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HostArmada Hosting Review 2023

Choosing the best hosting service for your business is very tough nowadays. Don’t Worry! In this post I will do the detailed WooCommerce Hosting Review.

The purchase is dependent on your needs and what you want from your hosting service plan. You will see whether you want a bike to ride in the mountains, plains, or cities. Then you will go for it to make the purchase.

But when buying for the WooCommerce hosting plan, you do not have to see the area but other aspects. You have to jump into the various sections of the WooCommerce hosting to understand it well.

Here I will give you all information about those various sections of the WooCommerce hosting service, which will help you to find out your best hosting plan. You will get to know about your requirements so that you can go for a perfect hosting plan.

What is WooCommerce?

So, What do you mean by WooCommerce? Have you heard about this term as an open-source eCommerce application? Yes, you are thinking about it in the right way that WooCommerce is an effective and customizable eCommerce platform.

WooCommerce is designed for WordPress websites and is loved all around the world. There are eighty-four million downloads for this platform, and now also people are switching to WooCommerce. It has around 28% online stores registered and thus is the most popular eCommerce application.

Host Armada Overview

It is available with lots of extensions in the market, which can fit every business person’s needs. It supports a simple gateway for payment methods and integrations. It is suitable for online stores, whether small-sized or large ones. In the list of eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce is on the top of the list.

Features of WooCommerce Hosting

One-click WooCommerce Installer

It is effortless to install WooCommerce with this feature of a one-click WooCommerce Installer. You can easily make downloads by just clicking on them. Clients can quickly connect and configure it with the help of it.

Daily Automatic Backups

It is essential to take the regular backup of the content on your websites. WooCommerce is helping you with its feature of daily backups. You can easily maintain the good backups of your content on your website.

Host Armada Features-1

You will always be just one click away from taking backups. It has provided a great backup solution to its customers, which can be implemented daily.

Managed Web Hosting Service

WooCommerce has always provided well-managed hosting services to its customers. It ensures that it should always lead the list by regularly updating its multiple PHP versions, checking its storage units, and many more daily routines. Clients are pleased with the services provided by it. They do not face any problems while working with it.

Web Server Cache

WooCommerce has an exceptional feature of web server cache, which increases the speed of your website. It encourages its client’s sites to load faster and allows many visitors on their site even with the cheaper plans.

Host Armada Features-2

SSD Cloud-Based storage

WooCommerce is promising with the best SSD storage with all web hosting packages offered by it. The SSD storage is connected with battery-powered RAID that controls the website’s functioning and data for its customers.

Tight WooCommerce Security

There are amazing and new security technologies used to secure every website on every hosting plan offered by WooCommerce. It uses two firewalls on every security level that protect the client’s data from all types of malware attacks.

24/7 Technical Support

WooCommerce is providing 24/7 technical customer support for their customers. They can help you with your every problem related to SSL certificates, plugins, installing themes, or optimizing websites. They will offer you quite managed and well-mannered services.

Easy Pilot Service with cPanel

You always need a pilot to control all the functions, and thus WooCommerce has offered support of cPanel for pilot service. cPanel is a reliable control panel that is easy to understand and use. It is used for controlling web hosting services. With the passing years, cPanel has become very popular in this industry.

WooCommerce Hosting Pricing

Star Dock

The Star Dock plan offered by WooCommerce hosting will cost you $1.20 per month. And if you want to get subscribed to the regular price, it will cost you $7.99 per month. This plan is excellent for those customers who are about to start their journey with online stores and their web hosting services.

Host Armada Pricing

The plan possesses some basic features included.

  • 2 Cores of CPU
  • 1 Website
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Free domain names
  • 15 GB SSD cloud-based storage
  • 10000 unique visitors
  • Seven daily backups
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Default hosting perks
  • Preparation for launch perks

Web Wrap

The Web Wrap plan offered by WooCommerce hosting will cost you $1.94 per month. And if you want to get subscribed to the regular price, it will cost you $12.95 per month. This plan is excellent for those customers who already own a website and are searching for better web hosting services.

