Lisa Nichols Speak and Inspire Review 2024: Is Speak and Inspire Worth The Hype?

Lisa Nichols Speak and Inspire Review


It is completely worth your money. For my part, I believe the training significantly aided me in achieving my objectives. Lisa Nichols gave me all the tools I needed to improve my communication skills, whether speaking or writing.

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Looking for an unbiased Lisa Nichols Speak and Inspire Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review, I will discuss whether Speak and Inspire is worth it and whether you should try them.

Speaking is an art, and it’s one that many of us want to improve. And yet, few people know how to communicate well in public.

Lisa Nichols Speak and Inspire Review

Many of the world’s most famous orators are also some of the most excellent speakers who have ever lived. But if you’re not a professional speaker, chances are you don’t have their skill set either.

So what can we do? How can we learn from them without spending years studying?

The answer lies with Lisa Nichols and her newest book, Speak & Inspire, by Lisa Nichols. By learning from these great masters (and reading this book), you can take your speaking skills to the next level!

In this post, I have shared my review of Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols, and I have covered:

  • Why is Lisa Nichols worthy to train you?
  • What will you get to learn?
  • Should you enroll in this course?
  • Things you should know before enrolling
  • And much more…

Bottom Line Upfront: Are you looking for a new way to communicate?

Lisa Nichols is one of the most famous orators in history. She has mastered motivation and communication, making her an excellent speaker. Her speeches are motivational and inspiring, with powerful messages that will leave you feeling empowered.

You can learn great speaking skills from the world’s most famous lady Lisa Nichols.

Lisa Nichols As Seen On

You can have your own success story too! Learn how to be an amazing speaker by enrolling today!

This course will teach you everything that Lisa knows about public speaking so that when it’s your turn on stage – people will listen. It’s time for YOU to shine bright and inspire others through your words.

Join Speak & Inspire By Lisa Nichols Today!

What is MindValley Quest?

The MindValley quest is a next-step online learning model powered by MindValley’s revolutionary platform, which makes learning so much fun.

Their quests are broken into bite-size pieces, i.e., each day, you will be asked to complete one video lesson and then practice one task, which takes around 20 minutes. Doesn’t this sound fun?

Do you wish to know more about this quest? Please keep reading to learn more about the pursuit and its details. 

Before we get into more details of the quests, let us know more about the trainer and do a complete review of Lisa Nichols’s Masterclass.

Lisa Nichols Review: Why Lisa Nichols Is Worthy Of Train You?

Who Is Lisa Nichols?

Lisa Nichols is one of the most well-known speaking coaches across the globe.

She has mastery in motivation and communication, making her one of the most famous orators in history, along with icons like John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and many more.

Her fantastic communication skills were evident on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

When she appeared on the show, her ability to connect with her audience and how she presented her story got her many invitations to media appearances worldwide.

Speak and Inspire Quest review- Lisa Nichols Review

She was also invited to become a co-author of “Chicken Soup for the African American Soul,” a book that talks about both the joys and struggles of being an African American.

She also appeared in many more shows. The Steve Harvey Show is one of the many shows where she appeared. This led her to attain more than 100M views as the snippets of the talk went viral over the internet. All of this is because of Lisa’s communication abilities.

Lisa Nichols: The Struggle

Before reaching the epitome of this success and recognition, she led a life full of struggle and scarcity at a level beyond one’s imagination. Lisa, in 1994, was a single mother living in South Central Los Angeles.

She survived merely on government assistance. Even buying a diaper for her baby was a big deal as she had only $11.42. But Lisa was a fighter for whom giving up was never an option.

Lisa Nichols Speaker at A-Fest

She gathered all that she had to improve her situation. Her pain from the past forced her to help others lead better lives. Today, she is the CEO of a company worth over $5 million.

Nichols is famous because of her impact on the lives of so many teens worldwide.

Lisa Nichols: Motivating the Teen Spirit

Motivating the Teen Spirit is a non-profit organization and foundation through which Lisa has reached out to more than 2,70,000 teens, supported around 2,500 dropouts to get back to school, stopped approximately 3,800 teens from suicide, and helped many to reunite with their families.

In early 2000, Lisa appeared in a hit documentary named The Secret. After this, Lisa started to get inquiries about teaching people how to communicate the way she does.

Lisa Nichols Testimonials

She then dedicated all her life to teaching people public communication and speaking skills. In the upcoming decade, she was widely known as the world’s top coach in public speaking. Lisa today reaches out to more than 80 Million people every year.

Lisa Nichols Achievements

Talking more about Lisa’s achievements, She is the author of 6 best-selling books, including the text “No Matter What,” a New York Times Bestseller.

She has received awards like The Ambassador Award, Heart Of Learning Award (LEGO Foundation), and Humanitarian Award (South Africa) for her incredible work.

