How To Download Videos From Pluralsight 2024?

Have you been racking your head trying to figure out how to download videos from Pluralsight? You have come to the perfect place to rectify your issues.

From the very start, Pluralsight has aimed to educate and train marketers and companies.

If you find yourself looking for guidance and training, Pluralsight is the right choice to gain a new skill set that not only makes you a more valuable employee but also equips you with skills you may need in the future. 

In this article, we will be discussing and discovering the different ways to download educational or training videos on Pluralsight.

We will also find out how to view these downloaded videos even if you are without an internet connection. 

Whether you are someone who has been in the business for a long time, or if you are just starting in your career-driven life, Pluralsight is a safe bet to invest your money into.

It is not only a safe bet but by the end of it, you end up more prosperous than you were, bagging your riches of skills and a better understanding of topics. 

How To Download Videos From Pluralsight

This article will cover the following:

  • What is Pluralsight? 
  • How to download course videos and access them offline 
  • How to view downloaded videos?
  • Common download and viewing problems and their solutions.

What is Pluralsight?

download videos from pluralsight coursesPluralsight started as an educational platform. This platform aimed to cater and provide educational sessions and training to an audience mostly comprised of people working in the IT sector, Software Developers, and Professionals. In short, I can say that this platform is not only for professionals, but is for all lovers of technology wishing to innovate, budding and rising as tech lovers, being a part of this giant tech-based society.

Downloading courses and playing them Offline:

download videosThe initial step is to log in on the site can then go to the courses section and find a course on skills that you wish to download. On the course page, you can click on the download option in the description of the course. This will start the process of the downloading of course in your offline player. Then after receiving a notification, you have to allow Pluralsight to open its offline player and then select continue to download. While some necessities to view courses without any problems may include:

  • Having a stable internet connection
  • Enough device space to avail the courses downloaded
  • Updated versions of Windows or macOS
  • Active subscriptions
  • You must be logged into the offline player of Pluralsight.

Viewing downloaded Courses

You can simply watch the courses by clicking the play button, whether on the web or offline. At the same time, the functionality of both is provided with adjustable volume, playback speed, 10-second skips (forward or backward).However, while updating, transcripts are added to courses weekly that are not downloaded automatically. If a transcript was added after you downloaded the course, then you will need to delete the course, download it again, and then view the transcript.

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Solutions to common download and viewing issues

When I was using these courses for learning from Pluralsight, I faced some problems that even you can face. So, let me guide you with some basic steps to solve some basic issues.


  • What should you do when you are unable to download the course?

You will need to check if you have an active skills subscription, you will also have to cross-verify whether there is enough space for storing downloads of courses and that your limit of 30 courses is not crossed. You will have to minutely pay attention to these if you are unable to download the course.


  • What if your course does not get downloaded and keeps showing that it is queued for download?

Check whether you have an updated version of the windows or macOS offline player or not, verify that you have a proper internet connection, stop the download, and then again resume it. This procedure will get your problem solved.


  • What to do when you are watching a course, but it is not audible?

Enable audio on your device. Check if the video is muted in the offline player or not. If you are utilizing your headsets, ensure that it is output to your device.

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FAQs | Download Videos From Pluralsight

 🙋‍♀️ I am using the Pluralsight mobile app and my phone storage is having no space left. Will I be able to download the video content to my SD card?

Yes. You'll be able to avail of this feature if you're using version 2.4.23 or higher of the Pluralsight app. On your profile page, after clicking download location, you just have to change the storage location to SD card

🤷 Can I access the downloaded video content through my device storage?

Unfortunately, No. You won't be able to access the downloaded video file unless it's played via the mobile app of Pluralsight. The video files will not support any other playing option.

 💁‍♂️ On watching a video offline from my mobile phone, will it be marked as

Yes. The content/video you've seen will be marked as viewed soon after the device regains network connectivity. Please make sure that you don't remove/delete the downloaded content before the sync as your progress may be lost. 

⁉️ Is there a way to keep using my Pluralsight offline player even after my account expires?

No, videos saved offline would be deleted once the subscription expires.

🤷 Which are some of the best courses on Pluralsight?

Software development, Data professionals, Architecture, and constructions are some of the best courses on Pluralsight.

✅ Is Pluralsight accredited?

No Pluralsight is not accredited to any institute yet but it has a very good recognition.

Conclusion | Download Videos From Pluralsight 2024

In toto, Pluralsight as an e-learning platform is venerated for its video download and offline viewing facility. However, you’re supposed to adhere to certain instructions for a successful video download. You are supposed to have consistent internet connectivity, enough space, an updated version of Windows/macOS, and an active subscription, inter alia to successfully download the course videos.It’s pretty normal that for debut users everything from top to bottom appears to be chaotic and frustrating. By following the step-by-step instructions mentioned in this guide, you can easily download your course videos for offline viewing. 

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