Mindvalley Bending Reality Review 2024: Should You Join This Masterclass? (Truth)

Mindvalley Bending Reality Review


My Personal Opinion. Lakhiani delved deeply into the development of consciousness in The Bending Reality. From talking about the state of mind, a human should be in for someone's mind to begin “ bending reality” to citing the experiences and studies of others with his thoughts is pretty impactful.

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  • Courses on a variety of topics, including mental health and growth
  • Lots of courses
  • Deep exploration of the evolution of one's consciousness
  • Mindvalley offers courses related to mental health and growth.
  • The course goes into the state of mind needed to start "bending reality".


  • Leveled-up pricing


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Looking for an unbiased Mindvalley Bending Reality Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review, I will discuss whether Mindvalley Bending Reality is worth it and whether you should try it.

Anybody wanting to comprehend and know more about Mindvalley Bending Reality has arrived at the right article.

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Bottom Line Upfront:

In the denomination regarding Bending Reality, Vishen explains some unspoken truths. He also speaks about his intimate instants and eternities.

Mindvalley Bending Reality Review

He puts all the private adaptation into exercise. Mindvalley provides you with lots of courses related to your mental health and your growth.

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Why has only Vishen been brought to Equip and Educate You? 

Mindvalley, which Vishen Lakhiani started, exists at the prime of the academic realm. It is equipping millions of students across the planet with transformational education and is thriving and prospering rapidly.

The founder of Mindvalley is an uncommon man; he has spent almost fifteen years of his life exploring science to enable the masses to decipher their natural talent and other capabilities and capacities.

In addition, Vishen Lakhiani has also established A-Fest, Mindvalley Quests, Mindvalley University, and various supplementary outlets, helping the masses shape and transform their lives accordingly.

His capabilities have directed Mindvalley in association with Fortune 500 companies, other public institutions, and millions across the earth, where they train people to steer and live an exemplary life.

His stints in the public sector and as a rhetorician have also transformed many people in pedagogy, well-being, and socio-politics. 

Lakhiani primarily discloses his connotations of Bending Reality in an oration in 2009 in Calgary, Alberta. There, he disseminated the podium with the flawless Dalai Lama. At the same time, he characterized Mindvalley as “being in the flow.”

What Is Bending Reality Masterclass?

There are four milestones of Human existence. Vishen directs people that presently, everyone should think of satisfaction, and in the future, everyone should have a set idea and conception. Both of these aspects require to be incorporated.

Any unevenness can lead to difficulty and drawbacks. It depends on individuality, how one can mix up the two to achieve all these four mind states.

Mindvalley bending reality masterclass

The negative spiral: It is the condition where one is not glad momentarily or has any future proposals.

Current Reality trap: This condition clasps short-term satisfaction. Momentarily, one feels pleased but cannot replenish enjoyment and prosperity in the long run.

Stress and Anxiety: This state appears when one works harshly but doesn’t progress satisfactorily. This condition can also occur when one has no future agendas and proposals.

Bending Reality: This is the standard and definitive situation. During these circumstances, one shares both pleasure and a future proposal. In this stage, one anticipates joy and also enjoys future vision.

You will discover resources, the right plans, and people in this stage. Later, this satisfaction is a power that shoves your ideas and vision.

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More virtually about Bending Reality:

Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, has also authored The Extraordinary Mind, where he talks about Bending Reality in its sixth chapter.

Mindvalley bending reality courses

In the book, Vishen Lakhiani has shared how a person can achieve momentary gladness and future vision. He shares how one can be an adequate and transformer sage and master of the era.

He has also spoken about numerous hacks, challenges, regulations, and paths to achieve definitive stability and success.

Bending Reality’s Profit and Fun Mantra:

Once a person starts to splash and examine new ideas, creations, and ways of existence, his life becomes more and more vibrant. These actions crave more desires. This all ultimately blossoms one as a human being.

But the barricade is one’s artistic doings; these values don’t let one go beyond. These cultural values will instead pinch you to interrogate our given mantras. 

Bending Reality masterclass review

I assure you one can attain both the desired strategy and momentarily gladness, not meagrely but sufficiently. As a result, the composition of both can equalize the balance of life.

