Whizlabs Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Practice Tests Review 2024

Whizlabs Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Practice Tests Review  – Google Cloud Platform Certifications are increasingly becoming popular in the present times. At the same time, a number of certification training providers are emerging who play an important role in the GCP certification preparation.

One of the names that come to mind while preparing for cloud computing or other certifications is Whizlabs. 

I have been searching for many options to find reliable sources to get Google Cloud-certified professional data engineer practice tests.

However, my search ended when I came across Whizlabs, and there I also noted practice tests for other cloud computing certifications.

The most interesting highlight of Whizlabs is the online community, where I interacted with various technical discussions, quiz questions, and the latest updates.

It has been quite some time since I wanted to present a review of the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer practice tests by Whizlabs.

In the following discussion, we will go through my experience with Whizlabs practice tests for Google Cloud certified data engineer certification.

Since I was able to use the practice tests for passing the certification exam, this review can be useful guidance for all of you who are now preparing for the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer certification exam.

Whizlabs Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Practice Tests Review 2024

Reasons to go for this certification!

First of all, I would like to draw your attention to the reason for which I opted for the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer exam. We can note that Google cloud certifications are the most demanded IT certifications.

Data engineers in the IT industry could escalate their careers to the next level with a Google Cloud Certification.

Most important of all, the last two years have witnessed the creation of almost 90% of the data existing presently. Therefore, many IT companies are adopting Google Cloud for scaling their data storage capacities and business operations.

I realized that a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer certification would be the right instrument for my career now.

Once I was clarified about the importance of a Google Cloud Certified Professional data engineer exam for my career, I started my preparation journey.

The first thing on my priority list was to understand the objectives of the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer certification.

The certification course covers the following objectives:

  • Designing of data processing systems.
  • Development and deploy data processing systems in operation.
  • Put machine learning models into operation.
  • Assure solution quality.

Overview of the Google Cloud Certified Data Engineer Professional Exam

Exam format

Based on these elements in the examination, I observed that it is important to learn the basics of the Google cloud platform.

The various tools on GCP also came to my attention as important aspects for my Google Cloud Data Engineer certification preparation.

I also focused on the exam details to learn exactly what to expect in the Google Cloud certified data engineer professional exam. Here is an overview of the examination.

The duration of the exam would be around two hours. The exam would be available in four languages, i.e. English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

There are no prerequisites for the exam and would include multiple choice and multiple select questions. I also noted that the examination requirements also indicated towards industry experience of over three years.

At least one year of experience in the design and management of solutions through GCP was also included in the requirements.

This is where I was worried about how could I compete with other professionals attempting for Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer certification.    

It would be reasonable to mention that a basic course in Google Cloud Platform is required to prepare for professional certification.

I joined the training course offered by Google Cloud and then started looking for different sources of Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Practice Tests.

I opted for the practice tests to review my existing knowledge and level of preparation on Google Cloud data engineering.

It surely seemed like a productive way to test my awareness of the abilities that would be tested in the real certification exam. Little did I know that I would land up on Whizlabs as the best option among other alternatives!

I used reviews and feedback about Whizlabs to learn more about their efficiency in providing practice tests that could help for professional certifications.

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Outline of the Whizlabs Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Practice Tests Review

Whizlabs Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Practice Tests Review

Now, we shall find an outline of the practice tests provided by Whizlabs to prepare for Google Cloud certified professional data engineer certification.

I found two distinct options for practice tests, among which one was free, and the other was a paid feature.

The free practice test involves the exact format of a practice exam and would have 20 free questions.

You can take this test if you want to check your knowledge of the basics required for becoming a google cloud data engineer. You would be able to get immediate reports from the free practice test on Whizlabs and know about the real exam pattern!

Other than testing your current level of preparation, the free practice test can also boost your confidence. 

The most crucial element in this Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer practice tests review is the paid practice tests on Whizlabs. Whizlabs provides three full-length practice tests for US$ 35.95.

Each of the practice tests contains 50 questions.

