5 Major Educational Technology Trends For The Immediate Future

Some of the more recent educational trends have had varying degrees of success, but the ones that appeared just a few years ago have completely altered the industry’s dynamic and will no doubt be around for the foreseeable future as well. In this article, I have shared the “5 Major Educational Technology Trends For The Immediate Future”

The digital revolution in education has increased considerably, with a move toward online and cloud-based delivery platforms occurring at every level from primary to higher education.

As traditional learning processes are disrupted by Edtechs, the value of this sector in India is predicted to rise to USD 30 billion in the next decade.

Virtual reality, cloud services, and mobile technology all play a part in making immersive learning more accessible.

5 Major Educational Technology Trends For The Immediate Future

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The Following Are the 5 Major Educational Technology Trends For The Immediate Future

1. Lifelong Learning Subscription Services:

Even two years ago, the educational scene was vastly different than it is today. Education providers and students are increasingly turning to subscription-based education as a result of the rapid advancement of technology.

DBMCI’s digital platform, for example, eGurukul, has emerged as an online learning aggregator, which gives flexible learning classes to learners looking for methods to fit education into their schedules, making online learning the dominant paradigm of education.

This is a trend that’s here to stay, and it’s tailored to meet the ever-evolving demands of organizations everywhere.

2. A Blend of Real, AI, AR, and VR

Over the years, information has been consumed in smaller, more bite-sized, and more attention-grabbing chunks. Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) will have an impact on every aspect of human activity, including education.

In the future, these tools will be used to provide more personalized sorts of education or remote learning by improving at whatever work they are assigned.


3. Nano-Education

In this session, we’ll learn about a brand-new EdTech concept. The disruptive technology trend allows students to obtain an immediate source of learning in the form of ultra-bite-sized lessons, right when and where they need them.

When it comes to passing on knowledge and skills in today’s fast-paced environment, nano-learning is still a popular option, but it will only grow in popularity in the future.

4. Personalization in the Classroom

A single instructor is no longer tasked with caring for at least 50 kids, and parents no longer have the luxury of ignoring their children’s education.

It is becoming more commonplace for students to receive a more individualized education in today’s classrooms due to the increasing complexity of classrooms and the widespread availability of technology.

Technology tools can assist teachers in providing students with a variety of learning experiences outside of the prescribed curriculum.

5. Gamification

For some time now, the word “edutainment” has been bandied about the corporate world as a catchall for anything that aims to educate as well as entertain.

In educational games, students are immersed in the learning process, which keeps them engaged and encourages greater multimodal participation in their education.

Education’s near-term future depends on its ability to keep pace with rapidly changing technology trends. Adapting to the ever-changing technological trends in education is now a must, not an option, and this is the fact of the future.

I predict that these trends will become increasingly popular in the future, as learning is now both fast and modular, as well as highly addictive!


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