Thumbs Down For Online Education: 78% Students Found Online Classes ‘Burdensome’; 24% Didn’t Had Any Computer/Mobile

By the time kids reach high school, the National Achievement Survey 2021 found that girls and boys start off on equal footing in arithmetic, but the gap widens. The “Thumbs Down For Online Education” has been discussed in this article.

By the end of class X, male students outperform female students in terms of academic performance.

It’s a surprising finding, given that girls are often better or equal in other subject areas throughout their education.

Thumbs Down For Online Education

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There is no statistically significant difference between the national average math score for females and boys in class III (301). (300).

Class V saw girls score 280 and boys 281, respectively.

In class VIII, boys and girls score equally on average across the country, although in some areas, the performance of females appears to be declining.

Class X has the greatest gender disparity, with girls scoring 216 while males score 219 on the national assessment.


All the way up through high school, girls consistently outperform boys in this area.

Female eighth-graders got a score of 312 and male eighth-graders had a score of 302.


Girls (211) outperformed boys (210) in class VIII, but class X saw the opposite, with class X girls (211) defeating class X boys (210).

Girls outpaced guys by three and two points in high school social science.

The only subject in which girls have consistently lagged behind males is math, where the gender gap grew wider as students advanced through the grades.


There is also a wide range of learning outcomes.

In class III, rural schools begin with a higher score (302) than urban schools (299) but fall behind by one point in class V (303).

Rural high school students consistently underperform their urban counterparts in math, science, and social studies.

Covid Impact

covid 19

The epidemic has worsened the rural-urban gap, especially for youngsters.

Lockdowns necessitated that all students take their classes online.

Rural Indian pupils were at a distinct disadvantage because they did not have easy access to a computer or reliable internet.

A quarter of the students were asked if they had access to a digital device at home, and they replied yes.

Many others found online learning to be a chore since they were swamped with assignments.

Most students (80%) say they learn better in class when their peers are there to lend a hand.

The Questionnaire

It is hoped that the findings of this study, which comprised 34 lakh students from 1,18,274 schools, will help guide future educational efforts by the states and the UTs.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the educational system’s effectiveness by assessing the progress and learning abilities of youngsters.

The most disturbing finding, according to UNICEF India research, is that the pandemic resulted in an alarming dropout rate among pupils, particularly girls.

There is a lot of work to be done by the administration.

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