It's high time you know the internet marketing word better than before!

The internet world is developing fast and newbies are finding it hard to catch up with the changing trends and fluctuations in the Do’s and Don’ts of many hot and happening branches of online business and marketing. The changes are big, profitable and drastic!

The ones who cope with them are the ones who have worked in the internet industry for years now and know what can change when and what cause the changes! The ones who are new to this world or are just getting a hand of all this are the ones who take time to figure out how to stay at par with the trends.

What you will learn from Jitendra Vaswani

The most “In demand” branches in the field of internet marketing are

The “Population” in these fields are increasing day by day, who are willing to learn from the big dogs in the yard and make it big in their fields! The influencers from these fields usually include Publishers, Advertisers, Marketers (Both affiliate and digital), SEO consultants, PR consultants and more. They have been here for quite some time and understand the root cause of any kind of trends that persist in the internet.

Now since these influencers understand what it takes to keep the wheel rolling, they often take the initiative to practically reach and teach the newbies and amateurs the things they should know, knowledge they would not find by basic “Googling” through private coaching sessions and courses, with an aim to make sure that the internet has a future! 

Vaswani To The Rescue!

Jitendra Vaswani, one of the fastest growing names in the affiliate marketing scene in the international circuit and especially in India, has tied up his boots to help you out! The guy has over 8 years of market experience in the fields of Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, WordPress and PR, with the former being his personal favorite.

He initially started off his internet career as a professional blogger in early 2012 and gradually converted his curiosity towards AM into an interest and then into passion. Today Jitendra is a respected name in the Affiliate Marketing scene and is acknowledged by countless newcomers and fellow influencers for his energy, charisma and passion towards the subject!

That’s about respect and popularity. Now coming to proof of success, Jitendra Vaswani is one of the highest earning Affiliate marketers in India and an emerging AM guru in the International scene. Needless to say, the guy is a 6 figure Affiliate Marketer!

Count on Jitendra's private coaching

Jitendra has national and an international experience in speaking and presenting on stage, conducting and being a part of affiliate training workshops. As enthusiastic as he can be, Jitendra has attended more than 50 international marketing conferences and garnered some golden pieces of knowledge and expertise that have made him what he is today. He has been a learning delegate and also has been a part of the special guest’s panel on stage.
Now he is willing to help you understand and implement the same mantras for your best benefits through his Private Coaching sessions!

  1. Uncover and understand the different possibilities for developing a cool and exciting idea of digital marketing that might work for your brand. In fact, with the aid of an actual knowledge and expertise Jitendra shares, you will be able to understand how exactly the market works.
  2. Jitendra’s mind is filled with extensive knowledge and skills about things from “Behind the scenes” which simple “amateur blog readers” and daily “Web surfers” will never be able to learn until they themselves encounter it.
  3. Fun and comforting, Jitendra will sit over a cup of coffee with you and discuss what produces the perfect and highest-performing marketing strategy and get the most out of the promotion of your product.
  4. Listen to how Jitendra examined the common yet unsaid errors many new affiliates and digital marketers make as he breaks them down with examples from his own professional career, which could ruin a potentially fruitful project for you.
  5. Jitendra LOVES SEO! He has his own top performing, fully functioning blog, “Bloggersideas” that harps on SEO and CMS related topics. He knows exactly what all is needed to have your website run smooth, reach out and be among the ranks in search engine results!

Some moments captured
during my private coaching

Why coach under Jitendra?

Jitendra has been on both sides of this highly exciting subject being trained and providing training. The knowledge, advices and expertise he will share with you are blunt, real and logical. The interesting thing is that he has never believed in strictly sticking to textbook-ish guides for Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, PR marketing, and SEO, simply because everything about the internet world is DYNAMIC.

For the online world, he also has his brainchild “Bloggersideas”, a top-class website focussing on various key aspects related to internet marketing and SEO and CMS (Particularly WordPress), working full time to help and guide people with basic and crucial issues through guides and various website and software reviews!

