Tai Lopez Review 2024: Is Tai Lopez SMMA Program Worth It?

Tai Lopez Review


Tai Lopez is a modern and current trending entrepreneur and advisor whom many people can trust. In the world of social media influencers, you can see his name trending with lots and lots of Tai Lopez reviews. He and his courses are genuinely legit.

Out of 10


  • Money returns policy available.
  • The time limit of the course is based on the nature of these courses.
  • A clear and straightforward demonstration is given for courses.
  • Teach us how to create and vend your courses, too.
  • Good customer support with full help and motivational and encouraging skills people.


  • Confusion in choosing the courses, sometimes they all seem similar.


Price: $ 49

Looking for an unbiased Tai Lopez Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review, I will discuss if the Tai Lopez Course is worth it and whether you should try it.

Are you tired of seeing advertisements on social media promising you a solid step to get you a good business opportunity to make good money?

Have you ever wondered how millionaires became wealthy? Have you heard of Tai Lopez and his success among these millionaires? So, if you haven’t heard of him yet or want to learn more about him.

Tai Lpoez Review

Then you’ve come to the right place, where you can learn everything there is to know about Tai Lopez in this Tai Lopez review and follow in his footsteps to a successful life.

Want to know more about Tai Lopez Courses? Check out the detailed review of Tail Lopez Courses and see if they are worth it.

Well, I decided to give you all a review of him as I have experienced his paid program.

Bottom Line Upfront: Do you want to be successful?

Tai Lopez is a modern and up-to-date entrepreneur and advisor in whom many people have faith. He’s been a social media influencer for years and knows what it takes to make it big. His courses are genuine and will assist you in obtaining everything you require from life.


You are deserving of success! And with Tai Lopez’s “The Millionaire Course,” your dreams can become a reality. Whether you’re just starting or have had some success, this course will show you how to take your business to the next level. So, sign up today instead of waiting for things to happen alone!


Get started now with The Millionaire Course by clicking here!

Tai Lopez says that failure and success are in our hands; it’s not about our abilities but our dedication and passion for success.

You may find a recently trending video on YouTube or any other social media as “Here in my Garage,” the first step to his success; he shares detailed information about his paid courses and programs of how he learned the techniques from people whom he believed at his times.

I highly recommend you go through his 67-step program because, unlike others, he shares his mindset about his plans, and you can even find some free information where he shares his ideas on the internet.

In this article, you will see my point of view about Tai Lopez and learn many things about him and his programs, too, so let’s get started.

Tai Lopez Review 2024: Is He A Valuable Mentor?

Overview of Tai Lopez Review

Tai Lopez primarily founded several well-known and well-liked programs. The 5-minute mentor program, the social media management agency program, and the 67 lessons program are three of the most popular.

In this article, I will go over these three in great detail. For those unaware, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect.


The 5-minute mentor program teaches you everything you need to know about money. It claims to cover everything valuable that your school did not cover.

Everything you need to know about making money, investing it, keeping it coming, credit and business troubleshooting, choosing mentors to guide you on the right path, and so on.

Now, 5 minutes may not seem like much, but they can make a significant difference in your life if you want them to. All you need is 5 minutes of sincere dedication, an open mind, and a willingness to learn something new from this program every day, and Tai Lopez will take care of the rest.

The 67 lessons program, as the name implies, includes everything Tai Lopez has learned over the years from books, mentors, and his own experiences.

This video-heavy course promises to show you how to achieve your goals in life. His life stories have more context and are more motivational since he is a great role model for achievement.

Tai Lopez Review

They inspire you to want to design your life in this manner and grow as well. A relatable story-like format adds a personal touch to the lessons, making you feel as if you were having your very own mentor teach you everything.

So, let us dive in and try to comprehend what Tai Lopez and his enterprising courses are about. I am confident that by the end of this article, you will be much more knowledgeable and motivated about the Tai Lopez Review and his works.

Why Do I recommend Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez featured in Forbes

Here is why I can easily recommend Tai Lopez to anyone:

1. 5-Minute Mentor


  • Daily updates

This program offers new and practical information every single day.

So, although the tutorials are for just 5 minutes every day, and you might feel that what can be covered quickly, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn something unique and novel every day.

  • Crisp and Straight-Forward Material

In only 5 minutes, the material must get right to the point without waffling. This is precisely what you can anticipate from this program.

Without a doubt, the information is crystal clear. I am always determined to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

So you can do this anytime, from when you first wake up to when you’re stuck in traffic. Trust me, with such simple information, all you’ll notice are the advantages.

  • Accessible on All Devices

You can access the video tutorials in the member’s area using any device that connects to the internet. So, there are no restrictions and complete freedom to view on the move.

