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Blog Name Ideas To Help You Choose A Name For Your Blog 2022

Learning how to name a blog that tells readers about who you are, the things you’re blogging about, and more is both an art and a science. So, what are your plans for your blog’s name?

If you’re thinking about creating a blog, you’ve undoubtedly considered what to call it. It’s a crucial question to address during this procedure.

There are about 500 million blogs on the internet, according to estimates. To actually stand out from the crowd, it follows that some effort will be required. Especially if you want to create long-term blog content that people will want to read.

But before you start generating fantastic content, you’ll need to come up with a catchy blog name. Choosing a long-lasting blog name that you can use for the foreseeable future is an important part of your branding strategy and making yourself distinctive to readers.

This is the portion that many new bloggers struggle with. How can you come up with a blog name that symbolizes your business and can be remembered when people Google it?

Here are some of my favorite blog-naming ideas and recommendations.

Let’s get started with our comprehensive guide by looking at some blog name suggestions to help you make your pick.

Things to Consider About When Naming Your Blog

Take a time to consider what your blog name will signify before diving headfirst into the realm of wordsmithing.

  • What will the topic of your blog be?
  • Who do you want to reach out to? (It’s also crucial for SEO.)
  • What are your blog’s tone and voice going to be like?
  • Will you create a brand around your blog’s name?
  • Is it also possible to get a social media handle?

It will not help you if you come up with a name that is completely unrelated to your content.

Similarly, for a fun and vivid writing style, a cool blog name that seems corporate would give your visitors the wrong impression.

“One of the most essential things to consider when starting a blog or website is the name. That name will follow you around forever, and everything you do is to grow that name, so it needs to be something you’ll be proud of!”

How To Come Up With A Blog Name?

Take a deep breath and relax if attempting to come up with a blog name makes you feel like you’re stuck in the desert.

We’ll start with some extremely useful (fast) strategies to help you warm up your creative thinking so you can come up with the perfect name for your blog today.

  1. What will the topic of your blog be?

Before you start a blog and come up with a name for it, you must first decide what your blog’s topic will be.

It’s better to pick a blog niche first, then come up with a name that matches.

  1. Who do you want to reach out to?

When picking a name for your blog, keep your target audience in mind.

Knowing who your target market is can assist you in selecting a decent name.

  1. What Happens If You Write About Other Subjects?

This is a difficult question to answer because no one can predict the future!

Still, it’s a good idea to give oneself some flexibility to adapt and evolve.

Methods for Choosing a Blog Name

It’s time to come up with a catchy blog name once you’ve answered those questions. Here are a few tested options for naming your blog.

  1. Your blog’s name should be unique

If your blog name is nearly identical to the names of thirty-five other blogs, viewers are likely to neglect yours.

You may also look for inspiration by looking at areas or firms outside of your sector.

And it’s worth devoting some serious thought to this task, because the appropriate blog name may have a significant impact on how you market your blog over time (great blog names can encourage people to share your site with their friends more readily).

Taking terms or phrases from other places might be the key to distinguishing yourself and making your blog stand out.

  1. Take a look at the names of your competitors’ blogs

This may sound obvious, but researching the kind of blogs you’ll be competing against can help you figure out what kind of name would work best for your own.

Although you won’t be imitating anybody, it may be exactly the thing to get your creative juices going. A comparable name is a good option.

  1. Make Use of Your Own Name

Is using your own name a good idea or not?

The answer is very dependent on the topic of your blog.

If you’re writing a personal blog about yourself, your life, or your services, utilizing your own name may be highly effective. People will be able to discover it readily if they are looking for information on you.

  1. Take a popular phrase and make it your own

Occasionally, well-known sentences simply seem perfect to the ear. You may take advantage of this by adopting a phrase you’ve heard previously to match your blog’s name. Not only will it be simpler to come up with a blog name now that you have a starting point, but it will also be more memorable because it is based on a well-known phrase.

  1. Combine terms that aren’t related

We aren’t entirely insane when we propose that you combine seemingly unrelated terms. People use this strategy to come up with distinctive blog names since it consistently produces some of the best.

At least one of the words should be related to the purpose of your site, but the others might be a color, an adjective, or a noun.

  1. Be as specific as possible (and remember the rule of three)

It may seem self-evident to use your blog’s name to describe its content. It does, however, assist your viewers to comprehend what you’re all about right away. People who are looking for a certain sort of blog will enjoy a blog name that is basic and to the point.

  1. Use Books as Sources of Inspiration

Who said you have to follow a set of rules while coming up with a name? Why not take some advice from the world’s greatest authors and draw inspiration from your favorite works of literature?

With millions of books available, all filled to the brim with lovely words, it won’t take long for you to find something that inspires and thrills you and might be a good fit for your new blog.

  1. Use a blog name generator

There are entire websites dedicated to helping you name a blog without adding anything to your blogging fees if you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your blog.

They’re called domain name generators, and they offer you interesting variants and name ideas for your blog—and, once you’ve decided on a good blog name, they typically propose one of the top web hosting plans to go along with it.

These name generators may be quite useful whether you already have a broad notion of what you want to blog about or have no idea at all.


You now know how to come up with a blog name that makes a great first impression and will be around for a long time. Make sure you complete all of the processes outlined above to feel confident in your selection.

Then use our comprehensive step-by-step tutorial to get started with your blog right away!

Is there anything we’ve overlooked? Let us know how you came up with your blog’s name in the comments section below.

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