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Affiliate Marketing includes a distributor (affiliate) signing up to an affiliate program provided by a distributor (advertiser) on a commission-based payment model to encourage and sell their products. The publisher uses a distinctive connection to promote the products or services that send traffic to the blog of the company. If the applicant buys the item, a proportion of the purchase will be paid to the publisher. It can be considered from a company view as a manner to expand the marketing squad by employing individuals through third-party businesses that are rewarded only after good sales are produced.

How Affiliate Marketing Is Changing The Internet World?

​It is like Making money while you sleep!

In its simplest form, affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing system that rewards affiliate employees to take a necessary intervention. These operations may include visits to the portal, completion of a lead type and/or revenue transformation. This technique of marketing can be a very advantageous, low-risk way to promote your products.

Affiliate Marketing is used by almost every passive income guru as well as investors. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most promising passive income opportunities that can fetch you great profits with minimal effort.

Affiliate marketing
with Jitendra Vaswani

Honestly, Affiliate Marketing is no rocket science! Neither it is some Einstein level physics equation to crack and solve. The concept governing Affiliate Marketing is quite direct and basic. “Target and get paid”. It is that direct, and I’m saying this from personal experience!

HOWEVER, as easy as it sounds, there are many key aspects about an Affiliate marketing program or campaign that one needs to have basic and strong understanding about. Because just like any other thing on the Internet, Affiliate Marketing, if done the right way can earn you thousands to millions overtime. But if not done right, Well, you are screwed!

Few years ago, I was a passionate blogger and a budding Affiliate marketer, aiming to do big and productive things using the internet. I was always somewhat fascinated to Affiliate, Digital Marketing and SEO before I began my professional career in the internet world. I was an energetic kid (Still am), curious to learn how money works or what makes money work in the internet world? How do businesses make money online? How does the invested money multiply so rapidly?

Most importantly, What is the working equation of a business, its marketing investment, its audience, the conversion funnel and ROI?

What does affiliate marketing do for your business?

Affiliate marketing is the new age, out of the box way of making money online. It is in a way, an addition to the conventional advertising campaigns used by online businesses to earn revenue. If you’ve been in the ecommerce space for a while, the term “affiliate marketing” is most likely familiar to you. But many people aren’t quite sure what is the modus operandi.
The features and intricacies relate to AM programs are different, they allow you to get the most out of your advertising campaign, if done right!

  • Drive Revenue through Loyal Customers as Affiliates
    A SaaS affiliate program allows a client to sell and market to others the item they already use. If a customer is satisfied with the SaaS product they use, plus they can earn a commission to promote it, why wouldn’t they?
    In the end, this generates an ever-increasing digital sales force to assist encourage your SaaS item. Your clients profit from a close connection with your item, and fresh clients can operate with knowledgeable affiliate members to answer all their requests.
  • Promoting New Products through Your Affiliate Program
    You have all the parts in location when it’s time to introduce a fresh item when you have an developed affiliate program that drives revenues and also recruits extra employees in your niche.
    Let’s say you’re an accounting software firm, for instance, and you’re getting prepared to launch a brand-new technology for tax assistants. Your members are willing to assist you in marketing your item and encouraging material generated by users. And your members are driven by the rewards you announce the release of the fresh tax assistant software in your affiliate newsletter.
  • Pay ONLY for the Customers You Acquire Via the Affiliate Program
    When it goes to marketing affiliates, most affiliate programs pay out only after a transaction has taken place. For instance, when a fresh client buys your item, you pay a commission. In some cases, you may have a free trial version of your product which pays a much lower commission in hopes that in the future free trial will become a paying customer.
    With Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), this can assist you. Now, an affiliate program doesn’t imply it’s going to reduce your CAC, but you’re only charging for a fresh client when you’re organized correctly.
  • Provide social proof
    Affiliate advertising is one of the best ways your internet company can integrate social evidence. What is the Social Proof?
    Social proof is the concept that if clients think it is the correct decision, they will adhere to other people’s behaviour. Around us there is social proof, but it is particularly strong given the dependence of your clients on item assessments, suggestions and testimonials.
    Before creating a buy, almost 95% of shoppers read internet reviews. A social media article or blog assessment affected 60% of customers. In purchasing choices, 70% of millennial customers are affected by their colleagues ‘ suggestions.
  • Performance-based payment structures
    Affiliate marketing varies from traditional sales or marketing because when a sale is created, you only reward your affiliate. Not only do you not pay for marketing, but you also have the chance to move your focus to other subsidiaries if the affiliate’s job does not produce revenues.
    You can appreciate a yield on ad expenditure (ROAS) of 10:1 or greater with most e-commerce affiliate commission prices around 5 to 15 percent. This is an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy that ensures a return, as you are the one that sets your commission prices.

