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8 Ways to Build Relationships With Bloggers Online

It’s been said over and over again. Relationships are going to be the foundation for everything that you do in this business. By focusing more on relationships in the early days of your blog, you’re going to go much faster when you hit your stride. I attribute everything to relationships.

8 Ways to Build Relationships With Bloggers Online

1. Comment on their posts:

Let’s face it. We’re all giddy when we see tons of comments on our posts. I’m always happy when I see somebody new commenting on my posts, especially when they do it several days in a row. It’s always a sign of a true fan when they show up over and over again. It also puts that person on my radar as somebody I should start forming a relationship with.

 2. Promote their stuff: 

There are many bloggers who do an absolutely phenomenal job of promoting other bloggers’ stuff.  After all, the cardinal rule of social media is that you should promote other people’s stuff 3 times more than you promote your own. Matt at Life Without Pants does a post every Friday where he highlights his favorite posts from around the web. If you go to Kikolani on a Friday, there is a huge list of cool posts from around the web. This is a great strategy for getting on the radar of a small-mid-size blogger like myself and might even get the attention of a well-known blogger.

3. Twitter:

Twitter was something I hated for months. I really wanted to avoid the Twitter bandwagon. I couldn’t quite see the value. Then I realized that it’s a great tool for building relationships with other bloggers.  Since I track mentions, anytime somebody mentions @blogcastFM or @skooloflife I  try to reach out to them. I try to start a dialogue with them. Twitter also provides another great opportunity to promote other people’s content and enables you to get on their radar.

4. Facebook:

It might sound strange but I’m finding myself embracing Twitter much more than Facebook. But, what I love about Facebook is that it gives you a chance to have a look into the personality of a blogger by checking out their pictures.  My pictures as you’d expect have me surfing and in some of my favorite destinations around the world. If you look at my pictures from Brazil you might hate me for living such an awesome life :).

Facebook also allows your blog to get exposed to friends of friends.

5. Email:

While you might think email takes a back seat to Twitter, Facebook, or anything else, a personalized email is something that will almost always grab the attention of somebody unless they receive 1000’s emails a day. For the most part, anytime I receive an email from a blogger, they are immediately on my radar and I follow them on Twitter and I subscribe to their blog. In fact, because of spammers, I’m more likely to respond to email than my contact form.

6. Ask them to Guest Post:

In the early days of The Skool of Life, I asked a number of bloggers to guest post for me. Most were more than happy to. Believe it or not, asking other bloggers to write a guest post for you can actually be an effective strategy for getting people to visit your blog and for building a relationship with a blogger. The guys at Under30CEO and I have done exactly that. I’ve written several articles for them and they’ve helped me out by doing interviews on BlogcastFM and even guest posting here at The Skool of Life.

7. Purchase their Products:

If there’s any one thing that will get you on the radar of an A-list blogger, it’s purchasing their products and actively promoting them. Johnny B Truant landed himself in a role as Naomi Dunford’s protege because he bought her course and was actively using all of the information in it.  To hear that story in detail, go check out the interview I did with him. He’s pretty much killing it.

8. Interviews: 

I guess it would be ridiculous for me not to mention this as a method for building relationships with other bloggers considering that I run a blog where all I do is interview people. Interviews are a phenomenal way to open the door to new relationships.  It not only allows you to learn about somebody, but it’s a great way to promote their work. You can only get so intimate when you keep things on blog comments on Twitter.  Get on Skype and have a few chats with people. You’ll be amazed by how awesome people really are.

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