Now that we know how amazing the trainer of this MindValley Quest is let us dive into the details of the Speak And Inspire.

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Lisa Nichols Speak And Inspire Review 2024

This MindValley Quest works towards awakening the persuasive hidden communicator within you. You are trained about how to captivate a person or even an audience at large, all with the power of natural charisma within you.

You also learn how you can come out and confidently speak the truth and channel the emotions that lie deep within so you can persuade, motivate, and inspire everyone around you.

The program’s design is based on the model of learning by MindValley’s quest. It makes learning both fun and addictive, just like a game.

On average, you need to invest only 10 minutes of the day. With every lesson, you learn small and powerful techniques by which you can master the art of speaking.

Lisa Nichols Testimonials 1

As you proceed with the quest, you will learn more skills daily. By the 30th day, you will probably be one of your organization’s best speakers.

Even if you are introverted, a nerve-wracking person, totally inexperienced, or communication is not your strength, this quest will make you emerge as someone with the incredible capability of speaking and inspiring.

Continue reading ahead to learn more about each of the four parts of this quest.

What the Speak and Inspire Class Is All About?

Part 1: Master The Power Of Your Message And Voice

Your journey to Speak and Inspire will start with looking inward, building a connection with your distinct communication gift, and how you can harness it to enhance the power of your voice.

Speak and Inspire By Lisa Nichols-Bonus

In this part, you will learn about the world’s most mighty connector and fastest disconnector: Language. You will understand how your voice can become a doorway to achieving your greatest desires and needs.

This part will help you discover a practical tool to measure your voice’s power. With this tell, you can adequately figure out the level of impact you have on the people you engage with. 

Speak and Inspire - Formulate Your Voice

You will also learn to master the enrollment art and even understand how you can carefully formulate the words you use to create value in the life of anyone you contact.

You can use the technique of Mirror Exercise to assist you in unveiling the power of your voice to allow you to build a connection with other people at a much more profound level than before.

The quest will help you understand the spirit of a genuinely soul-stirring and heart-thumping story.

You also learn to craft a story that can be so mesmerizing that it will touch the listeners’ hearts, leaving them much more motivated and inspired. This part will help you experience life-shifting and compelling visualizations.

These visualizations will assist you in discovering the fundamental mission of your life. It also fuels and accelerates your journey of creating and building your legacy. 

Part 2: Defining The Listener Experience

In this quest, you will discover how well your words are landing to your listeners. Lisa will illuminate a framework to help you connect with your listeners and inspire them.

You will also come across natural and straightforward techniques that help you liberate yourself from the clutches of your brain fog, anxiety, fear, and all other so-called ‘inner blocks that hold you back. This way, you can communicate effortlessly with confidence and clarity. 

Speak and Inspire - Clarity and Conviction

Next, it talks about defining what impact you wish to leave behind on everyone. This will automatically unlock the conviction and passion of the next level for the cause that matters a lot to you. 

You will discover significant differences between confronting and “care-fronting” and learn how a slight shift in your intentions can dilute and heal communication tension between you and the people you care about.

Speak and Inspire - Inspire vs Education

The quest will help you experience a vigorous exercise that can quickly pinpoint the type of communication you wish to impart. I can be transformational, motivational, or informational.

You also learn to go beyond educating people to captivating and inspiring them. This way, you will get more and more people to be highly attentive to your topic.

Part 3: Muscles Developed By Action

In the third part of this quest, you are trained in the most powerful communication techniques of Lisa. Putting them into practice can make you a very engaging, charismatic, and persuasive communicator.

You will learn how to get your audience to open up and trust you by creating a safe environment free from repercussions or judgments.

Speak and Inspire - Your Body Talks

This part of the quest also covers three essential techniques that can bring about passive-to-active transformation in your listener base. Thus, You can immerse your listeners deeper into your perspective and words.

In this module, you will also learn how to use your body language to amplify and strengthen the impact of what you say. A slight change in your gesture can create a significant difference in the way your message is perceived.

You will even learn about the “Echo, Repeat, Respond” technique by instantly creating space where your audience feels active in the talk. In this way, you make and strengthen loyalty and trust.

Speak and Inspire - Verbal Highlights

Next, you also get to master the “Verbal Highlights” technique. This way, you can emphasize essential and crucial elements that your message holds, grab your listeners’ attention, and keep them active and hooked from beginning to end.

You will also come across many MythBusters regarding the techniques of holding people’s attention.

The following fantastic technique you will be trained with is the method called “The Pregnant Pause.” You will also discover why silence sometimes can work better than spurting out words. Though it is a risky technique, if you learn it, you can nail it and increase the impact of what you say by 10x.

Part 4: Speaking With 1 or 100

In this final part of the quest, you will discover how to integrate all you learned. This way, you can do your best in any speech, presentation, or conversation and thus create a significant positive impact. 