  • Tai’s Very Own Personal Lessons

You can learn everything Tai Lopez’s mentor taught him years ago when he was about to start. It’s always great to have inspiration.

With these videos, through Tai Lopez, you will get to view some of the most successful people globally in various industries. That’s a lot of experience in just 5 minutes.

  • Consistent Learning

This is similar to how exercise only benefits you if you do it daily. Similarly, having new knowledge and information available to you daily will give you a boost and cause your mind to expand, resulting in new thought processes.

As a result, making full use of those five wholesome minutes of your day aids in consistent learning.

  • Archived Videos

Archived videos help review and revise the previous lessons and not just move ahead without fully understanding the matter taught the day before. That is a huge thing when it comes to learning anything.

 2. SMMA 3.0


  • Interactive Community

Here, you get a chance to discuss and share with like-minded people. There are daily interactions that help you find the answers you are looking for and help you in more ways than you can imagine.

It is easy to connect with people here, and the community as a whole is united and like-minded, like a big, fat family.

  • Extensive Coverage

This program covers everything under the sky about social media management. Right from understanding strictly how social media works to striking your first deal and dealing with potential clients, everything is covered here.

Also, the material is updated regularly and includes all the latest techniques and strategies. This program is perfect if you need help or advice boosting your business and getting more clients.

  • Downloadable Script

You can watch the video tutorials whenever you want, and with the downloadable scripts, you can learn anytime.

This saves you time and energy spent gathering relevant information from various sources all over the place when all you have to do is sign up for this program and get all those benefits in one place at your leisure.

  • Responsive Customer Support

The team members are available and happy to help you whenever needed. With this program, you get priority access to the staff team for solving any of your queries or answering any questions you might have during this program.

  • Knowledge from Multiple Experts

This course will be taught to you by Tai Lopez and many different digital marketing experts. So you benefit from all of their knowledge combined in one course.

There are almost 34 teachers throughout the four modules in the program, around 12 more in the bonus section, and also on live calls. Absorb from their perspectives and make the most of their expertise all in just one place.

  • Library Access

With this program, you get access to the state-of-the-art and improved, updated library along with lessons in Sales, Marketing, and Persuasion available for the limited bonus edition.

3. 67 Steps


  • Detailed Material

Unlike other programs by Tai Lopez, this one is much heavier and more detailed. It gets in deep and focuses on everything you need to know relevant to the course.

67 is a considerable number, so you can expect this course to be a little heavy on your mind with various novel ideas and insights into common and uncommon situations. Loads to learn if you’re up for it.

  • Viewer-Friendly Format that Aids Memory

Almost all videos feature Tai Lopez staring into the camera for 30 minutes. He tells you about his experiences and the lessons he wants to share with you in a very informal, story-telling format that is interesting and easy to remember.

Because the talks have a personal touch, many viewers enjoy this course and feel as if Tai Lopez is speaking directly to them, giving them personal tips and suggestions on how to get what they want.

  • Revision after Each Session

After each lesson is over, there is a series of questions that have to be answered. Without this, the lesson will not be considered complete.

It is excellent to aid immediate revision and ensure you understand the lesson before moving on to the next one. That is a thoughtful strategy indeed.

  • Wide Exposure

Since it is one person talking about every experience he has ever had or every book he has read and what his mentors have told him, it is a course filled with new perspectives, ideas, and thoughts.

Which can be quite a handful if you are not prepared for it. But if you look at it positively and are a very dedicated learner, all these will surely benefit you.

Since he is such a huge success, his stories will make much more sense to you as they won’t sound like just preaching. He sure does practice what he preaches.

  • More Material

This course offers more than 100 hours of video material content. This includes 30 hours of the main material and the rest added in the bonus part of the course.

So much for one price; the value for money course is Cool.

Top 12 Best Learnings From Tai Lopez

Here are the 12 best learning lessons from Tai Lopez:

1. Deserve the Life You Need 

Tai Lopez tells us the essential things about gaining a “good life.” He claims that people have a misunderstanding in that they consider a good life without putting forth their total effort to reach their goal.


Do you believe you deserve a better life based on your efforts and dedication when you look at yourself and your current situation? Do you think you’re capable of more than you are now?

Take charge of your life; accept responsibility for your failures and successes. Improve your thinking and attitude in your character, and if you follow these two major rules of your “Attitude and Thoughts,” you will have a successful life.

2. Be Versatile 

Being versatile directly means adapting to your surroundings, and you should adapt to all the changing seasons to lead a “good life.”