The plan possesses some basic features included.

  • 4 Cores of CPU
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Free domain names
  • Unlimited websites
  • 14 daily backups
  • 30 GB SSD cloud-based storage
  • 60000 unique visitors
  • Default hosting perks
  • Preparation for launch perks
  • Warp feature perks

Speed Reaper

The Speed reaper plan offered by WooCommerce hosting will cost you $2.69 per month. And if you want to get subscribed to the regular price, it will cost you $17.95 per month. This plan is excellent for those customers who wish to increase the speed of their websites.

The plan possesses some basic features included.

  • 6 Cores of CPU
  • 21 daily backups
  • Unlimited websites
  • 6 GB of RAM
  • 120000 unique visitors
  • 40 GB SSD cloud-based storage
  • Free domain names
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Dynamic caching
  • Speed Reaper perks
  • Default hosting perks
  • Warp feature perks
  • Preparation for launch perks

Why Should You Choose WooCommerce Hosting for Your Business?

WordPress is the biggest platform that allows users to create websites of their choice and need without coding skills. WooCommerce is taking WordPress websites to some other level where users can deal with many eCommerce websites to increase their business and online stores.

Here are some reasons why a customer should choose WooCommerce hosting service for their sites:

  • Flexibility and Easy Customizability: There is a wide variety of free plugins that can help you to build a perfect online store. It offers you services with newly added tools, payment gateways, and many more attractive features.
  • Focused SEO: Perfect SEO will ensure your website to be visible on the top of the web. It has tools that will allow you to have the best Search engine Optimization.
  • Easy Management: For easy management of WooCommerce stores, every WordPress has a dashboard from where you can handle each function supported by it.

How WooCommerce Hosting Works?


The installation process is the first step of every task. Firstly, you have to install the applications on which you want to work. In WooCommerce, you have the following ways to fix it that are given below. Let us look into some questions that come in your mind while installing.

  1. How can you use an automated plugin installer to install WordPress plugin by WooCommerce?
  2. How can you use the plugin installation archive to install the WordPress plugin by WooCommerce?
Host Armada How To Use


There are different configuration options available in WooCommerce, which can be easily configured. It supports multiple settings to be configured, such as general, payment, shipping, email, currency, etc. There is a guide for each type of configuration from which it can be adequately managed. Below are given queries through which you can have respective manuals.

  • How can you configure general settings in WooCommerce?
  • How can you configure tax settings in WooCommerce?
  • How can you configure payment settings in WooCommerce?
  • How can you configure product settings in WooCommerce?
  • How can you configure shipping settings in WooCommerce?
  • How can you configure email settings in WooCommerce?
  • How can you configure advanced settings in WooCommerce?
  • How can you configure accounts and privacy settings in WooCommerce?


There are management techniques in WooCommerce with some listed questions about how you can manage various management options. You can search for the guide through following queries

  • How can you add WooCommerce product categories?
  • How can you add WooCommerce products?
  • How can you add WooCommerce product tags?
  • How can you add WooCommerce product attributes?
  • How can you create WooCommerce coupons?
  • How can you manage WooCommerce orders?
  • How can you review WooCommerce reports?

What Should You Look For in the Excellent WooCommerce Hosting?

Before selecting a web hosting solution as per your needs, you should check upon some important hosting features for your eCommerce site. There are many pricing plans in various shapes, sizes, and prices that offer multiple features. You have to opt for whether you want to go with a cheaper plan or an expensive one.

Below are some features, which a best WooCommerce hosting service provider should offer:

PCI Compliance

Your server should be PCI compliant, which means the server should be secure from any external thefts. If there are any transactions to be held, they should be safe, where no thief can steal your credit or debit card details.

Many cheap hosting plans do not offer servers that are PCI compliant. So you have to make sure that the pricing plan you are opting for should provide you with complete web security for your transactions.

Modern gateways used to make payments are handled with unique tools. They work in a specific way as they do not store any credit or debit card data on the server but pass it straight to the payment processor. And thus, your server does not need to be PCI compliant.

