Odys Global Review 2024: Kickstart Site Growth With Aged Domains

Odys Global Review


Odys Global is a marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade old domains. They provide many services to assist you in locating a domain name that will give your online company a competitive advantage.

Out of 10


  • Excellent customer support.
  • Wide selection of premium domain names.
  • Quality backlinks are associated with all domains.
  • User-friendly search tools for various domain criteria.
  • Attractive affiliate program and bonuses.


  • Premium domains come with high initial price points.


Price: $

Starting a new website can be tough, right? Getting it to show up on Google and other search engines can be a real challenge. But let me share my trick with you, and it has worked really well for you.

The trick is called aged domains, which can make this whole process a lot easier. And we’ve got just the place for you to find these special domains – it’s called Odys Global.

Finding good aged domains can be a bit like searching for hidden treasure. Some marketplaces have a lot of not-so-great domains with spammy links or a bad history.

But Odys Global is different. They’re like the experts in finding the best-aged domains, making it super easy for you to pick the perfect one for your website.

In this review, I’ll take you on a tour of Odys Global and share our own experiences with it. You’re about to find out one of the best secrets for a successful website!

Odys Global Review 2024: What Is Odys Global?

In addition to offering quality aged domain names, Odys Global also offers search engine optimization services. Whenever you need such domains, Odys Global is your best bet.

Odys Global Review

Aged domains selected by Odys Global have been proven to perform and be popular.

They have a proven track record of achieving excellent results with search engine optimization. Plus, Odys Global offers a safe and secure purchasing experience.

The Benefits of Using an Aged Domain for Your Website

Steps To Find The Perfect Domain On Odys

1. Existing Backlink Profile

One of the significant benefits of using an aged domain is that it typically already has a collection of backlinks from other websites pointing to it. This can save you a lot of time and effort in your SEO strategy.

When you work with an aged domain, you can make use of these existing backlinks to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Instead of starting from scratch and working hard to build new backlinks, you can concentrate on enhancing other aspects of your website, and you’ll likely see quicker results in search engine rankings.

2. Potential Brand Recognition

Another benefit of an aged domain is that it might already be known by some people. Some aged domains used to be linked with popular websites or brands that people still remember.

This can bring in a ready-made audience to your site, making it easier to gather followers. Having a recognizable brand can also make your website more valuable.

3. Adds Value To Your Website

If you have intentions of selling your website in the future, having an aged domain can be a real asset. Websites built on trustworthy aged domains with strong and clean backlink histories tend to fetch higher prices in the market.

For instance, imagine you have a website about gardening in an aged domain with a solid history.

When you decide to sell that website, potential buyers may be willing to pay more for it because they see the value in its established reputation and link profile. So, having an aged domain can mean you’ll get a better price when it’s time to sell your site.

4. Potential For Some Traffic

If you buy an aged domain that used to belong to a well-known website, there’s a chance you could still get some ongoing visitors.

It’s important not to rely solely on this traffic for your website’s success, but it can give you a bit of a boost right from the beginning.

To make the most of this traffic, you can create a website on the domain that’s similar to what was there before. This way, people who were familiar with the previous site might find your new one and keep visiting.

How Does Odys Global Work?

Odys Global has made it really easy to find and buy the perfect domain for your needs. Their website is user-friendly, so you won’t have any trouble navigating it. Plus, they’re super transparent about their prices, so you know you’re getting a fair deal.

To start your search, all you need to do is tell them what kind of domain you’re looking for. You can specify your niche and any other specific details you have in mind.

Odys Global will then give you a list of domains that match what you’re looking for. It’s like having your own personal domain shopper!

When you’re ready to make a purchase, they make it a breeze. You can transfer the domain easily, and they accept various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Wise.com, and bank transfers.

So, you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to how you want to pay. It’s all about making the process hassle-free for you.

How To Use Odys?

These simple steps make it easy to navigate the platform.

Step 1: Request Access to the Marketplace

If you want to become a member of Odys, you’ll need to start by applying and asking for access. The good news is that it’s a simple and quick process.

All they ask for is some basic information like your name, email, and password. They also want to know why you’re interested in joining Odys.

Once you’ve sent in your request, they’ll send you an email to make sure your account is real. It usually takes a few hours for them to review and approve your application, so just hang tight and be patient during this part.

Step 2: Filter Through Domains

To make your search more focused, start by picking the industries that match your business. This will help you eliminate domains that have nothing to do with what you’re all about.