Major benefits of affiliate marketing

To help you understand the real benefits of affiliate marketing, here is a quick list of the top benefits of affiliate marketing to convince you about the “Pluses” involved in it.

  • Growing in popularity
    In an era where companies are bombarded with distinct marketing channels and policies from all angles, trying to adopt a fresh technique of advertising may feel overwhelming. However, there are many explanations why the marketing of affiliates is a common way for companies to develop.
  • Hand pick your associates
    As a distributor, you can choose with whom to operate. Affiliates apply to join your affiliate program, giving you the chance to evaluate their suitability and select those who can be the greatest brand and product ambassadors.
  • Targeted traffic

    Not all traffic is equivalent. For example, if you sell spa products, you don’t want to spend your advertising budget by attracting individuals searching for automotive products. You will obtain focused revenues from an already proactive crowd by working with subsidiaries who know your sector and are already involved in it. This makes the connection with your fresh client simpler to keep.
  • Low risk
    Paying for results rather than clicks guarantees that the marketing affiliate is a low-risk marketing type. You are not going to use your marketing budget to generate causes that need to be nurtured. Instead, at the correct moment in the buyer’s process, you will generate immediate clients that you can then construct connections with and upsell to.
  • Limited start-up costs
    The start-up of an affiliate program requires some time and financial investment, but is minimal compared to the purchase of advertising and staffing. Working with a reputable affiliate network platform such as Awin also requires the time and effort to set up the program, as it will guide you through the configuration, perform the background job and provide the tools and resources you need.
  • Grow brand awareness
    Consumers like to purchase from distributors with whom they are acquainted, and will often spend more on a merchant they trust than on an unidentified mark for a cheaper offer. Affiliate marketing enables tiny and big businesses to increase consciousness of their brand by enhancing exposure to fresh audiences that may not have known of them before. You can not only expose your products to fresh and distinct viewers by collaborating with a small community of subsidiaries, but you can also generate an understanding that can stretch beyond a single-product advertising.
  • Increase SEO
    SEO remains a topic close to the hearts of most online retailers. With countless backlinks to your site via your affiliate blogs, personal pages and websites, affiliate marketing can go a lengthy way to helping your SEO. This is particularly efficient when working with high-ranking associates who then communicate and tweet information about your item or brand with their crowd.
  • Detailed stats and information
    Working with a trusted affiliate network to handle your affiliate advertising enables you to obtain comprehensive sales and dashboard accounts. This allows you to monitor and adjust your information on the basis of your statistics. You can use the dashboard to create marketing choices and strategies elsewhere in your business, by tracking how your affiliates are performing.
  • Enhance promotions
    Affiliate marketing allows you to add affiliate connections to your offers. For example, if you have a product launch just before Christmas, send the product information to your affiliates so they can spark the buzz around the product.
    Your internet advertising campaign may include a countdown of item release where you will be offering a discount on a distinct item until it is launched every day. Maybe in a Facebook Live clip you’re getting a glimpse behind the scenes of how the item was created or a live Q&A. Whatever your promotion scheme is, marketing affiliates can increase your chances to earn better.

Some moments captured
during my private coaching

Why should you consult me?

Consultation is yet another “Investment”. So, be it time or money, I should rather ask, “Why should you invest in me?”
With over 8 years and counting of professional marketing experience and having found the answers to all of these questions and more, today I am excited to share and spread the knowledge and expertise I have learnt from my professional AM career, including the good and bad, the ups and downs and the ins and outs of making money through affiliate marketing!
In case you own an online business or a website and are unsure of how to take your Affiliate Marketing campaign forward IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, then think no more. You are just one core consultation away from DOING IT RIGHT! Just drop me an email to get a consultation today to learn the “Outside the textbook” secrets and strategies of Affiliate Marketing!

