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I have personally compiled the list to help my readers based on my experience of teaching TOEFL.

We all are aware that TOEFL is a Foreign Language test of English that checks the English of non-native speakers who wish to take admission to American universities. Several English-speaking institutions (academic and professional) accept English.

With more and more students aspiring to enroll themselves in foreign universities, the coaching cost of TOEFL is rising day by day. Not everyone can afford the costs and such students can access the study material online. It not only saves money but also time especially if you are also preparing for other standardized exams. 

TOEFL Course Online Free - Read In English

You can get section-wise guides online wherein you can prepare for each section properly. 

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The Reading Section judges you on your understanding of formal or academic texts. It has passages on academic topics that require comprehension of oratorical functions like compare-contrast, cause-effect, and argumentation. It requires answers about inferences, main ideas, any vital information, sentence insertion, vocabulary, etc. 


TOEFL is a high-level exam that also checks your grammar and expects it to be advanced. You must know the grammatical structures like inversion, parallelism, active/passive, noun phrases, gerunds, etc. Practice exercises of all these topics can be easily found in online study material for TOEFL. 


The vocabulary expectations in a TOEFL exam are very very high. The online study material provides exercise to help the students prepare for definitions, synonyms, high vocabulary words, antonyms, etc. 

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Online TOEFL Study Material | Best TOEFL Course Online Free Resources

Here are some of the best and free TOEFL Online Preparation Resources:

  • Magoosh

Magoosh Toefl Test - TOEFL Course Online Free

Magoosh offers one of the best study materials online, for free. You need not settle in for sub-par material when you have Magoosh. They provide the TOEFL Guide ebook, flashcards, Practice Questions PDF, Full-length TOEFL practice tests, Vocabulary PDF, etc. you can sign up for their free trial too.

  • Podcasts

If you want to enhance your listening skills you can listen to educational podcasts from respected universities to get used to hearing native English speakers. They discuss academic topics using a formal language. This is the ideal way to prepare for the TOEFL listening section and to also enhance your vocabulary and ability to comprehend. Check the free educational podcasts from Oxford University. 

  • Documentaries

Another good way to practice English is by watching YouTube, television, and movies. You can also watch documentaries to see how people really speak English without any added style. Even the topics covered are the types that you can get in your TOEFL exam. So you must watch free documentaries to improve your English and comprehension.


Listen to the TED talks by inspiring and sharp people. They have a huge library of such talks on a wide range of topics about technology, science, life, and current events. There are also TED books that you can read to enhance your comprehension skills. 

  • ETS Resources

Educational Testing Service (ETS) offers several TOEFL-specific resources, as follows:

Toefl iBT Resources - TOEFL Course Online Free

    • TOEFL Full-length Official Practice Test – This is an updated, browser-based practice test that is similar to the real and recent TOEFL exam. However, it does not have a timer but you can set it on your own because you are aware of the TOEFL timings of each section. 
    • Quick Prep – You will benefit from the quick prep practice tool as it contains the practice questions from the past TOEFL exams, it is useful in TOEFL preparation.
    • TOEFL Practice Sets – The format of the real TOEFL exam and this practice test is similar, but it does not contain the audio for the Listening or any Integrated tasks for the Writing and Speaking sections. You can get two practice tests to prepare well for the final exam.  
  • TOEFL T.V. –

    This option comprises YouTube videos that describe the full format and structure of the TOEFL exam. They also offer information on studying in a foreign land.

  • TOEFL Talks –

    Toefl Talks - TOEFL Course Online Free

    These are the webinars or seminars hosted by ETS representatives that explain the structure and format of the TOEFL exam, its registration and preparation. 

  • TOEFL Planner –

    This PDF planner explains every section of the TOEFL exam, time limits, how to score well in each section, etc. 

  • Official TOEFL Online Course –

    This is an extensive open online course where any student can enroll for free, join live group chat interactions with genuine instructors, join study groups with fellow students, etc.

  • Purdue OWL | Best TOEFL Course Online Free Resources

Purdue University Overview

They proffer free resources and writing guides, tutors, a grammar blog, etc. to help you prepare well for the final TOEFL exam. 

  • Word Dynamo | Best TOEFL Course Online Free Resources

This is a Word Dynamo Challenge game that you can play to check your elementary-level vocabulary. It gives a good insight into your strengths and weaknesses and helps you prepare in a focussed manner. 

  • The Learning Network

The Learning Network posts articles (education-related and educational) every day and makes use of advanced sentence formation and vocabulary in writing. These articles let you have a great practice of English and you may find similar articles during the TOEFL reading section.

  • Arts and Letters Daily | Best TOEFL Course Online Free Resources

Art & Letters Daily Overview

There are sites that provide a list of essays, articles, opinions, and books on all the TOEFL topics. These get updated on a daily basis and comprise a great collection of reading materials for students who want to hone their English reading and comprehension skills. 

  • Read Online

When you read in English, you see and learn new vocabulary words. These help you in preparing for your Reading section. Always read the best while preparing for TOEFL, like the New Yorker, the Economist, and other approved publications because they use the perfect grammar and a vast vocabulary. 

  • Magoosh TOEFL Blog

This is an excellent free online resource that posts new TOEFL training strategies and tips every week so that you are well-prepared. 

  • TOEFL Study Schedule (Video Post) 

In case, you are only left with one month to prepare for your final TOEFL exam, then gear up for a study schedule that will minimize your effort and maximize your time and help you get a higher score in the exam. They offer expert advice and help you utilize this one month to the best. 

If you wish to save these resources at one place, pCloud storage solution will help.

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 FAQs | Best TOEFL Course Online Free

👉I have my TOEFL exam schedule in two months. Do I have time to crack it?

Yes, you certainly can crack the final TOEFL exam by preparing in just two months. Although you have lost a lot of time, you can still work hard and score well in it. Simply go for the TOEFL Study Schedule that prepares you for the exam in just one month. Take that course and try as many practice tests as you can.

👉 Will reading online material help me for the TOEFL Reading exam?

Reading just anything on the Internet will be useless, because for the TOEFL exam you need excellent English in terms of grammar, vocabulary, etc. So, choose the study material wisely and from reliable resources like the Economist, the New Yorker, etc. It will help you improve your reading and comprehension skills.

👉 Is online study material sufficient to prepare for TOEFL?

Nothing can beat getting coaching from reputed and reliable coaching institutes, but it is possible to study online and crack the TOEFL exam. There are many free online courses for TOEFL that offer excellent study material and several full-length practice tests. Along with this, you must also watch documentaries and read newspapers and journals from authentic sources to hone all types of skills needed for clearing the TOEFL exam.

Conclusion | Best TOEFL Course Online Free Resources 2024 | Get It Free

TOEFL is a prestigious and very important exam if you want to study at a foreign university.

It is one step forward towards your dream university, so work hard and prepare well for this exam. You can either join coaching and if it seems expensive then you have a huge lot of study material to access online.

This material provides data right from the structure and format of the TOEFL exam, section-wise points breakage and time limits of each section, tips on how to prepare and divide the time between each question, to providing study material and full-length practice tests.

Keep your preparation good, follow the previous exam papers, read and listen to a lot of English from reliable resources. Good luck!

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