Tai Lopez Real Estate Review 2024– Is This Course Legit Or A Scam?

In this post, I am going to discuss Tai Lopez Real Estate 2024

If you are looking to get a steady cash flow, no matter the situation of the stock market, then I have to tell you about a great learning opportunity, that you just cannot miss out on.

With the Tai Lopez Real Estate Program, get ready to swim in money, for that is just what is guaranteed. Hey, I’m a living example of the benefits to be reaped! 

Imagine a scenario where you are traveling the world, enjoying the best food in the company of influential personalities, sipping exotic wines, and rejoicing in the veins of luxury in posh manors.

Ah! Bliss! This scene doesn’t just have to be a reality in the crevices of your mind.

It’s a very real possibility to enjoy the best of travel and luxury, through the magical world of real estate flipping! 

If you are extremely keen and are fascinated by the luxurious lifestyle that real estate investors around the world lead, then you, my friend, are reading the right article.

Bottom Line: Real Estate Program hones your sales skills and works wonders in your investments.

The course content and short videos have all been structured and pre-recorded by real estate professionals and top entrepreneurs.

However, as everyone’s needs and preferences vary, the course may not suit everyone.

Get Started With Tai Lopez Real Estate

With the Real Estate Flipping Program that we are going to talk about, all you have to do is open your mind, and get those knowledge-absorbing juices flowing, to lap up the plethora of information that is coming your way! 

Got your learning caps on? Alright then, get ready to be motivated! 

Want to read our in-depth review of the Tai Lopez Course? We have published a dedicated article on Tai Lopez Course review, that you should definitely check out.

Tai Lopez Real Estate Review

About Tai Lopez Real Estate

If you have been looking at ways to earn that additional income through online courses during the pandemic, you must have stumbled across the name of Tai Lopez, several times. The Real Estate Program analyzed in this article, is yet another brainchild of this terrific entrepreneur. Who knew that real estate could be easy? For me, changing my career course and heading towards the real estate flipping path, seemed like a bleak reality. Where was I supposed to start? That’s when I stumbled onto the real estate flipping program, and from there on out, it was an amazing journey, fueled by great courses and motivational videos, all run by a great mentor.What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when I say real estate? Money, money, and opportunity! One of the biggest pillars of any country’s economy, we all know that there’s money to be made in real estate. But can you really learn to navigate through the complex web of real estate flipping, overnight?With this course, you absolutely can. Taught and structured by great mentors, the course is packed with short, yet informative videos, that will teach you the basics of the world of real estate, and also give you handy tips and tricks from professionals, which I still cherish. The best part is, that this online educational program is never outdated! The Real Estate Program and its course videos are regularly updated, to make sure that you get the best experience and stay up-to-date in the field of real estate.  Tai Lopez Real Estate

What is Real Estate Flipping? 

Before we look at the aspect of who the course is for, let’s see what real estate flipping means. Real estate flipping is a sector of real estate, wherein you invest in a property, refurbish and renovate it if necessary, and then sell it at a higher price, for a greater profit margin. You do not need a realtor license, and can practice it anywhere in the world! If you are someone who has a knack for architecture and interior design and don’t want to apply for a professional license, the Real Estate Program is tailor-made for you. If you have already invested in and flipped houses, but aren’t happy with the profit margins, learn the art of a successful investor and become one of the best in the field! You’re just a few clicks away.Flipping property is no rocket science. It just requires an eye for great architecture and a great knack for sales! With the Real Estate Program, hone your sales skills and watch it work wonders in your investments, just like me! Want to join me at the top of the real estate ladder and float in a pool of money? Then let me tell you what the course offers, right in the comfort of your home. Tai Lopez Real Estate Get Mentored

What Can You Learn?

Good to see you still powering through this article. Since you’ve made it so far, I can only assume that you want to know more about real estate flipping and that you feel the Real Estate Program is tailor-made for you. Before I begin ranting about the course outline, here are some of the most valuable things that the Program taught me: 

  • 24 unique and different ways to attract investors to your property
  • Refining calculating skills, to make the right decisions while flipping real estate
  • Finding the best location to buy and sell property
  • The hottest new trends in the market
  • Financing your first few investments 
  • How to save money on renovation and refurbishment 
  • Structuring the best deals to close with profitable margins
  • Honing your real estate radar and instincts to hound out the best deals
  • Tax breaks associated with investing in real estate
  • Creating a great portfolio of projects that you have successfully closed
  • Negotiating tactics and attractive etiquette
  • How to turn your earnings into passive investment opportunities, and much more! 

