1Win Affiliate Program Review 2024: Is 1Win Real or Fake?

1Win Affiliate Program Review


The 1win Partners program is a way for people who own websites to make money. It’s about promoting 1win Casino, which is a site where people can play games and bet on sports online. If you have a website, you can use it to tell people about 1win Casino and earn money from it.

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  • Bitcoin is accepted for transactions, offering more payment flexibility.
  • The platform supports multiple languages, making it user-friendly for people worldwide.
  • Monitor your referrals’ user count and revenue generation.
  • Access effective marketing tools like banners for player acquisition.
  • Leverage enticing bonuses and promotions to attract users.


  • Some transactions might include admin fees.


Price: $

If you’re looking to make some extra money, I found something amazing: the 1Win Affiliate Program. It’s really promising for anyone into affiliate marketing.

Here’s what’s great about it: You can earn a lot – up to 50% from what people you refer to make. Plus, you can get up to $250 for each new person who signs up through your link.

I’m going to tell you all about the 1Win affiliate program. It seems like a really good deal and could help us earn more. Interested? Let’s get started!

Detail Information
Commission Type CPA, Revenue Share
Minimum Payout $2
Payment Methods Global Bank Transfer, WebMoney
Payment Terms Weekly
Platform Custom
Year Founded 2017
Country of Origin Russia

What is the 1Win Affiliate Program?

The 1win Partners program is a way for people who own websites to make money. It’s about promoting 1win Casino, which is a site where people can play games and bet on sports online. If you have a website, you can use it to tell people about 1win Casino and earn money from it.

1Win Affiliate Program Review

Here’s how it works: If someone goes to 1win Casino from your website and spends money there, you can get up to 50% of that money.

There are different ways you can choose to earn, like getting paid for each person who signs up, a mix of getting paid and earning commissions, or even making money by bringing in other people to join the program.

If you need help with anything, there’s always someone from 1win Partners to talk to, any time of the day. They can speak different languages too, which is really helpful.

About 1win Casino: It’s a place on the internet where people from all over can play casino games or bet on sports like football or basketball.

They have lots of games from well-known companies and lots of sports events you can bet on. They also have special deals to help players have a better chance of winning.

Key Features of the 1Win Partners Affiliate Program:

The 1Win Partners program is a way for you to make money by telling people about 1Win’s casino and sports betting. Here’s a simple breakdown of what this program offers:

High Commission Rates: You can earn a lot of money from this program. They start by giving you at least 50% of the money they make from players you refer. This is great, especially if you’re new to this.

No Negative Carryover: If you have a bad month where you don’t earn much, this won’t be held against you in the next month. Your balance starts fresh each month, which is really helpful.

Flexible Payment Models: You can choose how you want to get paid. Whether it’s a share of the money made (revenue sharing), getting paid for each new player you bring (CPA), or a mix of both (Hybrid), you have options that suit what you prefer.

Sub-Affiliate Program: If you get other people to join the program as affiliates, you can earn an extra 5% from their earnings. It’s like making more money by helping others join.

Wide Range of Products: 1Win has lots of things to promote like casino games, sports betting, and e-sports. This variety means you can attract different kinds of people who might be interested.

Global Market Presence: The program is available in many places around the world. This means you can reach people from different countries and regions, increasing your chances to earn more.

Dedicated Support: If you need help, there are account managers available any time. They can help you with any questions or issues you might have, making things easier for you.

User-Friendly Interface: The 1Win Partners platform is easy to use. You can easily check how you’re doing, manage your promotions, and see how much you’ve earned.

Timely Payments: They are known for paying on time. You won’t have to worry about delays in getting your money.

How to Get Started?

To join the 1Win Affiliate Program, you should be over 18 years old. If you are then here’s what you need to do:

How to join the 1Win Affiliate Program

Go to the Website: First, visit the 1Win official website. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a section for the Affiliate Program. Click on that.

Fill Out the Form: They’ll ask you to fill in some details. You’ll need to give your name, phone number, email, create a password, and tell them how you plan to promote 1Win (this is your ‘traffic source’).

Choose How to Communicate: You can pick how you want 1Win to talk to you. Options include Telegram, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp. Just write your username for whichever method you choose.

