Jeffrey Allen Review 2024: Is This Mindvalley Quest Worth The Hype?

Jeffrey Allen Review


Rather than just presenting concepts and ideas, Jeffrey offers a variety of activities and techniques to assist students in developing their intuition and energy awareness. Because these practices are based on real-world circumstances and experiences, they are simple to incorporate into everyday life.

Out of 10


  • There’s a money-back guarantee.
  • The course is included in the Mindvalley Membership
  • You can discuss and interact with other students
  • The guided meditations were soothing
  • The workbooks included helpful notes and diagrams to follow


  • Requires time and effort to practice regularly.


Price: $

Looking for an unbiased Jeffrey Allen Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review, I will discuss if Jeffrey Allen is worth it and whether you should try it.

We all want to be happy, healthy, and prosperous. But it isn’t easy to feel those things when juggling work, family, and other responsibilities.

The good news is that there are numerous ways to increase your happiness. There are multiple ways to achieve health and wealth.

Jeffrey Allen Review

Jeffrey Allen will teach you how to live a fantastic life by sharing his secrets of achieving massive success in all areas of his life while assisting thousands of others to do the same!

Do you want to participate in Jeffrey Allen’s quests on Mindvalley? Do you want to know which quest will most benefit you?

In this article, I will be giving you details about two Mindvalley Quests that Jeffrey Allen offers:

1. Unlocking Transcendence

2. Duality

So, let’s get started and walk you through what Duality does to you.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Do you want to be happier, more confident, and have an abundance of love?

Jeffrey Allen User Review

Jeffery Allen is a Mindvalley best-selling author. With his courses on happiness and success, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. His most recent course will help you overcome health issues like never before!

Jeffrey Allen Unlocking Transcendence - User Review

You have earned the right to be happy every day. You have earned the right to live your best life. And now, thanks to Jeffery Allen’s course, you can do just that! It’s time to take charge and start living the life you were born to live. Don’t pass up this opportunity! Sign up now for this incredible course from one of Mindvalley’s most popular authors!

Sign up for Jeffrey Allen’s Course!

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What Makes Jeffrey Allen Qualified To Train You?

Jeffrey Allen is an energy healer, spiritual teacher, and famous author at Mindvalley who is based in Tokyo, Japan, and has helped numerous clients over the last 20 years so they can live a life aligned with their actual energy and purpose.

This is to help them experience greater happiness, incredible confidence, immense love, and massive abundance and alleviate health issues.

Jeffrey Allen mindvalley course

In other words, Jeffrey helps his clients live the life they were born to live. Allen is an Oneness Company co-founder.

Jeffrey is a global authority in energy healing, and numerous recognized and reputable healers seek his healing sessions regularly.

He is widely regarded as The Healer’s Healer. Allen has a thorough understanding and knowledge of energy, which he uses to assist you in breaking down your hidden blocks and developing a strong and stable energy awareness.

This gives you a distinct advantage in both professional and personal development. A decade ago, Jeffrey was a successful software engineer with a great job and a six-figure salary. But the fact that he could not fulfill his true purpose bothered him.

Jeffrey Allen Facebook Reviews

In 2005, by a series of incredible coincidences, he found himself training a brilliant group of students on spiritual studies in Africa (Uganda). At this point, Allen discovered a spiritual teacher hiding behind an engineer.

Since then, Jeffrey has assisted many people in combining their intuition and intellect to improve their relationships and confidence and discover and achieve their life’s purpose.

He spent over fifteen years studying with the country’s top healers, mediums, and psychics. Jeffrey has also served on the board of directors of The Spiritual Development Center and has spread his teachings worldwide. Jeffrey contacted a massive number of people via social media.

He also trained in many live workshops worldwide, including Costa Rica and the United States. France, Mexico, Greece, Croatia, Japan, and Switzerland are among the countries represented.

Now that we’ve learned more about Jeffrey Allen, let’s delve into the specifics of these courses.

Unlocking Transcendence Review:

In the Unlocking Transcendence quest, Jeffrey Allen is about raising your level of spirituality in every dimension and aligning while you pursue your goals.

Mindvalley jeffrey allen review-Unlocking Transcendence

Simply put, it is about increasing awareness to understand what one should be doing and find the answers one seeks. Unlocking Transcendence covers everything from exploring time, location, and physical attention to mental, listening, emotional, energy, and impact awareness.

Why is spiritual fitness dependent on awareness?

Allen believes that if you want to pursue spiritual training, you must first develop a basic level of awareness. There is a need for emotional and spiritual understanding and awareness of your mind, body, and soul.

Jeffrey Allen Unlocking Transcendence

When this awareness is lacking, it appears as if life is happening. On the other hand, with this awareness, you can efficiently absorb and apply information in your life. From feeling more in control and connected to becoming more open to new ideas, understanding is essential.

