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The Guide To Personal Branding: How to Build a Personal Branding Platform?

Hey there! If you are here and reading this then, I believe most probably because you really want to know, how can you get noticed by a platform made by you using personal branding?

If this post exists here then it’s because via this post I want to help you to know how can you make your own platform for what you have got to show the world and that using personal branding.

This blog post is for those future personal brands, who want to build their platform online on zero budget or spend very little money.

Today, companies are becoming a lot more like individuals, and individuals are becoming a lot more like companies. “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” — by a great philosopher Jay Z (Shawn Corey Carter).

There are many ways to get fame. If you have the patience to observe the changes, there are many examples of personalities who have got fame easily.

Some because of their patient and talent, others just by chance through ungenuine ways like controversial freak out.

So, from here we’ll talk exclusively about building your online platform on zero budget and steps to get a genuine audience for your platform.

Make it clear – What you love to be known for!

The first step to getting yourself known to the world is to make yourself known to yourself first!

What I am trying to make you understand is that knowing yourself is so important in order to present the world the ‘Best of You’.

Write down the skills you already know whether it’s professional or non-professional creative. After knowing yourself very well and noting
down what you really good at.

Move forward to grow and discover some new professional and creative accomplishments and abilities. Here are the top 10 highly-desired skills you can teach yourself to cross the average human ability.

Well, people related from the field such as entertainment, music, novel writing already have benefits as they get noticed easier but it doesn’t mean that you can’t, you simply have to be experts in whatever you do and must provide some benefits, whether by entertaining them as an Actor, Writer or Comedian or by helping them and advising the best for them as an Expert, Leader or a Mentor.

As an individual you can only be famous and known to the world by giving your best to the audience in your respective field, there are no other secrets to success.

For instance, good acting as an actor and entertaining your fans, as a comedian make your audience laugh like crazy, as a singer sing like if you are making relation with your listener’s heart and as a writer provide your readers quality content and what they are looking for.

Hence in one line, You have to do something like ‘WoW’ in your respective profession to create some buzz among your audience.

Write down such skills and talent, you think you have and could be presented to your audience for which people going to love you for that.

How to build your platform for Personal Branding to get noticed?

Earning while Branding Yourself

Now, get one platform as a landing page on the web as a blog, website, or video channel. You want to start with a proper landing page or video channel with proper logo, design, and domain name branding.

For further help in setting up your blog or video channel, you can watch videos on how to start a video channel and how to start a blog.

After having a proper landing page these are some of the regular activities you should make in your daily life activity to get attention everywhere on the web. You can go aggressively for a couple of weeks to notice some changes and then keep it continue easy.


Commenting is a powerful thing to get the attention of anybody.

If you raise your question or your opinion to a speaker in the crowd, you’re actually up to get the attention of everybody available there.

But commenting online is different from offline because online everybody does that so to stand out you have to use some tactics of

You have to be smart and active in order to grab the attention of all other commentators and readers.

Make the list of thousands of top bloggers’ blogs and forums related to your niche and connect with their social profiles and try to be the first one to comment on the new status and the blog post you have listed.

If you are unable to do so, comment with the reply to the first commentator, by including the response to the first commentator with your own
comment about the post.

Not just any comments do the trick, you have to be creative while commenting.

YouTube Channel

I must say, what can be the best thing other than a video about you? As it’s the best online way to express yourself (the real you) to the world and get the real people as your audience who will love you for being yourself.

Making your video and having people love you for that, purely define the power of ‘being you!’.

If you’re not very proficient at video editing or video making or even if you can’t afford a home studio for your YouTube video making, Just
using a simple web cam or any camera with clear picture quality and making a simple and fresh video would also work and you’ll start getting known on YouTube for your valuable video tips and vlogs.

You may not get a lot of exposure to your video at first or perhaps your first video will suck! but later on, you’ll start
getting the right things to do with your video.

As we move forward I’ll share all of the tactics and tutorials about YouTube video making and marketing. For more reach, you can also embed these videos on your landing page or blog.

Social Media Presence

Having a social media presence is another easy way to get noticed by your connections by using smart tactics
and good use of them. 93% of total internet users are active on social media sites.

So just imagine you can get the most out of it and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some of the leading social websites you should join and be active on.

Use an Internet Forum

An Internet forum is the best way to get known as an Expert.

Find the forum of your interest and sign up for that forum. As we’re on the way to personal branding, these are the lists of top online forums you should join and be active on. Keep in mind, do not spam in the forum and never try to do aggressive marketing if you are a new member.

Follow all the rules and be very active about your posts and questions asked by members related to your topic to answer and you’ll start getting your reputation better.


We have tons of resources available to us online which can definitely help us to make our own platform.

We don’t really need to be dependent on big companies or studios to make you something for your own hell talent and ideas, Just relax from the responsibilities and look around, you do not really need to be dependent on anyone.

If you have your ideas, or you are a good learner, or even if you are good at entertaining or helping the world, you can stand yourself out of the crowd using these resources, you just want a smart strategy and consistent productivity for your personal branding.

If you also have some strategy that helps you to get online attention to do not forget to mention it below in the comments.

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