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Rice Gum Net Worth 2022: Is RiceGum a billionaire?

What is Rice Gum Net Worth in 2022?

Approximately $8 million will be RiceGum’s net worth by 2022.

RiceGum is a YouTuber of Chinese and Vietnamese descent. He is popularly known by his YouTube handle, Bryan Quang Le. His YouTube channel has over 1 billion views, and he was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So, if you are his fan or aspire to be with him, then this article is for you. Here, we discuss the net worth of RiceGum and how he reached here. Also, we discuss the top lessons from his life, which will help you in your career as well.

Who is RiceGum?

Bryan Quang Le is known as RiceGum. In 1996, he was born in the “party capital”, Las Vegas. He is one of the most popular rappers and YouTubers out there, as all of you know.

RiceGum net worth

His parents were immigrants, both Vietnamese and Chinese, making him a first-generation American. Sierra Vista High School is where he graduated in 2014. He attended the University of Nevada after high school, but only stayed for one semester before dropping out.

Ricegum’s entry into the real world was the single biggest step he could take.

When Ricegum began his YouTube journey, he started small. In 2012, he had a very small following. He became involved in Machinima and posted video game commentary videos every now and then, gaining only a few views per video.

The popularity of Ricegum’s channel exploded after he switched to comedy and began poking fun at the videos people were uploading to Musical.ly (now famous as Tik Tok). A “diss track” that he made for another YouTube personality (Jacob Sartorius) suddenly made him a YouTube sensation.

How did the early years of RiceGum help him shape his future?

Born on 19 November 2017, Risegum lives in Los Angeles, America.

Rісеgum has two siblings, one brother and another sister. He is very protective of his sister that is the reason he didn’t record any video with her. He always feared, she might get trolled for that matter.

Rісеgum is an educated boy who dropped out of school in 2016 because he wanted to focus on his YouTube channel. In 2015, He also took admission to the Universe of Nevada 2015 which he left in 2016.

According to Rice gum, his mother wanted him to become a doctor, but he seemed to want to laugh at others with each move.

How much is RiceGum’s total net worth?

Throughout his online career, RiceGum has earned a considerable amount of money from a number of different sources. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Through YouTube monetization, Twitch subscriber and donation income, music releases, and sponsorships, he earns a living. The attention and virality that his diss-tracks have gained enable him to make a lot of money. For as long as the ban lasted, he would have lost revenue due to showing nudity on his Twitch stream.

How much does RiceGum earn?

How much does RiceGum earn?

All RiceGum’s social media platforms were very active in the past. He has stopped uploading on his YouTube channels and does not have a regular schedule for streaming, and only streams once every one to two weeks. In this regard, his earnings would have been significantly lower than when he was actively streaming.

According to reports, he earns $4k to $6k per month from YouTube, and $48k to $72k annually.

The number of YouTube videos he uploads is subject to extreme change as his frequency of uploads has declined, and it may potentially drop significantly in the future.

In a typical month, he would make $21k from his 8.4k active Twitch subscribers. The amount of money he earns as time passes through his music career is undisclosed.


At the age of only 23. RiceGum has an estimated net worth of $8 million. In comparison with other YouTube stars like Jeffree Star ($50 million), Markiplier ($24 million), and Pewdiepie ($30 million), this may not seem like much, but for someone who has only been on the scene for seven years, it’s an impressive amount.

His income does not come solely from YouTube. The majority of his income comes from social media. Through sponsorships and ads on his Instagram account, which has over 3 million followers, he generates passive revenue.

Ricegum started with one million subscribers in 2016, earning him $57,000 a year, but a year later reached 9 million subscribers, quickly launching him into a world of wealth. Ricegum earns between $100,000 and $200,000 per month and between $1.5 and $2 million per year.

Among other Youtubers and Social Media Influencers, he lives in the CloutHouse for $40,000.

RiceGum’s music career

RiceGum’s music career

In 2017, RiceGum broke into the music scene on YouTube during a time when diss tracks were a hot trend. First he parodied Jake Paul and Team 10’s song “It’s Everyday Bro”, called “It’s Every Night Sister”. Jake Paul’s ex, Alissa Violet, starred in the video. Billboard USA ranked it #80 in its Hot 100 chart, #34 in its R&B/Hip-hop chart, and #25 in its Rap chart.

A year after the success of the song, he released two more tracks: “God Church” (a parody of a line from “It’s Everyday Bro”), “Frick da Police”, and “Naughty or Nice”. He has released a new single in 2020 called “Contract Money Freestyle”, as well as a featured role in YouTuber and music artist KSI’s song “Earthquake”.

RiceGum’s Twitch career

A Twitch account was created by RiceGum on the 22nd of February, 2013. He receives an average of 54k live viewers per stream and streams for an average of 3.5 hours per stream.

Though he began streaming Call of Duty, his most popular streaming categories are currently Fortnite, GTA V, and Just Chat. As of today, RiceGum’s total followers are 1.18 million. Most of his last ten streams have been in the Just Chatting category, with the exception of one where he also played GTA V.

RiceGum’s YouTube career


As a YouTuber, RiceGum began uploading commentary videos while showing off his Call of Duty gameplay. As he began to make comedy-type videos in 2015, his popularity grew exponentially, with his most popular series being his diss videos of kids from the Musical.ly app (now known as TikTok).

Taking advantage of the success of these videos, he eventually released several diss tracks, which contributed to the growth of his channel.

Earnings from his music career

There have been nine singles released by RiceGum since 2017. Although it is unknown how much he has made from his music, based on the popularity of his music and the charting positions of the songs, and the number of streams he earned, he has made a considerable amount of money.

Earnings as a Youtuber

As a YouTuber, RiceGum’s earnings have fluctuated greatly since the peak of his popularity. There is no affiliation with any content house either, as he does not upload content as frequently.

It would gain a lot of traction, however, if he uploaded videos featuring other content creators. He currently earns around $3,500 a month from YouTube, and $42,000 per year from just his main channel. The average income for “RiceLive” is about $80 per month and $960 per year, while the average income for “FamilyGum” is $280 per month and $3,300 per year.

Earnings as a Twitch Streamer

In comparison with his YouTube channel, RiceGum is more active on his Twitch account, but does not stream for as long or as frequently as other Twitch streamers do.

There are currently 1.8 million followers, 8.4k of whom are active subscribers. His annual net income would be at least $252k and he would receive at least $21k a month. These figures do not include donations or subscribers of higher tiers.

Other Sponsorship Deals

It is unknown how much RiceGum earns from sponsorship deals. “Mystery Brand”, an online gambling site that offers loot boxes, sponsored RiceGum in 2019. He received a lot of backlash for the sponsorship. Several YouTubers have come forward and stated they have been offered $100k to promote the same website.

Ricegum Lessons Of Success

Be Yourself

According to RiceGum, you should “be yourself”, and your content will show it if you aren’t. As well as telling the viewers to follow their dreams, he tells them to do what makes them happy, even if others think you won’t succeed.

Rather than carefully portraying a false persona, you should focus on your job.

Being yourself at work will keep you more engaged. You’ll have more energy and focus to dedicate to the work itself – as well as to your personal growth. Becoming authentic can enable you to learn, grow, and solve problems.

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Conclusion: Rice Gum Net Worth [Year]

Known for his controversial videos and diss tracks, Ricegum has made a living from his YouTube channel. One of his most popular YouTube videos is a diss track about a celebrity. He has a growing fanbase every day. Currently, he’s twenty-three and on his way to becoming a great rapper and musician.

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