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Video testimonials of Jitendra Vaswani's training workshops

Here's what industry leaders want to say about Jitendra

I first met Jitendra in Bangkok, when we both attended a marketing seminar. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge and energy, and we’ve kept in touch since. He’s definitely one of the most knowledgable bloggers I’ve met and he continues to provide no B.S knowledge to the blogging community. .Jitendra has a laser sharp focus on profitability. His vision requires you to up-level immediately and you will be able to take actions in your life without doubt. His digital marketing training is must for budding marketers. You must hire him as a trainer and learn from hustler Ninja Jitendra. He provides real value in his workshops & trainings. Also I was humbled by Jitendra generosity, creativity, passion, energy and knowledge that made the meeting in Bangkok a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If every solo-preneur had the opportunity to spend just a few hours with him, there would be a lot more successful people in the world! If there’s one guy to follow, it’s Jitendra hustler. Go Go Hustler Ninja
Barry Page
Internet Marketer & founder of
I got an opportunity to be in touch with Jitendra Vaswani through my co-founder, Rishabh Saxena and I can undoubtedly accept that I was really impressed by his hustle attitude. I have also attended his training workshops & talks. Trust me he is man of wisdom.
We have had some “serious business” conversations a number of times, and Jitendra has always pushed me when necessary and encouraged me to not only be the leader in business with our web push notification based SaaS solution but also to take good care of myself so that I show up with undivided attention & care for customers. He has also been one of the very early stage users of my product, LetReach, and his suggestions have helped me improve my product a lot. When you’re ready to think & act like a real businessman and want to experience massive growth, he is your go-to coach. What I love about Jitendra as a blogger cum trainer is he digs deep into your “why” and “how”, and then helps you navigate through the waters and become a stronger leader who is able to make better decisions through every tide of time. I highly recommend everyone to work with Jeetu a.k.a Blogger in case they want personal attention and advisory to take their business to the next level. Kudos! Keep Hustling Bro..Keep Growing!
Vipul Garg
Letreach Cofounder
When I met Jitendra aka blogger cum trainer I was really stunned by his hustle thing. He is a man of wisdom and truly helping people around him.
I had a strong management background and I was doing great in hosting business, but I knew there was a higher level to achieve, and investing in myself via his consulting was the way. During our year of working together, I put myself into massive-action mode & Jitendra was able to guide me very well on my business. He told me how to approach bloggers and get benefits out of them. As bloggers are best influencers in any niche, Jitendra advise helped me to reach out to bloggers & my business turned out to be super success. His coaching & training skills are awesome. He is amazing entrepreneurial leader, a visionary, and a kick in your ass to go from your business working to your business cornering the market.
If you want to make a dynamic shift in your business, I highly recommend you work with hustler Jitendra Vaswani.
Manoj Dhanda
Founder & CEO @
I could say April 24th, 2016, was the day that changed me. I attended a training session by Jitendra Vaswani of At 44 years, I was the oldest participant, already teaching English to university students (of various hues such as BA, MA, M.Phil), with over twenty years of teaching experience. The most remarkable quality that I found in Jitendra was his ability to motivate people. He was full of energy. I liked his tag #keephustling a lot. The training session was remarkable and well-detailed. It was filled with nuggets of wisdom. I could clearly discern that Jitendra Vaswani was exceptionally thorough with his subject. I hope Jitendra opens a training institute somewhere. It would be a great help to budding bloggers. I made detailed notes of the training session and I still have them with me. I have implemented a few of his ideas and have found them immensely useful. He is an amazing trainer.
Roomy Naqvy
Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia
Every service we’ve had digiexe consult on has been great, but the user experience design and conversion optimization advice from jitendra vaswani was especially excellent. Implementing his suggestions helped us get a huge lift in both organic views and conversions. We are on our way to our most successful year ever and we have digiexe to thank.
Yotam Mordo
Founder of Mordocrosswords

Video testimonials of Jitendra Vaswani's training workshops

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Some moments captured
during my private coaching