Suppose you have a steady and stationary skill that can not survive in this considerable environment. In that case, you need to look for a chance to survive, utilize your changes as an advantage, and never make your choices; if you can’t be firm, make your options permanent or don’t make them.

I usually learn to be alert about the current actions and environment, look at my habits, and then make decisions permanently because my regular habits alert me how I will probably be firm and bold in my decision-making skills.

So, make decisions and think about them twice.

3. Being Honest

Being humble and honest is the first key to success. Humanity is the purest thing we get from humans.

Yes, it takes time, but it will show you the way to inner peace and satisfaction without regretting anything.

Learning from people who are more successful than you can inspire you to rise to the occasion and teach others what you have learned thus far.

Many people resist listening to those who have accomplished more than them to maintain their self-esteem, but you must understand that you will never be able to achieve your goals without learning at every stage of your life.

Learn from your mentors and experts how much you can stop regretting your mistakes and learn from them. Buy and gain knowledge through books, watch seminars, and focus on experts’ speeches.

Be humble and honest with yourself, and follow one step at a time.

4. Resist the Negativity

When getting counseling from people, notice them carefully and choose your experts well. Some people advise you on what they have heard from others, but you need to know your mentor must have experienced what they are consulting you.

For instance, don’t take financial advice from someone who is already broke and struggling financially.

Even if you can’t find any person to mentor you in a good way, neglect them because they come with a negative vibe, and if you work on it, you will get no results, and then the negativity surrounds you, and you’ll repeat the same mistake as other people do.

You’ll learn far better things from books than a person can teach you something, and this is the best way to resist negativity.

5. Salary Slave Mentality

Have you ever noticed people work to get paid, but they do not gain any knowledge or experience? Yes, even if you’ve observed this situation with your close ones.

First of all, resist this mentality of salary slave and focus on getting paid according to your performance and watch your inner satisfaction level increase.

I experienced this when I saw myself getting paid for my performance and talent.

You can make your skills your all-time profession, and then opportunities come knocking on your door with profit, and then you shouldn’t have to worry about the salary slave mentality thing in your life.

The better way to improve yourself is to try better and more, find them turning where you could have done better, and ask your manager to pay you based on your performance instead.

6. Be Firm With Your Decision

Tai frequently discusses adversity and prosperity; you may wonder what this means. He’s trying to tell us that if we don’t sacrifice ourselves today, we won’t have a good tomorrow; sacrifice our phantom desires now, the things we’re addicted to.

These are the real distractions you are dealing with right now, which can lead you to danger. Make tough decisions, and remember that you can get your favorites when you are successful and more independent.

Your brain is drawn to simple things that provide temporary happiness but can lead to a whole new set of regrets in the future. Get rid of alcohol, fast food, and other things that can distract your mind.

Even social media is suitable to a limit, maintaining and balancing your brain by doing relaxing activities like yoga, workouts, gyms, etc., and seeing yourself balancing your decision without any regrets.

7. Never Ignore

Always remember your success is based on your knowledge, dedication, and ignorance. Whenever you face any problem or get stuck in a situation, never ignore or try to omit it.

Always try to solve your problems for long-term needs so that they do not become a hindrance in the future.

Consider the following: How does this happen? How can we fix it? It does not imply sitting on a problem for days and wasting your time ahead of time.

There is always a solution to every problem. Stop ignoring those problems and devise an excellent and permanent solution to ensure the same mistake does not occur again.

8. Maintenance and Invest in Money

What do you think? Success is all about making money. Not at all; it’s more than just making money and growing and spending it side by side.

A better idea is to make money and invest in maintenance for future needs and necessities.

People usually think of buying goods and things for luxury and think of it as their investment. Tai has taught us the difference between consumption and investments we make for our future.

People usually start spending not only money but also their time and health with it without thinking it is necessary to save time and health because once it is lost, it won’t return to us, and even if they realize it will be too late to change it again or regain it back.

So, it is better to start from the beginning to have an investor and management mindset, knowing the consequences later. It’s not too late to start now.

9. Know the Truth 

Never ignore the truth which lies straight in front of you. Your life is more than black and white, bad and good; sometimes, it’s neutral too, and more colorful than you think.

After working the whole day, look at yourself and ask yourself whether I am okay. Am I eating healthy? Have a look at your bank balance at regular intervals of time and see whether your bank is good enough these days.

Consider whether you are too busy to devote time to your relationships with others. Are you giving yourself enough time? Answer yourself, and don’t ignore the truth.

If the answer is bitter, try to break the habit as soon as you realize you need to.

I’ve discovered that keeping a journal regularly is the best way to learn about yourself. It’ll tell you what you need and what’s not working.

