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Why Is My Instagram Not Working? 2022– Solution To Bugs!

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites worldwide, but when it malfunctions, it may be annoying.

Instagram’s servers are normally reliable, but we’ve compiled a list of troubleshooting steps for those rare occasions when Instagram is inaccessible. Follow the below troubleshooting advice to resolve any Instagram issues you may be having.

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Check if Instagram is down

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It’s possible that you’re not the only one suffering Instagram problems. One of the first things to check is whether Instagram is down globally. You may verify whether Instagram is down by utilizing Down Detector, a website that monitors various services and indicates whether they are down or not.

Simply visit Down Detector’s Instagram page, and the site will indicate whether Instagram is experiencing issues. There is even a Love Outage Map to monitor local issues.

Close and re-open Instagram

If Instagram has no systemic flaws, then the problem could be a software glitch. Try closing and then reopening the Instagram app. You may also attempt to log out and log back in.

Additionally, it is worthwhile to remove the software entirely and reinstall it from the Google Play Store. One of these actions might realign the gears and restore order to the situation.

Check for updates

Check for updates
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Running an earlier version of an application is rarely a problem, but it might cause issues, especially when significant modifications are implemented. Check the Google Play Store to see if Instagram has received any updates. Download the most recent version and try again!

How to update Instagram from the Google Play Store:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app.
  2. Look for “Instagram”
  3. Enter the Instagram website.
  4. If an update is available, you will see an Update button. If not, it will say Open.
  5. If Update is available, tap it.

How to check for Android updates:

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Enter the System menu.
  3. Select System update from the menu.
  4. Check for updates by selecting it.
  5. Update your phone by following the instructions.

Restart your phone!

Restarting the phone frequently sounds like a foolish advice, but for some reason, it is generally sufficient to restore normal operation. Test it out! Simply restart your phone and try again.

How to restart an Android phone:

  1. Grasp the power button and hold it for a few seconds.
  2. Restart the computer by tapping the restart button.

Check your internet

Check internet connection
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There’s a possibility that your internet connection is to blame. Test another program that needs the internet, or open the browser and visit any website, to quickly confirm this. If nothing else is working, the issue is likely your data and not Instagram.

If you are using a cellular connection, try Wi-Fi instead. Similarly, switch to data if you are utilizing Wi-Fi. You might try moving closer to the router or restarting it. Also, if you are using a VPN, ensure that it is turned off.

If you are utilizing cellular data, you need verify that your data connection is active:

  1. Launch the App Settings.
  2. Enter Network and Internet.
  3. Choose SIMs.
  4. Toggle Mobile data on.
  5. Enable Roaming if you’re beyond your country or network’s coverage area (this may incur extra charges).

Turn on app permissions

Occasionally, apps fail because we have not granted them access to specific phone features. Examine Instagram’s permissions to determine if this is the case on your device.

How to permit Instagram access:

  1. Launch the App Settings.
  2. Access Apps.
  3. Select View all apps.
  4. Locate Instagram and tap it.
  5. Choose Permissions.
  6. Permit access to each section listed under Access denied.

Clear the cache

Cache is generally advantageous because it caches frequently accessed data on your mobile device and retrieves it locally rather than downloading it each time. This expedites your experience, however cache can become corrupted and cause issues. From time to time, a fresh start is desirable.

Clear cache on Android:

  1. Launch the App Settings.
  2. Access Apps.
  3. Find the Instagram app within the All apps section.
  4. Select Storage and cache.
  5. Select Clear Cache.
  6. You can also choose Clear storage to start from scratch.

Can’t follow any more people?

There are other challenges you may encounter when using Instagram, but this one is very prevalent among heavy users. Are you suddenly incapable of following new individuals?

You may have encountered the error message “You cannot follow any more people.” This is a restriction of Instagram, not an issue.

It turns out that we can only follow up to 7,500 persons. Unfollowing certain Instagram accounts is the only option.

How to unfollow people on Instagram:


  1. Launch Instagram’s app.
  2. Tap the profile picture in the lower-right corner.
  3. You will access your profile, where the number of individuals you are following will be displayed in the upper-right corner. Where it says Following, tap.
  4. Tap the Following button next to their profiles in your contact list, and it will change to Follow. This indicates that you are no longer following them.

If Instagram is still not working, we recommend that you visit their help center. You can also report an issue from within the application by selecting Profile > three-line menu button > Settings > Help > Report an Issue.

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Conclusion Why Is My Instagram Not Working? 2022

Instagram isn’t working for you? It could be because of one (or more) of these reasons. But don’t worry, we have the solution.Try the steps mentioned above and you surely will find out the solution. Thanks for reading!

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