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Long Tail Keywords – Why It Is Very Important For Rankings

There are many bloggers and webmasters as well as SEO experts who are always trying to boost the amount of traffic in their blogs and website and the amount of traffic they are receiving but where they are wrong is, they do not give much attention to the long tail keywords, which keep their website away from most of the targeted traffic.

Many webmasters and bloggers think that they are just wasting time around looking for the long-tailed keywords but that is where they get wrong. In this short post about long-tailed keywords, I will give some reasons why they affect your SERPs and link-building strategies, and campaign.

Know more about long tail Keywords

Going through much simpler words, they are just the keywords or key phrases that humans enter while performing a search in Google or other major search engines. There is a slight difference in keyword we are using and the long-tailed keyword we are using. If the key phrase seems to be meaningful, it will be considered long-tailed keywords. For e.g. the word “search engine optimization” is a keyword, whereas “what is search engine optimization” is a long-tailed keyword. If you search using “what is search engine optimization you will get more relevancy on the information what is search engine optimization.

Concept on using long-tailed keywords

We need to be very aware that long-tailed keywords are most important but very harmful if we are using every was anywhere inside the page. They shouldn’t be overused or emphasized. We need to research It and find the perfect combination inside the webpage where we can use it because it will help in the great relevancy of the contents inside the webpage.

We should optimize our site with long-tailed keywords by merging keywords together – we can add keywords like, if the keyword targeted is “android pattern reset” then we can add and make it long-tailed by “android pattern reset for its platforms”. This way it will get relevancy to the keywords as well as people who use long-tailed keywords to get their results. What should be considered is long-tailed should be used according to our niche or content and popular key phrases we are using.

Why long-tailed keywords are not in use?

Long-tailed keywords are only used by little webmasters because according to Google only limited people focused on specific products will be using those terms. What we should get about long-tailed keywords is if some people are buying the product they will use long-tailed keywords and our work is to focus on that and get our targeted audience.

Now a day’s Google is encouraging webmasters for creating quality link building but this long-tailed keyword cannot be used for link building because it is very long as well as and only a limited number of people target it. What we going to take advantage of is, if people cannot create the backlinks of long-tailed keywords we can use it on our site to get better relevancy on search engines.

What are the effects?

Long-tailed keywords that affect are traffic. It is very important that we have to choose the most popular key-phrase for our link-building campaign whereas the most popular traffic has already a huge market in the search engines so we cannot rely on it. We need to make it more specific and reliable to target a specific group of people. Besides, we all know that popular keywords will have traffic but it all depends upon the competition how we can achieve the amount of traffic that we get from our targeted keywords. Long-tailed keywords have limited traffic but they will help in achieving the most targeted audience which is very valuable for us.

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