The questions are unique, and you will also receive a detailed explanation for all the questions. The most important feature of the practice tests is that the questions are based on the exam objectives outlined by Google cloud.

So, you can easily revise and evaluate your preparation for the Google Cloud Certified professional data engineer certification.

Benefits of the Whizlabs Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Practice Tests Review

Whizlabs Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Practice Tests - Benefits

You must be wondering that I have been rambling about what I got in the Whizlabs practice tests! Where are the benefits?

There’s nothing to worry about as I would be presenting the features which I liked the most in Whizlabs practice tests.

  • The first thing I was pleased with was the 150 unique questions distributed in three practice tests. Surely a comprehensive way to prepare, isn’t it?
  • No matter my response was right or wrong, I received a detailed explanation for each question!
  • Don’t undermine the free test before choosing the practice tests. Try it out- It’s fun and informative!
  • Unlimited access is another feature in the Whizlabs practice test for Google Cloud data engineer certification. I was able to take every test multiple times for preparing effectively.
  • Round-the-clock customer support from GCP experts helped me proceed with my preparation without any obstacles.
  • Finally, I would never ignore the money-back guarantee provided with the practice tests on Whizlabs.

The advantage of comprehensiveness in Whizlabs Practice Tests

With a clear outline of the Whizlabs practices tests presented till now, it’s reasonable to move towards comprehensiveness.

I would like to comment that Whizlabs pays extensive attention to the design of its practice tests.

Let me outline the different important areas for the Google cloud certified professional data engineer certification included in Whizlabs practice tests.

I would be presenting the different crucial sub-topics that are involved in the four ability areas included in the Google cloud certified data engineer exam.

  • Designing data processing systems

In the design of data processing systems, the practice test focused on the selection of appropriate storage technologies and the design of pipelines. The test questions also included a focus on the migration of data warehousing and data processing.

The most important highlight of this section of the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer practice tests review is the focus on the core implications of designing data processing solutions.

I was able to find questions on the selection of infrastructure, use of distributed systems and hybrid cloud, and edge computing.

  • Developing and implementing data processing systems

The questions related to the development and deployment of data processing systems focused on the effective use of storage systems, pipelines, and processing infrastructure.

The essential highlights in this section included a focus on storage costs and performance as well as lifecycle management of data.

I was also able to brush up my skills in data acquisition and importing, data cleansing, provisioning of resources, and monitoring of pipelines.

The other crucial questions presented in this context were related to testing and quality control, as well as the integration of storage systems with new data sources.

  • Machine learning models

The practice tests of Whizlabs included questions related to the deployment of the machine learning pipeline and the use of pre-developed machine learning models.

The questions related to this section of the exam guide for professional certification in cloud data engineering helped my preparation a lot. I was able to find questions on the choice of appropriate training and service infrastructure.

Also, I learned more about monitoring and troubleshooting errors in machine learning models from the explanations provided for questions in Whizlabs practice tests.

  • Solution Quality

I was also impressed by the comprehensiveness of questions related to ensuring solution quality, which included diverse topic areas.

The topics were data loss prevention, data security, identity, and access management as well as legal compliance aspects of cloud data engineering.

Most important of all, I gained a formidable impression of different measures to ensure scalability, efficiency, accessibility, and reliability in cloud data systems and applications.

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Conclusion| Whizlabs Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Practice Tests Review 2024

So, on a closing note, I would like to state that this review is completely based on my personal experience with the Whizlabs practice tests for the Google cloud certified professional data engineer exam.

I was able to gain a credible impression of my preparation with these practice tests.

Most important of all, I hope that the information presented above would help you pursue your dream of becoming a Google cloud certified professional data engineer.

Also, this review can serve as a reasonable guide to help you create the foundation to start your preparation.  From our side, we highly suggest Whizlabs to our visitors and readers.

I was a little bit apprehensive in the beginning, but confidence accompanied me along the way as I advanced with the right preparation materials by my side!           

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