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How to Delete Chegg Account – 4 Easy Steps ( With Screenshots)

Interested in finding out how to delete Chegg account? We can walk you through every step of deleting your Chegg account completely if that is the case.

As you know, Chegg is among the best platforms available to students studying in the United States. Nearly every subject is taught at a good level here.

Student subscriptions to this website are also required, as well as the use of the platform. In almost all cases, students are provided with the highest quality education. The only way to permanently delete your Chegg account is if you have a good reason to do so.

Perhaps you have finished your study, or perhaps you are receiving spam from Chegg,

There is a possibility that you cannot afford their subscription charge. We have provided a comprehensive step-by-step guide to delete your Chegg account with the help of a screenshot below.

What is the difference between deleting a Chegg account and cancelling your subscription?

Chegg users who delete their accounts will be unable to reactivate the account because all their personal information has been deleted.

However, Chegg allows you to access some of its services without paying any fees if you cancel your subscription, such as ordering books, writing tools, and flashcards.

For the subscription, you need to provide Chegg with your credit card details. You must cancel your Chegg subscription a week before the due date if you wish to delete your account.

Removing your Chegg account takes a few days, and if you do not cancel, your credit card will be charged for the subscription.

We have mentioned below what you need to do to cancel a Chegg subscription if you don’t know. To delete your Chegg account, first, remove your subscription pack.

How to delete a Chegg account in 4 simple ways?

chegg account deletion activity

Our article discusses 4 ways of deleting your Chegg account by requesting a Chegg data deletion request.

You can do this by sending Chegg an email request, by using the official Chegg website, or by using the Chegg team’s chat function

Ticket submissions can also be made through Chegg. We have discussed these methods with a screenshot of each method to help you follow each step.

Therefore, you can use any method of deleting your Chegg account that you want because all of the methods mentioned below will work. Tell me now.

Remember to cancel your active subscription, return your rented textbooks, and make sure there are no pending transactions, otherwise, your Chegg account will not be deleted. Only following the below-given steps will allow you to delete your Chegg account?

How to remove a Chegg account using Chegg website?

You can delete your Chegg account by following the steps below:-

  • To login to your Chegg account, use the email address or password you use to sign in to your Chegg account.

Chegg dashboard- how to delete a chegg account

  • On the top right corner, click your profile icon.

chegg profile dashboard

  • Select My Account from the drop-down menu.

Account deletion for chegg users

  • Select the tab for communication.

Chegg communication dashboard for account deletion

  • At the bottom of the right side, click the contact options. Choose “Cance Subscription” from the drop-down menu.

deleting chegg account fro website

  • For the Chegg data deletion request, scroll below and then click the fill out this form link.

Chegg form for subscription cancellation and account deletion

  • You will see a form that you need to fill out and submit. Fill in your first and last name as well as the email address you used to activate your account. In the select type request option, select the data deletion request. Click on the submit button after filling in the captcha.
  • You will need to confirm your email address after clicking the submit button. The confirmation window will appear. A verification process is required.

Deleting a chegg account by email verification

  • You will receive an email from the Chegg team once you open the email that you used to file the data deletion request. Just click on the email to confirm your request.


  • When your request is confirmed, you will see the confirmation page. You have now requested that Chegg permanently delete your Chegg account. Chegg accounts are deleted completely after a few days and you will not be able to access any data from them.

It was this procedure that allowed you to delete your Chegg account. Please let us know via e-mail.

How to delete my Chegg account using email requests?

You can also email the Chegg team for deleting your Chegg account if you don’t want to fill out a form to permanently delete your Chegg account through the website.

The Chegg team just needs to be notified of the issue or request by addressing the subject and you are done. You will then be able to delete your account within a few days.

Accordingly, Chegg does not recommend this method of requesting to delete your Chegg account since the Chegg platform already provides options for doing so.

chegg account deletion requestby email

Here is how to do that:

  • Make sure to log in with the Gmail account that you have created on your smartphone or desktop.
  • For sending messages, click on the compose ‘+’ option.
  • The to option is where you type the email recipient address, such as [email protected] or [email protected]
  • The subject option should be ‘ Chegg Account deletion Request’.
  • The message must now be typed in the body section. It is as simple as that to type an email that you do not need to write professionally.
  • Next, let’s talk about what must be included in the email:
    Describe why you want to delete your Chegg account along with your name and be clear about what you would like.
  • Send the message to Chegg by clicking on the Send button.

