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Choosing the Best Link Generator for Your Carnival

In this article we have featured Choosing the Best Link Generator for Your Carnival For bloggers, participating in blog carnivals is a terrific opportunity to connect with others in the blogging community and boost traffic to their own websites. Is it possible to accomplish this?

The use of a linky app. Carnival participants can provide a headline for their link as well as the URL of their site using a linky tool. The linky tool then generates a list based on that information.

Several popular carnivals, such as Works-for-Me Wednesday and Mantel Party Time, include linky gadgets in operation. Linky Tools is used by Works-for-Me Wednesday, whereas inlinkz is used by Nester’s Mantel Party Time. Both of these tools will be discussed today so that you may determine which one is best for your needs. Here are some tips on how to be a successful linky list participant.

You need to know what features your Carnival Linky should include

Choosing the Best Link Generator for Your Carnival

Some of the features of Linky Tools and inlinkz are similar, while others are unique to each service.

Feature sets

The following functionalities are available in both Linky Tools and inlinkz:

  • Images that can be added as an option. Having photos in your presentation isn’t always necessary, or perhaps you just don’t like how much space they take up on the page. It’s fine. You have the option of merely having a text list. Create a new collection and select that option.
  • Keep the fair alive. You don’t have to re-create your weekly carnival or meme if you preserve it instead of creating it each week. You already know how much I adore effectiveness.
  • Titles are limited. Participants are limited in the length of the titles they may add to their entries, so that the list doesn’t become cluttered with long titles. Everything will be neatly arranged into rows. Thank you very much for your help with my OCD.
  • Cropping. During the selection process, participants have the ability to crop their images! This might be useful for displaying more information on a certain item in the list.

What Linky Tools have to offer

There are a few advantages to Linky Tools that aren’t available in other tools:

Additional choices are available when creating a list. Depending on the theme of your carnival, you may construct a variety of lists, from a simple text list to a thumbnail list that includes photos, and even a means for your viewers to contribute to the creation of a tale by leaving their comments inside the list.

Choosing the Best Link Generator for Your Carnival

Hops across the blogosphere. Using this method, many blogs can host the same carnival link-up list. It’s all the same code that everyone uses, and they all put it in their own blog post and host the same list.

A post’s photographs can be used, as well as images from your own computer. As long as you own the rights to the image, Linky Tools doesn’t care where it came from. A file from your PC or photos in your post or website can be selected. A unique URL for your photograph is not possible.

Carnival Attendees Who Make the Most of Their Time

A well-executed carnival will benefit both the organizers and the attendees. The host is helping to promote other blogs by throwing a spotlight on their content.

Carnivals are normally accessible to all visitors, but you’re still a guest at the host’s location. The carnival’s overall success is greatly aided by attendees’ use of good manners. You’ll have a more enjoyable time if you follow the carnival’s set rules and these helpful hints.

Attempt to be succinct. It’s easy to advertise yourself in your link title by including your name, your blogs’ names, and your website’s URL. Please, however, refrain. Columns in the list are affected by the length of your title. A lot of linky generators now include character limits that may be set by the carnival’s organizer.

Quick Link:

Guest Posting – How to do it in a proper way

Be of service. Think about what the carnival is all about, and if or not there are any rules on what you may include in your title. In other words, inform them what they may expect to see when they arrive at your website with the use of descriptive keywords.

In the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival, for example, I requested participants to include what they were giving away and where they would ship. US/Canada DVD of Jane Eyre, for example. The title is succinct and gives you an idea of what you may anticipate. Despite the fact that it’s not promoting my real blog name, you’ll know where you’re going when you click on the link. The carnival still links to your blog via the permalink you use.

Make use of permalinks. A permalink is a link to an individual blog article, not your blog’s homepage. A permalink is required by most carnivals, and your submission may be removed if you don’t use one.

Please refrain from making a second post. Each carnival simply requires a single entry (unless the guidelines state otherwise). It’s best to contact the carnival’s organizer and ask her to remove your entry (unless she’s using inlinkz, which permits you to do so).

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