Pick a Payment Plan: Decide how you want to earn money. You can choose Revenue Share (getting a part of the money made from players you refer) or CPA (getting paid for each person who signs up).

Select Your Currency: You have to choose between USD (American Dollars) or EUR (Euros) because these are the only options.

Agree to the Terms and Start: Read their terms and conditions, agree to them, and then click the “Start Earning” button.

After you submit your form, the team at 1Win will check it and approve it within a few hours. Then, someone from 1Win will get in touch with you to help set up your account and get you started.

Important Rules for 1Win Affiliate Program

The 1Win Affiliate Program has some important rules you should know about before you start:

Earnings Based on Player Losses: You’ll earn 60% of the profit that 1Win gets from the players you bring in. Your earnings depend on how much these players lose. Cashback and refunds to players are also considered in your earnings.

Unlimited Referrals: There’s no limit to how many players you can refer to 1Win.

One Account Per Person: You can only have one affiliate account. It’s important not to make more than one.

Be Honest: When you sign up and go through the verification process, make sure all the information you provide about yourself is true and accurate.

Provide Traffic Details: If asked, you need to give details about your traffic sources – basically, how you’re planning to bring players to 1Win.

No Fraudulent Activities: You can’t use the affiliate program for any illegal activities like fraud or money laundering.

1Win Partners Affiliate Program Commission Rates

The 1Win Partners Affiliate Program offers three ways to earn money by promoting their gambling and betting site to your website visitors:

1. Revenue Share (RS):

In this model, you make a percentage of the money spent by players who join the site through you. You start earning 50% of their spending, and if things go really well, this can increase to 60%. So, the more they play, the more you earn.

2. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA):

This is a straightforward way to earn. You get a set amount of money for every new player that signs up to 1Win through your link. The amount can go as high as $250 for each new player you bring.

3. Hybrid:

This option combines the first two methods. You get both a share of the revenue (like in RS) and fixed payments for new sign-ups (like in CPA). This method is quite flexible because it lets you earn money in two different ways.

So, whether you prefer earning a steady amount for each new player or a share of what they spend, or even a mix of both, the 1Win Partners Program has options to suit your style.

How to withdraw money from the 1Win Partners program?

If you want to take out the money you’ve made in the 1Win Partners affiliate program, here’s how it works:

1. First Time Withdrawal Rules:

The first time you want to withdraw, you must have brought in at least 10 players who together have deposited a total of $70 or more.

If you haven’t reached this yet, don’t worry – your money will stay safe, and you can take it out once you meet these rules. After your first withdrawal, these rules don’t apply anymore.

2. When to Get Your Money:

Usually, they send out the money every Tuesday. So, you’ll get your earnings on a Tuesday. If you’re earning through the CPA model, you can choose when to get paid, but remember, there’s a 7-day wait (a hold period) before the money is actually sent.

3. Minimum Amount You Can Withdraw:

You can take out your money if you have at least $2 or €2 in your account. And there’s no limit to how much you can withdraw.

How to Get Paid: You have options for how you want to receive your money. You can choose from Mastercard, Visa, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Tether, or Webmoney. They also have different payment methods depending on where you are.

Verify Your Account: Before you can take out money, make sure your account is verified. This means you’ve given them the necessary info to prove who you are.

Pros and Cons of the 1Win Affiliate Program


  • You can withdraw even small amounts as the minimum withdrawal is very low.
  • The platform supports multiple languages, making it user-friendly for people worldwide.
  • Bitcoin is accepted for transactions, offering more payment flexibility.


  • Some transactions might include admin fees.

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Conclusion: 1Win Affiliate Program Review 2024

In conclusion, the 1Win Affiliate Program stands out as a solid option for both seasoned and newbie affiliates. It boasts attractive commission rates – a steady 50% revenue share, potentially rising to 60%.

Beyond just earning, this program is about forming meaningful partnerships and gaining insights from industry professionals.

Everyone in the program is seen as a valuable partner with access to expert advice and practical tips. The program operates with clear transparency, ensuring timely payments and providing comprehensive statistics. This approach not only rewards your efforts but also aids in refining your affiliate strategies for better results.

For anyone aspiring to make a mark in affiliate marketing, the 1Win Affiliate Program is definitely worth considering. It’s an opportunity to join a growing network and boost your income potential.

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