Speak and Inspire - Become a Master Enroller

You will learn to persuade and engage your listeners so they take the action you want them to. With this module, you will discover practical and straightforward six ways to strengthen your connection via communication power with the people you love.

You will also learn to be true to your authenticity and uniqueness and influence people.

Putting the teachings of this article into use can help you dramatically elevate the impact power of your communication via music and all other sensory stimulation, which can be great for speeches and presentations.

What Will You Get To Learn From Lisa Nichols Masterclass?

This quest will teach you how to share the secret in your mind, which you were entitled to share with the world. You will learn how much of a charismatic communicator you are and how you can be a natural leader.

Mindvalley Quest by Lisa Nichols Review

The quest helps you curb your nervousness and anxiety and amazes everyone else with your confidence and authenticity.

Moreover, this will make you the ideal employee at your work due to all the confidence boost, leadership qualities, and ability to impress anyone with your negotiation skills.

Having gone through the quest, you will also increase the quality of your relationships. You will experience people going for any story you tell them thanks to the story-telling and compulsion skills you will gain from this quest.

The power to command a crowd, which most of us desire, is also inside this quest. The quest will also teach you how to get more desirable rates in any negotiation and get better campaign engagement.

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Who Is Speak and Inspire Mindvalley Class For?

This quest entitles you to many things if you complete the search entirely and carefully. At the end of the journey, you will feel yourself becoming more efficient and a better speaker.

Lisa Nichols review -Lisa Nicholas

If you want to master your actions and voice, you want people to understand and listen to you with attention and know what you want to speak and what you want to convey.

The quest will work wonders if you want to learn how to use your voice.

If you want to get people over and over to you for your talk and teach them things you think are essential, then this quest is made for you.

This quest covers everything from impactful speaking and expressing yourself better to keeping your audience’s attention intact without yelling. After completing this quest, you can quickly help others understand a subject.

Lisa Nichols Testimonials 2

You will also learn how to improve relationships, motivate others to be happier, improve the quality of life, and do incredible things.

This course will teach you to inspire people with your message and story and even help you understand your account. With this course, you can also engage better with other people and transform their lives by speaking up more powerfully to them.

The course will also help you discover techniques about how you can be transparent to people who are listening to you.

Things You Should Know Before You Enroll:

If you take up this quest, you should be prepared to learn daily. Even though the video lengths are short and almost 30 minutes, the videos are stuffed with insights.

You also need to bring whatever you learn every day into action. Being shy or uncomfortable speaking out in front of people can hold you back from taking this quest.

This is because, on some days, you are expected to make an FB Live Video with a length of probably 2 minutes in the group to Speak And Inspire.

You must also stand in front of your mirror and speak up about what Lisa instructs you to do. It might not be as easy as it sounds, but it will help you better understand yourself and your story. 

Details Of This Course 

  • Number Of Days: 30 Days
  • Total Hours Of Training: 6 Hours

Lisa Nichols Speak and Inspire Masterclass Pricing:

Digital Access: $399, or you can also pay three installments of $149 each to total $447.

Speak and Inspire Quest By Nichols

Why Should I Recommend Lisa Nichols Speak & Inspire?

I would recommend this course to any podcasters or YouTubers who want to have an effect – inspirational, motivating, or transforming – and to boost their impact’s power. Speak and Inspire will also help them obtain more subscribers and loyal viewers or listeners.

I would also recommend it to anybody who needs to speak to an audience and wants to connect with and influence them positively. Speakers who comprehend what Lisa Nichols teaches in this program will retain their audience’s loyalty.

This training will also help you connect better with your loved ones or other people daily. It will teach you how to communicate effectively to build your connections.

As a writer, I would strongly recommend this course to others. It will help you learn how to connect with your audience better by creating a better message and interacting with them more effectively.

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What if I feel like Speak and Inspire course is not as per my liking, or the course is not benefiting me?

Like all the Mindvalley courses, this course also comes with a money-back guarantee. You can quickly opt-out of the course if you feel like leaving the trail.

Does Speak and Inspire course benefit as much as the website claims?

This course is a mind-bender and mind-opener. As the website claims, the course is as good as they claim.

I am fluid with my skills regarding listening and leadership. Should I still go for Speak and Inspire course?

No matter how good your skills are, maybe, but there is always room for improvement. The course can make your skills stand out even more. If you don't feel like improving, you can claim a refund. Overall, it is a win-win situation for you.

Conclusion: Lisa Nichols Speak and Inspire Review 2024

For anyone who wishes to speak and inspire, this quest is for you. This quest covers everything from knowing more about your voice to how you use it better to attain your desires.

The only prerequisite to taking up this quest is your will to impact the lives of people around you. This quest will inspire you to inspire others.

In the end, I appreciate all the people like you who wish to step forward and change people’s lives by spreading your wisdom, and hence, I have shared my honest opinion in this review.

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