If I start talking about all the learning that I reaped through this well-rounded course, there will be no end to this article! There’s a lot more you can learn, so get your magnifying glass out and get exploring! 

real estate flipping program

Course Outline and Benefits

Before you pay for Tai Lopez’s Real Estate Program, I’m sure you would want to do your research as to what you get for the amount you pay. Look no further and click on no more reviews, because I’ve got you covered right here, down below:

Educational Videos

No course or educational program is complete without videos! These detailed videos will teach you the basics of real estate investments, and real estate flipping, and provide you with the right guidance from top professionals and entrepreneurs in the field of real estate. The course is divided into three levels or stages:

  • Level One: Finding Deals

In the first phase of the program, you will learn all about real estate basics. You will learn the secrets behind finding the right real estate properties to flip and will also learn about the different online tools available out there, to make your life easier when it comes to finding clients who want to sell their house at lower asking prices.If your first step is wobbly and all wrong, it will be harder to close the deal! So listen carefully, in a relaxed manner, and let the information soak into your mind. These are the tips that I still hold dear, whenever I am looking for an investment opportunity.

  • Level Two: Funding Deals

Now that you have found the best opportunity to invest, and have the vision to sell it, the next step will be to gather enough dough to grab that deal. For first-time investments, most of us do not have that kind of cash just lying around or are apprehensive about putting all our savings in the same bowl. This phase guides you to get enough cash for investment, by opening up your eyes to the different avenues of cash flow that are at your disposal. These include loans, traditional and creative financing methods, borrowing from lenders, and much more. You also get a brief lesson on common finance terms, so that you don’t fall into the money-lending trap by overlooking the terms and conditions. 

  • Level Three: Structuring Deals and Closing

The final phase was the most important for me, as I just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to close deals and get the profit margin I had hoped for. This phase showed me everything I was doing wrong. From structuring your deals and closing them and reinvesting the money in a new project, this final phase will fine-tune and make you fully ready to head out and flip houses. 

Live Event Ticket

For a limited period when you subscribe to the Real Estate Program, you get a fun bonus. You get a free ticket for any live event hosted by Tai. You can take your pick from any of his upcoming events, and don’t worry about validity! The ticket stays in commission for a whole year.

Asset Management Bonus Course

In this bonus online course at the end of the Program, you get advice from the top guns of finance, on what to do with the money you get through real estate flipping. This is a great opportunity to learn about wise investments and you will definitely lock the opportunity to be financially comfortable for the remainder of your life. Passive income leads to a luxurious life! 

Private Mastermind Community

There are days when procrastination gets the best of us and we just cannot get to the bottom of our to-do list. Before laziness takes over you completely and there’s no way out, hit the private mastermind community that comes with this course subscription! You can connect and chat with like-minded individuals who are taking or have already taken this course and build your web of networks. I met my business partners through this community, and trust me, it is a great treat offered by the Real Estate Program treat. Do not miss out on it, and grab this opportunity! Now that you have seen all that the subscription gets you, what are you waiting for? Get those notebooks and pens ready and make those precious notes. 

how to manage your assets?

Pricing Of Tai Lopez Real Estate

With all the amazing things that the real estate program has to offer, you might be left thinking that it’ll be completely out of your budget. Well, let me tell you the price of this course and then you can decide whether or not your assumption was right. After all, it’s always a wise business decision to know the worth, before blindly splurging on anything. Your first investment tip right there! You can subscribe to the real estate flipping course, through two pricing options:

  • A one-time payment of $699, which I personally recommend you go for, as you’ll save a couple of bucks, or 
  • Four installments of $197, will cost you a total of $788.

There are also additional costs that you will incur, owning to building your real estate company’s brand, such as designing business cards, advertisements, and legal fees. You will be making huge savings either way. In what way, you ask? Well, here’s a breakdown of what the additional bonus features may cost, if bought separately, later on:

  • Real Estate Course – $2997
  • Lifetime membership of Mastermind Community- $1997
  • Free Event Ticket – $1297

As you can see, by purchasing the package deal, you can save a whopping $5592! Don’t you want to buy it now? If you buy the real estate program and are not satisfied with the course content, you can just drop an email to their team. They offer a full refund, valid only for the first thirty days from the day of purchase. Do go through the terms and conditions before you buy the course, to know if you are eligible for a discount! Another valuable lesson that the course taught me, right there.