Tai always reminds us to live our lives for success. Deal with the truth and be aware of your reality.

10. Primacy and Precedence

You are still lying about many things, but you know it’s a lie; you are sometimes not ready to accept the consequences.

Not everything you find appealing is necessary; you must understand what is essential. Resting is sometimes beneficial, but making yourself a priority is far superior.

Balance your life; rushing is unnecessary if you can’t stop now. Take one step at a time, breathe, restart, and try to balance, and you will succeed one day.

Sometimes, you are your worst enemy, and other times, you are simply the source of your demotivation and lack of encouragement.

Be bold and courageous to deal with your inner negative side, and try to take any action people can not usually do. It will make a difference in your life and give you a reason to get priority and precedence for yourself.

11. Learning Something New Every Day

The 67-day plan will teach you new things to ponder and continuously teach you unique business-related attributes, eventually increasing your knowledge base and rationality, making you feel more and more intelligent, confident, and business-like.

12. Detailed Information

The 67-step plan will give you the maximum and most necessary information you should fill yourself with. Providing you with detailed information, endless ideas, and insights.

Any individual will, as guaranteed, get the best ideas at their doorstep through this 67-day plan, offering you the innumerable things you need to look after.

These video lessons can be watched anytime and every time or as and when we require the most out of it and the steps associated with it.

Tai Lopez Review Pillars

Tai Lopez Course Pricing Plans:

Tai Lopez is an expert, e-commerce or business specialist, more like a social media marketer and a renowned person offering courses strategic to your business; he has well-equipped plans and fantastic courses mentioned with the pricing as follows-

Plan 1

Name of the plan- SMMA 3.0.

Price- $49.00.

  • Incorporates- well-deserving and qualified professionals who have witnessed organic growth have excelled in every sphere and eventually gained success from whatever they have disseminated or taught.
  • It is all about learning from the experts and people with high intellect, having their agencies, collaborating with a high level of competitive clients, and learning from those who have witnessed and stimulated expenditure in millions only for advertising.
  • Learning from all the people with rich experiences can lead you to a better path in life.
  • Why choose this plan?- Choose this plan because it lets you unleash innumerable features, providing you with limited-time bonus courses in marketing, sales, and other essential attributes.

Plan 2

Name of the plan- 5 minutes mentor

Price- giving the special offer of about $1 meant for about three days and granting $5/month.

  • Incorporates- Tai Lopez is teaching these courses; this course doesn’t require much investment or expenditure of about 50,000-10,000.
  • Lessons taught are easy to grasp, have strategic points, and demand your attention for 5 minutes daily. As a subscriber to this plan, I have consumed the best possible benefits and lessons related to marketing strategies and proper ways to invest my money on viable offers and deals with excellent consultant pieces of advice and pros and cons associated with it.
  • Why choose this plan?- Every user like me would want to avail of this limited offer or timely deal as Tai Lopez teaches us the courses with appropriate visuals, clarity, and understanding.
  • We can even record and view his teaching videos countless times, and guess what can be returned from the archives.
  • Tai Lopez is an excellent teacher and a mentor brimmed with the storehouse and truckloads of business learning strategies, knowledge, and lessons.

Plan 3

Name of the plan- 67 steps

Price- giving a special offer of about $1 for about three days, comprising about $5/month.

  • Incorporates- it is one of the plans Tai tutors and mentors people all by himself, asking you not to pay the heavy amount of money that individuals usually pay for other plans. Offer you in-depth details about business plan ideas and the necessary insights. Every video tutorial Tai Lopez offers can be recorded and brought back from archives as and when one needs to recapitulate oneself with crucial points and strategies for his lessons.
  • Why choose this plan?- Every user would want to choose this plan as it has some of the finest features, which are no less than mere advantages and positive points to the plans. The qualities offered by the plan are-(seems incomplete)
  • Offers a video tutorial- one can record the lessons as offered and given by him and can very easily access the video tutorials from any device, offering them the best possible learning experiences with appropriate knowledge and understanding.

Important Principles For Tai Lopez

This 67-step guide provides us with the fundamental ideas used effectively and efficiently by others in our position.


As a result, Tai has become a prominent figure in the business world and on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Nonetheless, these pricing plans will provide the most benefits, best learning opportunities, and experiences within the limited, low-cost, price-based plans.

Tai Lopez is the most well-known and popular marketer, with excellent plans and courses.

Tai Lopez Books

Tai Lopez Pros and Cons


  • He focuses more on mentoring and motivating than on proving himself right and that he knows everything.
  • The time limit of the course is based on the nature of these courses.
  • A clear and straightforward demonstration is given for courses.
  • Good customer support with full help and motivational and encouraging skills people.
  • Tai Lopez has good motivational skills; he sets an excellent example for people to lead their lives to success.


