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Top 5 Best Android Wear Smartwatch to buy 2015

Smart watches have taken the market by storm for their innovative concept, easy usability and affordable price tags. The revolution was started by Samsung with its Gear watches at the Mobile World Congress in 2013. Soon enough, a lot of other companies have entered this segment. The year 2015 is set to see some tech giants launch their own brand of smartphone watches, including Apple.

Moto 360 specs
Here are the top 5 the best Android Wear smart watch that you can wear every day for easy functioning.

1) Asus ZenWatch

ASUS ZenWatch
ASUS ZenWatch

ASUS ZenWatch specs

The Asus ZenWatch has quickly risen up to the ranks of being a favourite among tech geeks. Much like its contemporaries, the Asus ZenWatch has its own share of problems. However, the overall usage experience is more than enough to trump these shortcomings.
Lg g watch r specs

The watch belongs to the square style of the Android wear camp. However, the curvy edges of the body definitely make up for the square dial. The stainless steel watch is thinner than the rest and will sit flatly on the wrist.


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