Pros and Cons of Tai Lopez Real Estate

Let me put everything that you’ve read so far into a neat and detailed list of pros and cons so that you can weigh the good side as well as the bad side of the Real Estate Program:


1. Motivation and Inspiration –

Though short, the course videos are jam-packed with energy and you will be glued to your mobile device, full of captivation and infectious bolts of energy. It will really get you to believe in yourself, and up, on your feet, ready to aim high! 

2. Highly Informative Content –

The main professor knows what he is talking about and you do not get any blunderous information. It’s kept to-the-point and there is no fluffing of content, just to get extra minutes in. 

3. Great Mentors and Teachers –

With top-level professionals guiding you towards the path of success, you couldn’t ask for a better experience.

4. Amazing Portfolio of Testimonials –

Everywhere you search, the internet is filled with glowingly positive reviews, on the Real Estate Program. Don’t believe me? Search for it, and you will see with your own eyes. The mastermind community as well will further propagate positive views on the course, with their real success stories. 

5. Well-Structured Curriculum-

As the course content is clearly outlined, with clear goals and objectives you are not handed over everything at once. Starting with real estate terminologies, and ending with passive investment opportunities, you are taken on a journey, where you can clearly understand the course content, step-by-step.

6. Affordable Pricing-

For a one-time payment, you get access to a huge quantity of content, that has been outlined by professionals. Throw in the bonus features offered in the package, you have a great and super affordable buy.


1. Problems with Money-Back Guarantee-

Though not exactly a huge issue, and it can happen on any platform, some users have complained that they didn’t qualify for the 30-day money-back guarantee. So do read the terms and conditions carefully, to avoid any financial disappointment, before you buy the course. There is no trial period offered. 

2. Exaggerated Success Possibilities-

As every individual has different requirements and different capabilities, the claim of one hundred percent success may be misleading. The information provided can also overwhelm some people, and these factors should be taken into account. There you go! Think over this list of pros and cons, and then make your final decision on whether the Real Estate Program by Tai Lopez is tailor-made for you, or not. Tai Lopez SupportQuick Links

FAQs | Tai Lopez Real Estate

🤷‍♂️Is the Real Estate Program offered by Tai Lopez legit?

Absolutely! The course content and short videos have all been structured and pre-recorded by real estate professionals and top entrepreneurs. However, as everyone’s needs and preferences vary, the course may not suit everyone.

🙋‍♀️Can I apply these teachings anywhere in the world?

Oh, yes! Shelter is an essential physiological need, and everyone wants a cozy home to sleep in, no matter which country or state they belong to. You don’t need a license to flip properties, and so these teachings can be applied anywhere you prefer.

👉Is the Real Estate Program worth it?

That is up to you to decide! I found that the all-encompassing course content and detailed videos offered by actual professionals were worth the price. I made a great profit margin on my first sale, and that compensated for the amount I paid. If you are not satisfied, they offer a money-back guarantee!

Conclusion | Tai Lopez Real Estate 2024

Let’s wrap up after that long read, shall we? I felt that the Real Estate Program was a great start to my journey of flipping houses. The courses were well-thought-of, easy to follow, and gave me a great burst of energy to keep me determined and calm in my approach, no matter how things were going. While some people may argue that a lot of content is available for free on other platforms, I have a strong rebuttal.If the sheer quality of the course content is not enough for you, the learnings you take away at the end of the day is totally life-changing. Nowhere will you find the dedicated efforts of top-notch professionals compiled together into one affordable package! Trust me, even when you finally reach the top rung of the ladder of success, you will look back fondly on the tips and tricks you learned in this program.While you have access to great content, you can’t expect it to seep into your brain, with you sitting idly by! You too, have to put the teachings of the Real Estate Program into practice and be focused on your end goal. So, are you ready to make your dreams of a luxurious lifestyle, a reality by flipping real estate property? Transform your dreams into real-life settings! 

To contact Tai Lopez, click on Support.

To Buy the Books written by Tai Lopez, click here.

Also, connect them on their social pages- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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