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Dream Net Worth & Earnings 2022: How does he make millions in an year?

Have you ever wondered how much money The Dream makes? Well, you must be curious to know Dream Net Worth.

Well, today we’re going to find out the truth and go through some of his net worth and earnings.

Dream is a YouTube channel with 23.7 million subscribers. It covers gaming and was started in 2014. The channel is based in the United States.

Dream has an estimated net worth of about $13.67 million in 2021.

Read here to know more about Dream Net Worth and sources of income.

About Dream Minecraft Channel:

Dream YouTube channel- dream net worth

Dream is a Minecraft gamer and gaming YouTuber. He has been active since 2014 and is known for his Minecraft gameplay videos. His YouTube channel has more than 27.8 million subscribers.

He mainly does videos about Minecraft and uploads them. He has a series called “Minecraft Speedrunner vs 1/2/3/4 Hunter”.

In social media, he is also named as DreamWasTaken or DreamTraps. His real name is Clay or Clayton as said by many.

He also has another series where he goes in-depth on some mysteries in the game. And he does a survival challenges series where he tries to beat the game with some kind of challenges.

He is at the front of a new wave of content creators who hide their identities. He builds a brand that is separate from his real-life identity.

Dream does this by setting world records and getting millions of views. He also sells merchandise with his Minecraft skin and simple name, which makes for an interesting brand if he has so many followers.

How Dream Started?

After his first upload, Dream started to post content more often. Felix Kjellberg, known online as PewDiePie, had been playing “Minecraft” for his huge audience of over 100 million subscribers by that point.

Dream content in YouTube- dream earnings

Dream was able to find a way to re-engineer Kjellberg’s randomly generated world. The video had 200,000 views in the first two days.

He made three more videos that would get over 2 million views in total in less than two weeks. At the end of July, he had 54,000 subscribers and his star was born.

Dream’s channel received millions of views and thousands of subscribers for the next few months.

In November 2019, he uploaded a video that went viral. It was about ‘Minecraft, but item drops are random and multiplied.’ The video got over 32 million views and gave Dream 600,000 new subscribers.

Over the next year, Dream uploaded occasionally. He got hundreds of thousands of subscribers every month and millions of views on his videos. His “Minecraft Speedrunner vs.” series was popular where he would pick certain NPCs to chase him or do objectives while playing the game.

Dream Sources of Income for Net Worth

As discussed earlier, Dream has an estimated net worth of about $13.67 million in 2021. This estimate is done on the basis of his past earnings which are known and also taking into account his future revenue potential based on his growth on YouTube.

Here are some of his sources of income:

YouTube Channel

Dream YouTube Channel sources of income

Dream is a YouTuber who has more than 27 million subscribers and regularly posts videos that attract upwards of 80 million views.

The average YouTube channel receives $0.50 to $1 per thousand viewers, which means Dream makes quite the paycheck off his channels alone!

This would indicate that Dream makes at least $15,000 from every YouTube video he posts.

Besides this, he has two other channels: DreamXD with 3.78 million subscribers and Dream Team with 2.12 million subscribers.


Dream merchandise shop- dream earnings

Dream sells his merch on dream.shop. He drops new items every week.

And he likes to show them off on Instagram, which gets a lot of attention and likely makes him some money too.


Dream has a Patreon, where he gets paid depending on the number of people who are subscribed to his channel. He sometimes holds Q&A sessions with his fans.

Dream minecraft Patreon channel

He also created some Minecraft maps for them, the sale of which could be another source of income for him.

His Patreon has 3 different membership levels:

  • Supporter ($5 per month) which gives no actual benefits other than supporting Dream
  • Supporter+ ($19.99 per month) which gives access to Dream’s plugins after the video goes live
  • Supporter++ ($35 per month) which gives access to his private discord channel as well as every benefit from supporter+.

As per our research, Dream currently has 1313 Patrons on its Patreon.

The majority of people who subscribe to the second tier on Patreon are paying $19.99 per month. That is around $26,250 per month for Dream likely.

Twitch Channel

Dream has 1.54 million followers on his Twitch channel, where he plays games with other YouTubers and live streams it for the world to see.

As Dream is not a Twitch Partner, we cannot see how many active subscribers he has.

We estimate that every month when Dream goes live (which only happens once per month), his viewers subscribe using their Twitch accounts to spam him with orders of magnitude more subscriptions than what can be accounted for.

In one of the Twitch live streams, we even noticed that Dream got over 700 subscribers in merely 10 minutes.

Past the 10 minute count, Dream’s subscriber influx began to taper off and halfway through his stream he was earning an average of 7 subscribers per minute.

In merely 2 hours, the streamer earned even more than 1500 subscribers. The calculation brings down us to estimate that he earns over $4000 per month using the Twitch streams.

Besides this, Twitch streamers also make money using Twitch advertisements. Considering an estimated amount of $10 per 1000 views from the advertisements only, Dream makes $1200 from the advertisements only.

Twitch donations

Perks of being a Twitch partner include the ability for viewers to donate money and subscribe via Twitch prime. We assume that around 10% of his subscribers contribute $0.50 – $5 per month in the form of donations through this method alone.

Dream sometimes streams on Twitch.

The Amazon-owned site allows creators to make money through advertisements, donations, and subscriptions. 3.9 million people follow him on the site, so it is easy to see how streaming regularly could be lucrative for him.

Additional Source of Income

Dream’s additional sources of income are sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales and speaking gigs may generate much more revenue than ads.

Controversy: Dream accused of cheating in Minecraft

Dream was accused of hacking Minecraft by fellow subscribers and YouTubers.

It is hard to tell if Dream really hacked, however, the copy commands used in the video (which essentially allow free-flying) are not available for public release on some servers due to possible game hacking activities, meaning that running them required the author to be the server.

Dream has claimed that he was not scripting or hacking.

On December 11, 2020, the moderator of the official speedrun forums Geosquare uploaded a video on YouTube- “Did Dream Fake His Speedruns – Official Moderator Analysis.”

Geosquare and his fellow moderators analyzed the Livestream and found that Dream had recorded aspects of the game that were too unlikely to have happened without mods or cheats.

However, Dream has denied any wrongdoing or cheating in multiple Twitter threads and videos.

How has Dream unlocked YouTube’s algorithm?

Dream started in 20114 but only had around 1000 subscribers for a long time. His Minecraft channel was lost in a sea of billions of other Minecraft channels like Mr Beast and PewdiePie.

One day, he made all his videos private. He then spent a year reading books about YouTube and social media. He wanted to know everything about the platform.

Dream’s research gave him a lot of information to use. And he always uses that information in his strategies. The result is that the effect of what he does is bigger and better than when you do it alone.

This is called the ‘Lollapalooza Effect‘. It’s coined by Charlie Munger and means when many things are done together make a big difference, not just one thing.

Dream uses the Lollapalooza effect that has the following strategies:

  • Define A Niche
  • Borrowed Interest
  • Optimization
  • Social proof
  • Emotional triggers
  • Parasocial Bonding
  • Cross Promotion
  • Intrigue

Check out Dream YouTube videos:

Dream on Social Media:

Conclusion: Dream Net Worth 2022

It seems that Dream does not rely on Twitch for his income, but rather as a marketing tool. He has other sources of revenue such as YouTube and sponsorship deals with companies like Apple.

It seems that Dream is one of the most successful streamers out there and making a great income from this.

So after reading all those articles above about Dream’s net worth, it looks like Dream has made $3 million per year on Twitch so far, and it is expected to grow further.

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