How to Disable Gravatars in WordPress

In this piece, we’ll demonstrate How to Disable Gravatars in WordPress. Are you certain that you want to turn off Gravatars in WordPress?

Gravatars are displayed on WordPress in place of user profile images, also known as Avatars. It is a service provided by a third party that gives users the ability to utilize the same profile picture across multiple websites.

Gravatars have a lot of applications, but one of their most popular uses is in WordPress comments. On the other hand, it’s possible that some users won’t want to use Gravatars at all.

How to Disable Gravatars in WordPress

Gravatars are a type of user profile picture that may be uploaded to a user’s WordPress website and then used by that user across the internet. Gravatars are provided by a third-party service.

Create an account first, then upload a picture of yourself to use as your profile picture.

How to Disable Gravatars in WordPress

After that, whenever you enter that specific email address on a website that supports Gravatar, your profile photo that is stored on the Gravatar website will be displayed automatically instead of the default image.

Please refer to our article on “What is Gravatar and Why You Should Use It” for further information.

On the other hand, some website proprietors could choose not to use Gravatars for a variety of reasons.

For example, they might want to disable it so that the website operates more efficiently and more quickly.

In a similar vein, some website proprietors might choose not to use Gravatar because they are concerned about users’ privacy.

In light of the foregoing, let’s investigate the straightforward process of disabling Gravatars in WordPress.

Disabling Gravatars in WordPress

Your website’s Gravatars may be modified or disabled in a snap with WordPress’s user-friendly interface.

After logging in to the administration area of your website, navigate to the Settings » Discussion page. This step cannot be skipped.

From this point forward, you will need to scroll down to the Avatars section and uncheck the box that is located next to the option to show the avatars.

How to Disable Gravatars in WordPress

Remember to click the Save Changes button in order to save your preferences in their current state.

Gravatars will be disabled throughout your entire website once WordPress is updated. In place of your Gravatar picture, you will now see a generic user symbol in the toolbar accessible to administrators.

User profile photo disabled

In a similar manner, the Gravatar icon won’t be displayed on the comments page that’s located inside the admin area.

Comments page without Gravatar images

In addition, WordPress will stop displaying Gravatar photos in the comments section under posts and pages you have created.

How to Disable Gravatars in WordPress

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How to Replace Gravatar with Local Avatars in WordPress?

It’s possible that some users will want to disable Gravatar yet maintain the ability to display profile photographs elsewhere, such as under author bios.

This enables you to maintain the functionality of avatars in WordPress while also giving users the ability to add their own profile pictures. Gravatars are disabled concurrently, and your website is prevented from sending any requests or inquiries to the Gravatar website.

In order to accomplish this, you will need to download the WP User Avatars plugin and turn it on. Check out our comprehensive walkthrough of how to install a WordPress plugin for more information and specifics.

You are need to visit the Settings » Discussion page immediately after activation and tick the box that is located next to the ‘Block Gravatar’ option.

Block Gravatar

Remember to click the Save Changes button in order to save your preferences in their current state.

The plugin will now prevent any requests from being sent to, but it will still let you preserve the functionality of avatars.

Users will be required to upload their own images under their profiles in order to upload photos for their profiles.

To view your profile, simply navigate to Users » Profile. You now have the option to either select an image from the media library or upload one from your personal computer to use.

Local avatar

Remember to click the Update Profile button in order to save your changes after making any modifications.

Gravatars are being phased out in favor of user-defined profile pictures within WordPress. It will display the default avatar image that you set up in the configuration settings for anyone who has not yet registered for the site.

It will use the customized avatar image that the user has uploaded for each and every registered user. If a user hasn’t submitted their own unique avatar image, the plugin will make use of the image that is stored in its default location.

We sincerely hope that this post was helpful in guiding you through the process of How to Disable Gravatars in WordPress

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