After that, when you have a list of possible domain names, it’s time to get rid of any that cost way more than you can afford or simply don’t fit your requirements. This way, you’ll be left with the best options that match both your budget and your needs.

Step 3: Evaluate Domains of Interest

If you’re thinking about buying a domain, it’s crucial to do your research beforehand, even if you’re using a platform like Odys that carefully checks its domains. Here’s what you should consider:

Use helpful tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush to examine the domain’s history and the websites that have linked to it in the past. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious, like links from foreign websites or Private Blog Network (PBN) links.

It’s important to avoid domains that have been associated with spammy link practices because they can cause problems down the road. Doing this research will help ensure you make a wise domain purchase.

Step 4: Purchase Your Domain

Choosing a domain is the first step. Adding it to your cart and completing your purchase is the next step. A new domain is typically available within one business day of purchase, and you’ll have immediate access.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Domain on Odys

Odys is an excellent place to start your search if you’re looking for an aged domain. Choosing from so many options can seem overwhelming, so how can you be sure you’re making the right choice?

Here are three steps to follow:

How To Use Odys

Step 1: Start with Expert Picks

If you’re new to the whole aged domain thing, you can find some helpful advice on the Odys blog. They have a section where experts share their recommendations.

These experts take a look at various domains available on Odys and choose the ones they think are the best. They base their picks on strategies that have already worked well for others

Step 2: Do Your Own Due Diligence

Whether you discovered a domain from expert recommendations or by looking around the marketplace, it’s crucial to be really careful and do your homework to make sure the domain is a good fit for your website.

Odys helps you with this by giving you lots of information about the domain, like how good it is for SEO, its rank, the other websites that link to it, where it’s been featured, and how much it costs.

Also, double-check that the domain hasn’t been used for anything shady in the past. You want to avoid domains that are connected to things like spam, adult content, illegal substances, or other stuff that could harm your website’s reputation.

It’s all about making sure your website gets off to a good start with the right domain.

Step 3: Plan Out Your Future Strategy

Once you’ve discovered the ideal aged domain that fits your needs and budget, it’s time to make a plan for what comes next.

Take a close look at the pages that existed on the old website, especially the ones that had good search engine rankings and links from other websites. You should create something called a “301 redirect” for these pages.

This is like giving those old pages a new address on your new website. It’s important to do this because it helps maintain the SEO value they had before.

When you set up these redirects, make sure you’re pointing them to the most relevant pages on your new website.

Pay special attention to creating new content for the pages that used to rank well on the old site or had other websites linking to them. This way, you’ll keep the SEO benefits of your aged domain and make the most out of your investment.

Pros & Cons Of Odys Global

Pros Cons
  • Wide selection of premium domain names.
  • Premium domains come with high initial price points.
  • Quality backlinks are associated with all domains.
  • Limited educational content on maximizing domain benefits.
  • User-friendly search tools for various domain criteria.
  • In-depth domain research, including niche and content history.
  • Free membership with access to premium domains.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Attractive affiliate program and bonuses.

Other Things to Know About Odys Global

Other Things to Know About Odys Global

Can Aged Domains Violate Trademarks?

Yes, aged domains can potentially infringe on trademark registrations, but this usually happens when you buy them from a marketplace that doesn’t thoroughly check their listings or if you don’t do proper research.

Odys is a trusted marketplace for aged domains, which is why it’s recommended to use it. Odys has a strict process to make sure their domains don’t violate trademarks, and they ensure the domains have clean link profiles and site histories.

What does Odys stand for?

Odys stands for “Our Domains Your Story.” The company’s main focus is to provide clients with aged domains and ready-made websites they can use to expand their affiliate marketing efforts.

How soon can I expect organic traffic with a domain from Odys Global?

The timeframe for receiving organic traffic varies depending on factors like the domain, niche, and the website itself. Generally, people start seeing impressions and clicks within the first 2 to 3 months of developing the site.

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Final Verdict: Odys Global Review 2024

If you’re looking for really good old website names and don’t want to waste time searching through sketchy auctions, I strongly recommend trying out Odys.

What makes Odys special is that real people carefully check these old domains before they buy them. So, you won’t end up with a bad domain that has a history of problems.

Now, these top-quality domains can be a bit pricey, often costing thousands of dollars. But if you think of it as an investment and have a clear plan for how you’ll use the old domain, you can make a lot of money fairly quickly.

In my opinion, Odys is a great place to find old domains, especially if you want to build a website that makes money.

They offer really good domains, and their checking process saves you a lot of time and trouble. So, if you’re serious about getting into old domains, Odys is a smart choice you shouldn’t ignore.

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