPeriscope native search engine. Their server makes sure that the banners are completely searchable by scanning all the banners for text.

  • Advanced search

If you are not satisfied with the results from simple search, then you can use the advanced boolean query builder for even more precise searching capabilities.

  • List of all publishers

AdPersicope accurately show which publishers are giving highest ROI to the advertisers after searching down ad campaigns on thousands of publisher sites .

  • Creatives

Find the most successful creatives from the list of creatives that advertisers have previous used and are currently using for a campaign.

  • Landing pages galore

You can download and deploy any landing page for a given campaign directly to your server. These pages are readily available along with full sized screenshots.

  • Everything at your fingertips

Whether you wish to access Ad-networks used, devices and mobile carriers targeted, publishers or anything else, you get everything under one centralized dashboard at your fingertips.


Check these first hand screenshots to get an idea of how the inside of your AdPersicope account will look like and what all you can do with its tools.


AdPeriscope offers just one simple price tag, instead of confusing users with multiple packages to choose from. You can purchase your AdPeriscope package at $89.99 per month, which includes the following features.

Features included:

  • All Major Adult Ad Networks
  • Data From 56 Countries
  • 3G/4G Data From 250+ Carriers
  • Landing Page Download & Deployment Tool
  • Online Chat Support

For more information regarding their pricing, features, terms of use and more, visit the AdPeriscope official website right now!

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