What Are The Challenges In Online Learning?

In this article, we have featured What are the challenges in online learning? Is online learning a feasible option for your child? If it is, you as a parent may have some questions about what they’ll do in their classes without being face-to-face with their classmates.

When considering online learning, there are many advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of. Here are top challenges students face with online learning and how to overcome them:

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What are the challenges in online learning?

What are the challenges in online learning

Fitting In

Unfortunately, the first challenge a student faces when going back to school after spending long hours or even years at home is fitting in. It’s human nature to fear the unknown, but the fear of being judged by other students can prevent your child from being social and participating in-class activities. Teach them that everyone starts somewhere and that they will make new friends over time. Encourage them to be open to meeting new people and chances are, the student they sit next to in class will become their best friend by midterms.

Choosing Courses

Choosing courses can be overwhelming for a student if they have too many options or are unsure about what career path to take after high school. Online learning allows students to meet with advisers at their own convenience so they can plan out their schedules without feeling rushed or pressured by others around them. It’s important that every course is related directly to achieving their goals so choose wisely!

Meeting Deadlines

Since online classes often have quizzes, tests, or other projects due within 24 hours, it’s important that your child stays on top of their work to meet deadlines. If they are unsure whether or not their assignment is due that day, having an open dialogue with the instructor will help ease any anxiety they might have regarding the class. Instructors should always post each course’s syllabus early to give students enough time to complete future assignments.


Grades are important in online classes but because of the convenience of being at home while doing schoolwork, you may notice your child gets distracted easily and procrastinates more than usual. While no one can guarantee your child will get straight A’s if trying out online learning, teach them that getting good grades takes hard work and self-discipline. Lectures create a tight schedule for teachers so they can go over important material and make sure it’s understood. There is no room for procrastination and you should expect your child to study as diligently as if they were attending real classes in person.

Career Prep

Online learning provides students with the opportunity to prepare themselves for a future career path before even entering college. Working with faculty advisers, students will select courses that closely align with their personal goals and not only help them graduate high school but head straight into a job after graduating from high school, saving them thousands on college tuition!

Distractions Everywhere

A delivery or a pet running into the home office during a virtual classroom session can cause distractions for everyone involved. These distractions – in addition to having additional responsibilities – make time management more difficult. A student’s ability to implement a time management system depends entirely on their own motivation. Education is a serious business, students must learn how to manage their time and set a daily schedule, and they must learn to study in spite of the constant distractions.

Technical Issues

Technical Issues

An online-only environment is bound to encounter technical difficulties. Though it may seem obvious, technical problems and poor internet connections only exacerbate frustration in online environments and disrupt new learning sessions. Computers can crash or the internet can be spotty, and weak monitors can make it difficult to keep up with virtual classmates and learning environments.

Diminished Social Aspects

The loss of many social aspects of online platforms ranks last on our list of challenges. Many opportunities exist for social interaction among peers within the design of most degree programs. In addition, digital classroom activities may also be conducted in “social lounges”, which are separate from the digital classroom. These are all great things, but they still cannot replace a physical, in-person connection. In-person interactions create greater bonds, a sense of camaraderie based on common goals, and many other beneficial characteristics for students. In fact, some students find this more difficult than others.

Conclusion: What Are The Challenges In Online Learning?

In conclusion, online learning offers students ample opportunities to receive a quality education from their own homes. While there are challenges that you as a parent may face when helping your child transition back into school after being at home for so long, these five simple tips should be enough to ease any concerns you have regarding online learning!

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