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What is PBN Hosting

Cheap Hosts – usually costing you $1 to $3 per month

The price of Cheap hosting and the choice given to you to pick up a different company for each of your PBN solution, makes it a widely adopted and easily available solution all over the world. They are always structured as a shared hosting solution on the same IP addresses.


SEO Hosting

SEO hosting does not solve the problem of bad neighbourhood up to that extend, but the fact is it is almost guaranteed that you are going to be hosted next to a web spam. The objective of SEO hosting is to make it easy to host a huge amount of domain names under one account only. This is a very important feature that is essential in PBN Hosting operators because having multiple domain names for the same IP address is an obvious footprint when linking to the same money site.

Hosting on Virtual Private Sector

Virtual Private Dedicated Server (VPS) when used in combination with IP addresses cloaking techniques such as the use of CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and an IP address provider such as RocketIP work wonders for you.


Dedicated (VPS) Hosting networks

If you are having a bad neighbourhood which is impossible to avoid, then you should use dedicated (shared servers for your domains. A reasonable solution is to have dedicated servers and thus dedicated IP addresses for each domain for your most high powered and valuable PBN websites. But this is not a practical solution for large networks, but for a smaller network it works fine.

Some key points to remember

On deciding the hosting service to use, you need to then decide how to assign domains amongst those hosts. The following are some key features or points that an individual should remember when selecting how to assign domains between the hosting service:

  • If you are owning a large network, then it is very important for you to get good resellers and you should use multiple hosts and multiple hosting accounts. If you want a different shared IP address for each domain to avoid footprints, then you should go for it when linking your site to money.
  • Just remember to avoid who the footprints are actually.
  • So, if you are linking to one money site from 100% Go Daddy hosted sites, then it is very much certain that you get a footprint. Then you should surely mimic the distribution of the hosts on the Internet.


Some drawbacks of using PBN Hosting

Google actually hates if you are using PBN to boost the rank of your website and also penalty is applied to such website. Some of the drawbacks of using a PBN with inappropriate usage yields to penalties.

  1. It sometimes increases the maintenance cost.
  2. Handling of PBN is a very complex process and understanding it is tough.
  3. PBN requires a lot of time and experience.
  4. It is risky to use PBN for short term results.

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