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Jungle Scout Pricing 2022– Get Started With 7 Days Free Trial! Monthly & Yearly Membership!

In 2022, are you interested in a 7-day, 14-day, or 30-day trial of Jungle Scout?

You may have heard that Jungle Scout Free Trial offers a 14-day trial to new customers on their website. So let’s examine everything in this essay.

Before you sign up, let’s review everything you need to know about the Jungle Scout Free trial, including all the latest mysteries and changes.

Jungle Scout Pricing 2022

Free Trial of Jungle Scout

Free trials are wonderful, allowing you to find gold without spending a fortune. After Jungle Scout became available, I decided to test it out for myself to see if it is worth the effort.

In conclusion, I believe the 14-day trial of Jungle Scout offers a great deal of value, and you should sign up immediately. You will acquire a great deal of knowledge and experience for nothing.

What is a Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout Overview


Jungle Scout is a research tool for the Amazon. It crunches the numbers for you, allowing you to maximise revenues and spend less time following trends.

Instead of mimicking others, you can create trends and have people follow your recipe for success. You can be certain that your competition will utilise the Jungle Scout test, giving them an advantage over you and everyone else.

Anyone who has used Amazon knows how labor-intensive it is to sift through the data, but there are also several ways to make money. The Jungle Scout is only a large pan for sifting through soil more quickly.

Jungle Scout offers a number of services.

There is no 14-day trial of Jungle Scout available at this moment, but there is a free demo accessible for enterprise-level businesses.

If you wish to learn more about Jungle Scout or receive a discount, I’ve included a link below:

Jungle Scout has three pricing levels:

Jungle Scout Pricing


  • Basic for $29/month
  • Suite for $49/month
  • Professional for $84/month

The basic price tier includes the Chrome and Firefox browser extension that enables you to browse Amazon and perform on-the-fly calculations. Up to three items can be tracked, however only one user at a time can be signed in.

This bargain is already fantastic, and it only gets better from here on out. Nonetheless, if you are a solopreneur, this tier may initially be sufficient.

This tier includes review automation, multi-user capacity, and source/keyword research. The Opportunity Finder module provides details about items with high demand and low competition.

Up to 3,500 keywords and 150 ranking histories for products can be viewed simultaneously.

This tier allows you to manage supplier communications, compare costs, and even place purchase orders.

Jungle Scout’s Professional level is designed to satisfy the needs of Amazon businesses with a solid track record. It includes everything from the prior two tiers at a minimum, with select features replaced with their augmented counterparts.

This tier allows you to track up to 1,000 products and see the ranking history of up to 5,000 keywords. You are not charged extra to share your account with up to six additional users.

Priority Onboarding signifies that purchasing this tier places you at the front of the line for exclusive training. This training replaces the Academy Training found in tiers one and two.

All three tiers feature a 14-day money-back guarantee, customer support, and Amazon sales statistics. The Opportunity Score, which indicates the most profitable keywords and categories, is accessible to all users, regardless of tier.

Using the AccuSales Estimates algorithm, projections of how many items will be sold. It relies on historical data, so it may be inaccurate if the sample size is small.

Subscriptions billed annually will save you 30-40 percent. When the Jungle Scout free trial becomes available, you’ll be able to try it out.

Jungle Scout Benefits:

Jungle Scout Benefits

There is much more to discover in Jungle Scout Free Trial post, including a variety of unique Jungle Scout features that facilitate Amazon research. Amazon research is unavoidable, but due to Jungle Scout, it’s a little less daunting.

The best feature of Jungle Scout is the way in which it combines all of the data into a single, comprehensive image.

For instance, knowing that an Amazon product is one of the top 100 best-selling items in a particular category is not really meaningful.

However, if Jungle Scout advises you that the product is in the top 100 and has been increasing in popularity while comparing it to 999 other products, you get a glimpse of an upcoming trend.

This information is a nugget of gold if you want to grasp it. Even if you are not particularly active on Amazon, you should participate in Jungle Scout as soon as possible.

Currently, Jungle Scout offers the best feature support for Amazon marketplaces in the following nations:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • UK
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain

This is because the more information Jungle Scout has, the more efficient it is. The markets listed on this list are currently the most active.

If you wish to learn more about Jungle Scout or receive a discount, I’ve included a link below:

Stay tuned for additional Jungle Scout feature support updates. When the Jungle scout free trial expires, I will write another article.

Guaranteed Money-Back at Jungle Scout

Regarding the free trial of Jungle Scout, there is an excellent trial option. All price tiers for Jungle Scout include a 14-day money-back guarantee. You only need to send an email to the Jungle Scout staff in order to receive a full refund.

If more than 14 days have passed, you cannot obtain a refund. You can continue to use Jungle Scout until the end of your current paying cycle, but billing will stop.

Is the Jungle Scout Trial Right for You?

Is the Jungle Scout Trial Right for You?

The variety of products and services offered by Jungle Scout is vast and designed to support your marketing initiatives.

Take advantage of the Jungle Scout trial to discover how important it is to automate your data analytics and research.

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Conclusion Jungle Scout Pricing 2022

Opportunities abound on Amazon, but locating the best products may require some effort. If you are still committed, you are required to have a team.

If you cannot afford a crew, automation software is the next best option for making your work more profitable and preventing burnout. With a team, automation still makes life significantly simpler.

If you wish to learn more about Jungle Scout or receive a discount, I’ve included a link below:

The browser integration of Jungle Scout is fantastic, but my favourite feature is how simple it makes Amazon research. Jungle Scout is the easiest and most affordable way to find gold nuggets on Amazon marketplace.

I cannot contain my excitement in anticipation of the free trial of Jungle Scout.

You might anticipate a gold rush once the 14-day free trial of Jungle Scout expires. My recommendation is to immediately subscribe to any of the pricing tiers for Jungle Scout.

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