  • Develop a cool and promising marketing idea with the scrap knowledge you have.
  • Unveil and understand the world of possibilities from that simple idea.
  • Know how exactly the market works with the real knowledge and expertise from me.
  • Think crystal clear, what you can’t, can and should do to achieve big out of the idea.
  • Acquire the “Behind the scenes” knowledge and skills of what goes into creating the ideal and best performing affiliate marketing campaign.
  • Affiliate marketing works as an add-on to conventional online advertising campaigns. Learn how to hone the skills to manage your AM campaign and get the best out of it.
  • Analyse the mistakes that can fail a promising Affiliate Marketing campaign. Carve your brain into the perfect AM campaign creator.
  • Understand and imbibe the How’s, Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate marketing.

MOST IMPORTANT: Understand the true and real mindset of an Affiliate Marketer!

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I first met Jitendra in Bangkok, when we both attended a marketing seminar. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge and energy, and we’ve kept in touch since. He’s definitely one of the most knowledgable bloggers I’ve met and he continues to provide no B.S knowledge to the blogging community. .Jitendra has a laser sharp focus on profitability. His vision requires you to up-level immediately and you will be able to take actions in your life without doubt. His digital marketing training is must for budding marketers. You must hire him as a trainer and learn from hustler Ninja Jitendra. He provides real value in his workshops & trainings. Also I was humbled by Jitendra generosity, creativity, passion, energy and knowledge that made the meeting in Bangkok a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If every solo-preneur had the opportunity to spend just a few hours with him, there would be a lot more successful people in the world! If there’s one guy to follow, it’s Jitendra hustler. Go Go Hustler Ninja
Barry Page
Internet Marketer & founder of BarryinSiam.com
I got an opportunity to be in touch with Jitendra Vaswani through my co-founder, Rishabh Saxena and I can undoubtedly accept that I was really impressed by his hustle attitude. I have also attended his training workshops & talks. Trust me he is man of wisdom.
We have had some “serious business” conversations a number of times, and Jitendra has always pushed me when necessary and encouraged me to not only be the leader in business with our web push notification based SaaS solution but also to take good care of myself so that I show up with undivided attention & care for customers. He has also been one of the very early stage users of my product, LetReach, and his suggestions have helped me improve my product a lot. When you’re ready to think & act like a real businessman and want to experience massive growth, he is your go-to coach. What I love about Jitendra as a blogger cum trainer is he digs deep into your “why” and “how”, and then helps you navigate through the waters and become a stronger leader who is able to make better decisions through every tide of time. I highly recommend everyone to work with Jeetu a.k.a Blogger in case they want personal attention and advisory to take their business to the next level. Kudos! Keep Hustling Bro..Keep Growing!
Vipul Garg
Letreach Cofounder
When I met Jitendra aka blogger cum trainer I was really stunned by his hustle thing. He is a man of wisdom and truly helping people around him.
I had a strong management background and I was doing great in hosting business, but I knew there was a higher level to achieve, and investing in myself via his consulting was the way. During our year of working together, I put myself into massive-action mode & Jitendra was able to guide me very well on my business. He told me how to approach bloggers and get benefits out of them. As bloggers are best influencers in any niche, Jitendra advise helped me to reach out to bloggers & my business turned out to be super success. His coaching & training skills are awesome. He is amazing entrepreneurial leader, a visionary, and a kick in your ass to go from your business working to your business cornering the market.
If you want to make a dynamic shift in your business, I highly recommend you work with hustler Jitendra Vaswani.
Manoj Dhanda
Founder & CEO @ MicroHost.com
I could say April 24th, 2016, was the day that changed me. I attended a training session by Jitendra Vaswani of http://www.bloggersideas.com. At 44 years, I was the oldest participant, already teaching English to university students (of various hues such as BA, MA, M.Phil), with over twenty years of teaching experience. The most remarkable quality that I found in Jitendra was his ability to motivate people. He was full of energy. I liked his tag #keephustling a lot. The training session was remarkable and well-detailed. It was filled with nuggets of wisdom. I could clearly discern that Jitendra Vaswani was exceptionally thorough with his subject. I hope Jitendra opens a training institute somewhere. It would be a great help to budding bloggers. I made detailed notes of the training session and I still have them with me. I have implemented a few of his ideas and have found them immensely useful. He is an amazing trainer.
Roomy Naqvy
Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia
Every service we’ve had digiexe consult on has been great, but the user experience design and conversion optimization advice from jitendra vaswani was especially excellent. Implementing his suggestions helped us get a huge lift in both organic views and conversions. We are on our way to our most successful year ever and we have digiexe to thank.
Yotam Mordo
Founder of Mordocrosswords

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