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LEO Privacy Guard

Our cell phones are usually packed with very personal stuff, our personal pictures, videos, text messages is generally there. We don’t really want anyone to see our private pictures and videos; it gets genuinely awkward and uncomfortable whenever your close friends go through your private stuff. We use various applications on our cell phone, there are apps available almost for everything like ordering food, making payments and transferring money, carrying on these financial transactions are not possible without entering our card details, and this also makes getting your card details stolen easy. Without any sort of security anyone can open these apps and access your card details. This is why it is extremely important to have an app which can keep your data safe and give you the privacy you want. There are tons of apps available who give these services, but one app which has outdone every other application is LEO Privacy Guard.

LEO Privacy Guard Homepage

LEO Privacy Guard is created by LEOMASTER; it was founded in 2014 with the main mission of offering an improved mobile online surfing experience. The name LEOMASTER is inspired by the popular internet term ‘linking everything online’. They have their offices in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Beijing in addition to Shenzen. LEO Privacy Guard is their debut product and it became an immediate hit. It gives you an option to lock images, video clips and also applications. You can create a backup of your pictures, video clips, texts and application. They have various security features to protect your private files, with to 50 million downloads they have become one of the best security application.

Backup Your Data

LEO Privacy Backup

Leo Privacy Guard lets you back-up the applications on your SD card, you can change the location from your phone to your SD card app from a phone’s memory which will save your phone from getting slow and save your phone from running low on space. You can back-up images, videos, text messages, contacts, as well as games.

Phone Booster

LEO Privacy Guard Phone Booster

This tool will keep you from hurling the smartphone aside, each of the apps in addition to online games you have on your smartphone makes it very slow and irritating. Boost feature stops apps running in the background, and takes the pressure off the RAM and improves your phones performance. Once the installation is complete, a phone boost icon is created on the main screen so you can boost the phone with one tap.


Almost every one of us uses our mobile phone to share video clips, images and files with our family and friends. Even though it is exciting to share them, but not all video clips and pictures can be shared with everyone, anyone can access your pictures and see your private data if it is not locked or protected. You can protect your data with LEO Privacy Guard; you can setup a security lock pattern which you need to enter every time you want to access the locked app. You can lock your pictures, videos, text messages and applications.

LEO Privacy Guard Protection

There are many additional security tools like app covers and fingerprint, it also calculate the quality of security and if it is low LEO Privacy Guard gives you tips on how you can improve it.

Download LEO Privacy Guard via Google Play Store

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