Pluralsight Pricing 2024 | How much does Pluralsight cost?

In this article we have featured Pluralsight Pricing If you’re thinking about using Pluralsight as an eLearning platform, you might want to know more about its pricing options. In addition to its various subscriptions, you can try out its courses for free with a free trial.

In this Pluralsight pricing guide, I will explain how much Pluralsight costs and what subscriptions are available, so that you can decide which plan is best for you.

Pluralsight is an online learning platform that focuses on technology-related subjects such as software development, security, and business professionals.

It provides over 7,000 courses designed for both individuals and groups. When you first sign up, you will receive a 10-day free trial that allows you to access the entire library of courses. you can also, read our detailed Pluralsight review for more information.

Pluralsight Pricing Plans

pluralsight prices

Pluralsight has subscription plans for both individuals and teams. Individual plans are available for $29 per month or $299 per year, with the Premium individual plan costing $45 per month or $449 per year.

The team subscription plans are as follows: Starter for $399, Professional for $579, and Enterprise for $779 (per user/per year). In addition to the various subscription plans, you can get a free trial and download up to 30 courses per device for offline viewing.

Individual users can choose between two Pluralsight subscription plans.

Individual Plan

The individual plan offers a monthly plan for $29 per month and an annual plan for $299 for the entire year (a 14 percent savings), which works out to just under $25 per month. You will have access to the entire video course library (7,500+), as well as certificates of completion, channels, paths, Skill IQ, and Role IQ.

In addition to the Individual plan for single users, there is a Premium plan for $449 per year. The Premium plan includes everything that the Individual plan does, plus some additional features such as;

  • To prepare for certifications, you have unlimited access to Kaplan certification practice exams.
  • Interactive courses: coding challenges in the browser with guided feedback.
  • Projects: use your own integrated development environment to practice and apply what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios (IDE).

Starter Strategy

The most basic plan starts at $399 per user (per employee) per year and includes access to the core library (2,500+ courses). Its features include the ability to create channels, participate in course discussions, complete exercise files, and use mobile and TV apps. In addition, offline viewing and access to the Skill and Role IQ are available.

Professional Strategy

You will have access to an expanded library of video courses (7,000+), interactive courses, projects, and Kaplan certification practice exams for $579 per user (per employee) per year. You will also have access to powerful analytics and user organization tools in addition to these features.

Personal Subscription Plan Pricing

Pluralsight Pricing

This plan is appropriate for anyone. By choosing this plan, you can easily and quickly learn and upgrade your knowledge. Using this plan, you can enroll in any course from the Pluralsight library.

However, before beginning a new course, I recommend that you take a short IQ test. This test will assist you in determining your strong and weak points. After passing the IQ test, you can proceed with the Pluralsight learning path and courses.

Pluralsight offers the Personal Plan in three different configurations. The cost of these plans varies by country, but they are reasonably priced.

Pluralsight Free Trial

Free trials are usually a good way to get a feel for a new platform. It is completely free.

You can try out the personal learning plan for free. This way, you won’t have to worry about your investment going to waste. If you don’t like Pluralsight, simply cancel your membership and move on.

I would recommend that you try Pluralsight’s free trial before purchasing their full plan. This allows you to assess the quality and worthiness of their content and determine whether the courses they offer are appropriate for you.

Don’t put it off! Simply sign up for an account and try Pluralsight for free for 10 days.

Accepted Payment Methods & Currencies

You have the option of using a debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) or PayPal to pay for your Pluralsight subscription plan purchases. The sole currency accepted by American Express is US dollars.

You have the option of making payments in United States Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), or Indian Rupees (INR) (Indian Rupees).

You may also be required to pay tax on your subscription, with the amount of tax owed varying not only between countries but also between states and countries.

This is something that depends on the location of your billing information. If this is your first time signing up for Pluralsight, you will be prompted to submit your payment information in the Payment area, where you can choose to input the details of either your credit card or your PayPal account. Even if you are only trying out the service for free, you will have to provide your payment information nevertheless.

Summary Pluralsight Pricing

I will only summarize the most important points here.

If you are interested in acquiring new information or a skill for a specific position within the technology business, then the Individual plans, the Standard subscription, or the Premium membership would be good options for you to think about.

The Standard plan grants access to the Core library, which consists of more than 2,500 courses, and costs $29 per month or $299 per year. This includes in-demand areas such as cloud computing, data analytics, software development, and network security.

Or, if you are willing to invest more, you can opt for the Premium plan, which costs $45 per month or $449 per year and grants you access to the entire Expanded library, which includes more than 7,000 different courses, in addition to other premium features such as certification practice exams and projects.

Last but not least, if you are a company or a group. You can choose from a wide range of options, beginning with the Starter plan that costs $399 per user / per year and progressing all the way up to the Professional plan that costs $579 per user / per year and, last but not least, the Enterprise plan that costs $779 per user / per year.

Every strategy focuses on furthering the professional development of your personnel in order to bring them up to speed on the knowledge and abilities required for modern technological roles.

In addition to this, it helps to construct flexible teams that are able to reach targets and provides executives with a picture of what their people are capable of accomplishing.

Don’t forget that you can take advantage of Pluralsight’s free trials, which let you either ten or fourteen days to test out the platform and see exactly what it can do for you before you make a commitment to paying for it.

Pluralsight Subscription Renewal and Cancellation

Your monthly and annual memberships will be automatically renewed on the same day of each month and year that you initially signed up for them.

If you ultimately decide that you do not want to keep your Pluralsight subscription, you will need to make sure that you cancel it before it is able to renew on its own.

If you do make the decision to terminate your subscription to Pluralsight, all you need to do is follow these four simple steps:

  • When you are on the page for your account, click the tab marked “Subscription & Billing.”
  • To manage your subscription, click the Manage button.
  • Click cancel.
  • To confirm the cancellation, click the button.

Remember that just because you cancel your membership doesn’t mean that your account will be deleted.

Conclusion: Pluralsight Pricing Plans 

Pluralsight is a cloud-based learning management system that assists businesses with course authoring, employee skill development, and IT certification.

Synchronous learning, course tracking, a learner portal, talent management integration, social learning, recommendations, and employee engagement are all important features.

Pluralsight teams can receive personalized course recommendations based on organizational goals. Users can use the application’s skills analytics to identify roadblocks, strengths, and weaknesses in order to improve skill development activities. Data on individual skill levels and role levels can be viewed, allowing businesses to customize business roles based on individual incident response control measures.

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