Dedicated IP Addresses with SSL Certificates

The IP address is what identifies the website on the internet. Many cheap hosting plans offer IP addresses shared with other people and are also called dynamic IP addresses. If you opt for a better or expensive hosting plan, you may be offered a private IP address. If you are looking for better SEO, you should be choosing for the dedicated IP addresses only.

The encryption and authentication for your business, you need to have an SSL certificate. It will ensure your identity and keep your data safe. These certificates can be either purchased from the host or the third party. If you are looking to share your credit or debit card details on the web, make sure that the website uses SSL certificate policy to keep your data safe over the internet.

Uptime Parameters

It is vital to have high uptime. Most platforms promise to give 99.9% of uptime, but a few of them keep their promises. If you have low uptime, then no one is going to buy from you. If you have tier 4 server and downtime once in a year, it won’t affect you that much. As the tier will go on increasing, the uptime will get better with it.


Speed is an essential aspect when it comes to surfing an eCommerce website. Users love to have fast responses from the eCommerce sites while surfing on it. Shoppers are always in seek of those websites which offer less response time.

And if you want as many as customers on your website, you have to increase your site’s response so that users take an interest in your online store and give them an excellent experience.

You have to take care of the server; see how far they are from the customer’s location. The distance between the server and the customer’s machine will also affect your website’s speed and user interest.

Good Customer Support

Excellent customer support is the basic need, but every online store needs a superb customer support service. If there is something wrong or your customer-facing any problem related to the website or anything, they can concern the support team. There should be a 24/7 secure support for your customers to ease them by solving their problem.

Great Backup Solution

Any platform needs to give the best backup solution to its every user of hosting services. They can take regular and frequent backups of all their website content and information. As reserves are significant when one needs to restore their site content.

Firewalls, Various Threat Detection, and Much Other Security Measures

Security measures are a must when you want to keep your visitors’ data safe and secure. Many platforms use two or three levels of firewalls to provide excellent safety. You do not need to study all the security mechanisms, but you need to have security on your site for safe surfing and process your customers’ requests.

Pros and Cons of WooCommerce Hosting


  • Low Number of Clients Per Server: For better website performance, WooCommerce allows us to load the small server and maintain a deficient amount of customers on each server.
  • SSD Cloud-based Technology With 99.9% Uptime: WooCommerce promises 99.9% uptime on SSD cloud technology with no hardware failures. It is the fastest storage type that can quickly read and write.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: WooCommerce is offering a 24/7 human, mechanical support system. It provides you services like secure site transfer, template and various module installations, and many other website issues.
  • Free Website Migration Service: With every hosting plan, a free website migration service is offered once.
  • No Cancellation Fees: If somehow you do not like the services offered by WooCommerce, then you cancel your further services without paying a penny.
  • 45-day Money-back Guarantee: WooCommerce is offering you time to test their services, and if you do not like it, you can cancel them and have a refund within 45 days. It has guaranteed the 45-day money-back after use.


  • Cost: WooCommerce is the most expensive type of hosting service. Clients have to pay a massive amount of money to get the taste of its amazing services.
  • Customization: Customization process on some platforms is not easy; you have to uninstall it and reset its database to have full control over it.
  • Maintenance: It demands a lot of work to improve the running of online stores. It needs regular maintenance over updating of extensions, SEO services, management of stocks, etc.
  • Security: It is the most critical aspect of any hosting service. It also provides the two-level protection of firewalls, but some of the certificates you will find expensive. So you have to analyze and choose which security certificate you need.

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Conclusion: Hostarmada WooCommerce Hosting Review 2023

Above, you have studied the WooCommerce hosting, its pros and cons, its features, and many more for its better understanding. You can check its pricing plan offered by Hostarmada for WooCommerce Hosting, which comes with different characteristics in every plan.

There is a 45-day money-back guarantee offered by HostArmada in which you can test the services provided by it and then analyze whether they are appropriate for you or not.

If you really enjoyed WooCommerce Hosting Review then please do like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.

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