How Hard Is The CPA Exam In 2023

In this article, we have featured How Hard Is The CPA Exam? Before devoting dozens or even hundreds of hours to their preparation, a lot of students and professionals ask themselves, “Is the CPA exam really that difficult?”

The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examination is a comprehensive test that consists of four parts and evaluates candidates’ level of knowledge in all aspects of public accounting.

It is widely acknowledged as being among the most difficult tests one can take in order to achieve standardized professional qualifications.

When the national pass rate for the CPA exam is about one in two, candidates who will eventually need to take the exam and are up against a failure rate of nearly half should use every resource at their disposal to give themselves an advantage.

We will address all of your concerns and issues regarding the difficulty of the CPA exam here in this study guide.

Is The CPA Exam Hard?

The exam to become a CPA is really challenging. It is quite an undertaking in terms of planning, studying, and preparation, and it tests one’s understanding of concepts as well as their working knowledge in a wide variety of subjects.

In each of the four main exam sections, I was required to demonstrate that I had a thorough understanding of a wide variety of accounting concepts.

What Makes The CPA Exam Difficult?

How Hard Is The CPA Exam

There are a number of aspects that contribute to the CPA exam’s reputation as one of the most difficult tests for obtaining a certificate.

The huge quantity of material that is going to be tested has been cited as the primary cause of the test’s difficulty by the vast majority of test takers, which in turn necessitates a significant amount of time spent studying and getting ready for the test.

Each segment contains a number of different kinds of questions, you have a limited amount of time to complete it, and it has multiple levels of difficulty.

Question Types

One of the exam’s sections uses a variety of question formats, in contrast to the other three portions, which only use multiple-choice questions.

The test is divided into four components. There will also be simulations based on a certain task or circumstance, as well as simulations of written communication.

Some of the questions will be multiple-choice, but there will also be other types of questions. The questions with several choices are challenging.

In many cases, there is more than one answer that is right; nonetheless, you are tasked with selecting the answer that is the best out of the options that are offered.

Questions involving task-based simulations and textual communication are separated into their own sections of the examination, which are referred to as “testlets.”

Time Limitations

The time restriction for each of the four sections is four hours, which means that in order to pass the CPA, you will need to have completed a total of at least 16 hours of examinations.

You will be given an 18-month window beginning on the day that you pass the first section of the test during which you will be allowed to take the following three sections of the test in any order that you choose.

This window will begin when you pass the first section of the test. A good number of applicants decide to start with the test that they believe to be the toughest, and then move on to the others.

There is a hefty registration cost that must be paid, and that fee must be paid again if any part of the exam is attempted and not passed.

Which Part of the Certified Public Accountant Exam Is the Most Challenging: AUD, BEC, FAR, or REG?

As was previously mentioned, the Certified Public Accountant exam is composed of four sections that are further subdivided into testlets. These sections test your knowledge of auditing and attestation (AUD), business environments and concepts (BEC), financial auditing and reporting (FAR), and regulation (REG).

The majority of students enrolled in the CPA program have reported that the FAR component was the most challenging. So that you can be more prepared for the test as a whole, we are going to go through each section and go over the material that will be tested.

Which section of the CPA exam is the most challenging?

According to the data, the FAR is without a doubt the most challenging part of the CPA exam; the section only had a pass rate of slightly more than 46% in the first quarter of 2020.

When this data is contrasted with the Q1 pass rate for BEC, which was a respectable 61 percent, it becomes very evident that fewer people are achieving success with the FAR.

The cost is, of course, the final consideration to take into account. You are required to pay for and have an NTS issued for each segment, and the delivery time for these can range anywhere from several weeks to many months.

If you fail a section, you are required to wait until you have another opportunity to retake it until you can take it again.

The budget and the schedule can frequently be a significant barrier in the way of completing the task within the allotted timeframe of 18 months.

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