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How to Get More Likes for a Facebook Page: Increase Your Reach In Easy Steps

Facebook… the ultimate in social media. You can pin and tweet as much as you like, but there is no better platform to conquer than Facebook. Having said that, it’s also the toughest…. the scale, the competition, the ever-changing algorithm; it really is a complicated beast. I have recently completed a six-week course on Facebook and I’ve got to say, my mind was blown. Today I’m passing on a little of what I have learned and experienced, so you can understand how to get more likes for a Facebook page and get more traffic to your blog or business website.

Do you Have a Dead Page?

The amount of blog traffic you bring from your Facebook page has little to do with how many fans (people that ‘like’ your page) you have. I’ve seen pages with thousands of fans who are struggling to organically engage anyone at all. I’ve heard of pages with tens of thousands of followers who find their posts are reaching less than 100 people… which means less than 100 of their fans are even seeing the page posts in their feed. This is a dead page.

Is a dead page salvageable, yes? But you may want to consider how many REAL fans you have following your page. Have they come from ‘like-for-like’ chore threads? Are they all your friends and family? Are they really your target audience? If the majority of your fans are not interested in your content… you may be better starting a fresh page. However, if you want to salvage and focus on how to get more likes for a Facebook page, start changing the way you’re doing things and give your page some TLC.

How to Get More Likes for a Facebook Page: Tips to Increase Reach

  • Stop doing chore threads. That means stop like-for-like on posts and pages. Yes, even individual posts.
  • Really consider your target audience and start sharing other people’s viral posts that they may like.
  • Post regularly… Rachel Miller’s Moolah course sets out a plan for what and when to post, depending on the size of your page. I do not want to step on her toes and give away too much of her content, but I will say you need to be posting at least twice a day, every day.
  • Schedule only using the free, integrated Facebook scheduler. Your reach will be reduced if you outsource scheduling to Hootsuite or similar.
  • Do not paste in your website link into a Facebook post and allow it to self-populate into a link box. Upload a picture or video directly to the post and add the link in the body of the post afterward.
  • If you can, invest in Facebook ads to get the growth ball rolling. $1 a day can work wonders… choose ‘engagement’ as you advert aim, and consider your audience carefully.

Put yourself in the Shoes of Your Audience

What do you enjoy seeing on your Facebook feed? Videos, Photos, New Articles, Blog Posts? You may enjoy a mixture of things, but have you really considered what your target audience likes? Chances are they don’t just want to see your blog posts… I’m sure your posts are wonderful, but sometimes you just need to laugh at a meme of a cat dressed as a lion.

I had a huge light-bulb moment when I realized I needed to stop making my page about me. I’m not a celebrity; my family might deeply care about everything I write, but in reality, the general public are more fickle. They do not care if what you post is your own material, or if it’s a share from another site. What they care about is whether it’s adorable, or interesting, or triggers a thought they just need to share with their friends.

Stop making your page all about you, and start sharing posts that are going viral in your blog niche. Get people interacting, and don’t take it personally if it’s not your posts they’re loving to start with. Initially, you just need some engagement, because with engagement comes reach… that’s how to get more likes for a Facebook page. If people start interacting with whatever content you post and share, Facebook will start to see your page as a success, and therefore your posts will start to reach more people.

How to Get More Likes for a Facebook Page: Encourage Engagement!

  • Video. Facebook is directly competing with YouTube, therefore do NOT share your video from YouTube. Do you think Facebook wants to spread around video from a competing platform? No! Facebook’s algorithm will automatically reduce the reach. Upload the same video directly to Facebook (I often upload a shorten version of the YouTube video)… Facebook loves video; and immediately your reach on that post will be increased.
  • Memes. Facebook people love memes… they just can’t get enough of them! If you share or make something that’s right for your audience, they can’t help but give it the laughing face and tag a friend in the comments. It doesn’t have to be hilarious either, motivational quotes also do well. Just think about what would appeal to your niche fans.
    • Share Virals. It may feel weird sharing something that’s not you own, but if your audience is happy, your page is happy. Viral posts have already been proven popular, which mean the Facebook algorithm loves to show them to lots more people. You will get a far greater reach (and therefore chance of engagement) on someone else’s viral post than your brand new post when your page is small. It’s depressing, but its the truth, so work it to your advantage.
  • Conversation Starters. This is relatively new… suddenly the Facebook algorithm seems to be pushing the conversation. No picture, no video, just a question that you can’t resist to pipe up your opinion on. Ketchup or Mustard? Simple, but don’t you want to answer? And don’t forget those ‘answer with gif posts… people love it!’ Rachel offers a whole bunch of tried and tested conversation starters for free, without even joining her course, here’s the link if you’re looking for some inspiration!

Your Competitors are Friends not Enemies

Last but by no means least… you need to mingle. If you join the FREE Facebook group associated with Rachel Miller’s course (the FREE group is full of hot tips and current virals!), you will hear many people using the term ‘Niche Neighborhoods’. These are other pages within the same niche. Share from them, comment on their posts, and build invisible links between your pages. What happens when you ‘like’ a Facebook page? You are given suggestions for other similar pages to like… those are your Niche Neighbors. Those suggestions are made based on interactions between pages and users. So get social with your competitors!

I hope you’re feeling ready to explode your Facebook following! I know those like-for-like threads seem like a quick fix, but they really only do harm to the engagement and growth of your page in the long run

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