  • So many courses are available, which can mess up our minds to choose one among them and on which course to put money.
  • He sometimes stresses the hard work and focus needed for success, leading to low self-esteem for people.
  • Confusion in choosing the courses, sometimes they all seem similar.

Tai Lopez Customer Support Review

Tai Lopez and his team have been reaching out to customers and operators in case of any confusion or questions. Individuals have raised some concerns that they have.

The team has been attempting to incorporate or receive the most problems to clear their doubts about the 67-step program or to obtain the VIP subscription.

Tai Lopez Reviews

The support team will always be at your doorstep, trying to reach out to you in the best possible way. For any help, you can contact the following email address-

Email address- [email protected]

The team will eventually contact you by email. If our questions remain unanswered, we can call this number: 1.800.604.2587.

Then, add additional information, such as your email address and phone number. The team would like to respond to your text/SMS messages immediately. We can visit TAILOPEZ.com for more information on Tai Lopez and his lessons or courses.

The team is highly receptive and responsive to the people’s needs and aspirations. Thus, if anyone has questions about a user’s account, please email [email protected], and if we need to talk privately, please email [email protected].

Tai Lopez Review: He even has his account on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube.

Top 3 Best Tai Lopez Alternatives:

If you think the Tai Lopez program is expensive and shady, then these are the best alternatives that you might want to consider:

1. Marisa Peer

You can transform your life by learning from Marisa in her latest book, Uncompromised Life – which shares how to create a life without limits through simple steps that produce dramatic results

Check Out Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer Here

2. Affiliate Lab

Affiliate Lab is an all-inclusive course that teaches marketers, SEO specialists, and students everything they need to know about affiliate marketing. You’ll learn search engine optimization, test-backed strategies for building backlinks, and more.

Check Out the Affiliate Lab Here

3. Commission Hero

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online. Commission Hero will show you how to start and how it works so you can start making money immediately.

You’ll learn everything from product selection, website setup, traffic generation, ad creation, and conversion tracking.

It’s a simple course with plenty of real-world examples and case studies, so there’s no reason not to succeed!

Check Out Commission Hero Here

Quick Links


How can I get a refund?

Before receiving a refund, the company will ask you for your required information and contact details for the confirmation of the operator’s account. One can even reach out for support at the following email address: [email protected]. The refund will be given to the user within 30 days. Every user is expected to look after the terms of use slide, exclaiming the required refund and cancellation policy information. The lessons are considered to fulfill the completion only after viewing the video and asking to leave a comment. After this, only the lessons are considered to be complete.

How to directly communicate and interact with Tai Lopez?

To communicate and interact with Tai Lopez, you need to attend the conferences. Webinars and private seminars to meet or communicate with Tai. You can contact him privately at [email protected]

How to avail of a VIP subscription?

To avail a VIP subscription, you need to subscribe to his plans, courses, and lessons he offers like 67 step plan, you can become a member of this plan, and eventually, being a part of it will stimulate the VIP calls, apart from this you even get to obtain Tai’s videos of recorded sessions in case one is unable to join alive. Tai looks over your questions and problems, giving you effective strategies to boost yourself with the necessary efficacy. You can even enjoy Tai’s training program; this program includes 10 minutes of daily video with basic learning information. Tai, along with his other professionals, trains us fully. The 67 Steps program has been the VIP program where TAI turns out to be your tutor, educator, and mentor. This plan even has a 13 days trial, but it has some important costs associated with it, like pricing of about $69.99/month.

Conclusion: Tai Lopez Review 2024

Pheww!!! I’ve learned a lot about Tai Lopez and his courses, and now it’s time to see what decisions can be made from this article. I conducted extensive research and provided an unbiased review; now, it is up to you to decide.

As I previously stated, I completed this course and found investing my money in my personal development worthwhile.

I suppose I should say that the courses and features mentioned in detail above may have given you an idea about the course with their planning details.

Am I right?

So, whatever decision you make, try the course and don’t be concerned about your money because, even if you are dissatisfied with the results, the course will refund your money within a specific time frame, but the course is worth trying once.

Tai Lopez is a modern and current trending entrepreneur and advisor many people can trust. In the world of social media influencers, his name is trending with numerous Tai Lopez reviews.

He is the man who shows you the way to success in your business. Choose wisely, and I assure you that you will not be sorry for taking this course because it will stay with you until the end, providing motivation and encouragement.

To contact Tai Lopez, click on Support.

To Buy the Books written by Tai Lopez, click here.

Also, connect them on their social pages- FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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