How to delete a Chegg account via live chat?

Additionally, you can request the deletion of your Chegg account, which is the fastest way to get rid of your account. You can simply talk to anyone in the live chat and your account will be deleted immediately when a person joins the conversation.

By filling in the forms, you will be able to complete some of the similar steps we have explained on the website.

Let’s talk about the process. For a fast way to delete a Chegg account, just follow the steps below:-

  • By clicking the profile option in your Chegg account, open your My Chegg account.
  • To contact someone, click on the communication tab.
  • Choose the option to chat with a representative.
  • First, you’ll get an automated response, then someone from Chegg will get in touch with you through the live chat.

It will immediately delete your Chegg account once you message me in the chat that I want to delete my Chegg account.

How to cancel a Chegg subscription?

To cancel your Chegg subscription, simply click the Cancel button. Chegg subscriptions should be cancelled before the end of the week if you have a billing subscription.

Unless cancelled, the subscription will continue and you will be charged. Let’s now find out how to cancel Chegg.

  • Remove your Chegg study subscription by following the steps below:-
  • Go to My Account in your Chegg account.
  • To view orders, click on the orders tab.
  • Lastly, you will have the option of cancelling your subscription. Please select this option.
  • You will now need to choose the reason why you are cancelling Chegg’s subscription packages. It doesn’t matter which of the options you choose from the list.

You can easily cancel your Chegg account by following the steps below. The following is a list of frequently asked questions about deleting Chegg accounts.

How long does it take to delete Chegg account?

It depends on the method used to request the deletion of your Chegg account. If you use the process of filling out a form and applying, it will take around a week. But if you request via email then it may take up to a month also which is not fixed, it may be finished in 1 day also but maximum time, we are telling.


Q. When will your Chegg account be deleted?

Ans: Currently, Chegg has not stated the exact amount of time it takes to delete an account or where the information can be found.
However, it may take between one week and one month.

Chegg accounts can be deleted based on how the request is made. If you fill out the application and apply, you can expect it to take approximately one week. But if you contact them via email, it may also take up to a month, although we do not guarantee that. It can be done in 1 day as well, but that is what we are telling you.

If there are no issues, Chegg will close your account immediately after you inquire via live chat.

Q. My Chegg student account has been deleted. What should I do?

Ans: Whether you want to delete a Chegg account for a student, parent or tutor, you can do so in the same way. Simply follow the directions provided here.

Chegg accounts can be deleted in three different ways: through the website, via email, and through live chat. Then you can delete your Chegg student account by following any of the above methods.

Q. How to delete a question on Chegg?

Ans: If you have a question that is against the terms and conditions of Chegg, or if it violates another policy, then your question can be deleted. If in case, if you feel the question is wrongly removed, you can contact the Chegg team by filling out the form at che.gg/studentcontentrequest to get your question reviewed.

Q. How long does it take to delete a Chegg account?

Ans: It depends on the method that you are using for deleting your Chegg account, If you do that by filling out the form, it may take a week’s time to delete your Chegg account. However, if you are using other method like email, it may take up to 1 month or even more than that.

Q. How does deleting your Chegg account affect your account?

Ans: Your Chegg account will be deleted permanently when you delete it, so all your information, including your persona, and whatever data is in your account will also be permanently deleted.

It is not possible for you to reactivate your Chegg account because of this. You will not be able to reactivate your Chegg account after it has been deleted completely.

Chegg’s account must be deleted prior to creating another new account to be able to use it again. You must have gotten your answer for what happened when you deleted your Chegg account, right?

Conclusion: How to delete a Chegg account?

How did you learn about deleting your Chegg account permanently? In order to offer you a solution as easy as possible, we have made our best efforts.

This article discusses 3 different procedures for deleting a Chegg account. On top of that, we have provided step-by-step instructions and screenshots for every procedure.

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