This is what Vishen calls living in a state of Bending reality. Vishen believes luck hunts at his back when one thrives in this state, and the world moves him aside.

A Bending Reality gives rise to better times and evolving vision at the fastest velocity. In Mindvalley’s masterclass, bending reality will come true before you.

One needs to chase enormous dreams, but at the same time, one shouldn’t associate one’s enjoyment with these goals. One should be glad about the present period and enjoy the moments before attaining future purposes.

Why has Bending Reality been named alike?

The founding fathers of this milestone have named it alike because when one commences living in this set of states, all the affairs and surroundings bend the circumstances to make one pleased. With this state, everything molds its direction in shaping your way.

Duo Extensively Crucial Ingredients of Bending Reality:

Now, let us peek at the two most valuable components of Bending Reality.

Momentarily happiness

As per the intellect of Vishen, one must be delighted with available possessions. One shouldn’t associate present happiness with doom vision; one must incorporate his idea into the perception of applause and acknowledgment.

By adopting this procedure, one does not have to wait very long to attain happiness. 

Grow a cheering future destiny.

Throughout his whole course, Vishen has emphasized the Future vision. This could be like clambering peaks, exploring values, flourishing family, or craving an excellent product.

How is Bending Reality perceived?

Vishen himself discerns Bending Reality as esoteric and metaphysical. He believes if one learns to live in this state, everything starts to plummet his way.

According to him, being in a Bending Reality state positions one to take a mystical approach to solving any crisis. This is perhaps because when one gets engaged in shaping the future destiny, other stuff hardly bothers him.

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What Bending Reality Offers You?

In each 90-minute Master lesson, one can comprehend and understate one’s cognitive status. We invite you to hold up this quick-timed workout to know your state and condition.

Secondly, we instruct and educate on molding circumstances according to one’s mental temperament. Mr. Lakhiani speaks practically about how to grab suitable options and opportunities. He talks about how one can build alternatives to achieve the embodiment of caliber.

Vishesh Lakhani mindvalley masterclass review

You will understand how one becomes a prisoner of one’s feelings and how one can smack artistic barricades to achieve altitudes of aptitude, art, wisdom, and harmony. This is the antidote to misfortune.

Whatever it is, be it discomfort, prosperity, or health-related dilemmas, we are helping you to shape delight into your life very shortly. You would get knowledgeable about the drastic side consequences of consciousness expansionism.

Being with us can unlock the entrances of inspiration, stability, peace, and, most importantly, the power to bend realities. You will learn how to fix and overhaul all the damages. It also offers numerous life-shifting lessons that Lakhiani has gained from 25 years of experience.

Why Should I Recommend Mindvalley’s Bending Reality?

In his book The Bending Reality, Lakhiani goes rather profoundly into developing one’s awareness.

From talking about the state of mind that a person should be in for someone’s mind to begin “bending reality” to referencing the experiences and research of others with his views, he can have quite an influence.

Mindvalley Bending Reality Review

In his well-known 6-phase meditation, which may also be found on YouTube, you will also discover more advanced methods to put into practice.

Utilizing these strategies can assist you in accelerating the process of working toward the vision and objectives you have set for yourself.

Suppose you have been putting creative visualization into practice but still have difficulties with manifestation. In that case, you will be astounded to learn that most individuals do it incorrectly.

Vishen makes available the correct strategies that gave him and others who followed them remarkable consistency in their outcomes.


What are the four phases of human existence?

One can be in four stages or four cognitive states, Negative spiral, Current Reality trap, stress and anxiety, and into the Bending Reality phase.

What is the statute of Bending Reality?

In precise, According to the law of Bending Reality, incredible minds have the power to shape the realities according to their existence.

What are the two most significant components of Bending Reality?

The two most crucial elements of Bending Reality is to be delighted with the present circumstances and having exciting and thrilling future visions and goals.

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Conclusion: Mindvalley Bending Reality Review 2024

In Mindvalley Bending Reality, Lakhiani goes into depth to decipher the evolution of one’s consciousness.  In Bending Reality, one collects the procedures that can’t be obtained from platforms like YouTube.

Vishen Lakhiani also offers techniques that add wisdom, intellect, delight, and peace to beauty glitter.

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