Unlocking Transcendence With Both Audio And Video

Quests are primarily made up of practice meditations. Almost seven out of ten days are audios in which Allen introduces you to the subject and then leads you through a guided meditation. This is beneficial because it allows you to learn more about the subject.

Aside from audio, you will also receive video days. The quest is divided into six segments, each lasting ten days. Jeffrey will send you a video on Days 1, 5, and 9 of each 10-day part.

Jeffrey Allen Unlocking Transcendence Day 1

Allen teaches new concepts in these videos. On day 9, he reviews everything you’ve learned and discusses practice tips and ideas.

You meditate during video lessons as well. Jeffrey guides you through an exercise while you meditate and close your eyes.

Except for the tenth day, this occurs every day. On the tenth day, you can meditate for yourself and catch up on anything you have missed. Throughout your meditations, you will encounter numerous visualizations.

The Facebook Group

Jeffrey is most likely the most active teacher you will ever come across on Facebook.

Jeffrey Allen Unlocking Transcendence - User Feedback

Units outlined in his FB Group will detail everything in great detail. Jeffrey answers questions and responds to other comments, unlike most other course instructors.

Jeffrey Allen Review 2024: Is Jeffrey Allen Legit?

Jeffrey’s goal with Unlocking Transcendence is to increase your awareness. His teachings are valuable and life-changing if you apply his concepts and techniques. It will help you become more aware, avoid anxiety and stress, and, most importantly, calm you down.

Jeffrey Allen Duality course

Throughout this quest, you will learn to

  • increase your happiness,
  • communicate better,
  • be more successful,
  • feel connected to those who have opposing thoughts and beliefs,
  • accept new thoughts and ideas,
  • be more mindful and present,
  • lower your anxiety and stress levels,
  • hear your intuitions, organize your life,
  • create momentum in your pace of life,
  • worry less about what others think about you,
  • feel more connected and
  • release judgment.

In this Unlocking Transcendence quest, the Spirit Awareness section teaches you about connection and intuition. You learn what it’s like to be spiritual.

Jeffrey Allen Facebook User Review

You get to connect with your spiritual self, obtain information that your spirit alone can relate to, and also learn how to connect to everything around you energetically and spiritually

Moreover, you’re much more aware of how your actions affect those around you and the world. This is something that everyone can significantly benefit from. There is an urgent need for all of us to be compassionate toward one another while also being motivated to do good for those around us.

It is critical to increase your awareness because it can change your life. You can move through life more efficiently if you are aware. You begin to understand yourself better and receive answers to questions such as what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what you would prefer to do instead.

All of this is possible with increased awareness. When you see the bigger picture, you can go beyond yourself and have a positive impact with that level of higher awareness.

Also, read:

Unlocking Transcendence Details:

  • Total Hours Of Training: 14 Hours


Unlocking Transcendence Pricing:

  • Digital Access: $449 (You can also pay in 3 installments. Each installment Of $159 to a total of $477.) 
  • Digital Access Plus Completion Certificate: $449 (You can also pay in 3 installments. Each installment Of $179 to a total of $537)

Unlocking Transcendence Verdict:

Unlocking Transcendence, in my opinion, will assist you in becoming much more aware of the true you and what can and cannot help you. As a result, you learn to be more open to new practices and ideas.

You begin to feel more spiritually connected to yourself and want to do what you should to increase your happiness. You begin to have a noticeable impact on the world. You will want to make the necessary changes and be motivated to keep them going.

Let us get into details of the next quest that Jeffrey Allen offers on Mindvalley, which is Duality. 

Jeffrey Allen Duality Review:

Among the various other promising Mindvalley courses is Duality by Jeffrey Allen. This course claims to give you increased spiritual skills, intellect, better health, and a pathway for an extraordinary life with various benefits, like higher awareness levels and better functioning ability. 

This Duality course by Jeffrey Allen maintains Mindvalley’s reputation for being well-structured, unique, eye-opening, and truly awakening. Taking the course is an absolute must.

The way it is set up, formulated, and structured makes it a must-try course for anyone who wants to maximize the potential of his body and brain.

So, let us continue talking about Duality and what it does.

The Structure Of Duality

The complete Duality Program is divided into eight weeks, covering three sections in total. 

  • The initial three weeks will focus and work on the ‘The Self.’ These three weeks end the first phase of the course.
  • The following two weeks will focus on working on ‘The Self & Others Closest To You.’
  • Ultimately, the last two weeks will help you work out ‘How You Fit In The World.’

Unlocking Tranuedence Lifetime Discount

The course will cover five lecture videos, a meditation course, and two practice exercises weekly. Meditation can be done with one of the lectures or separately, depending on your preferences.

This allows you to participate in any meditation routine you want without watching all of Jeffrey’s lectures and videos.

The course language is simple and easy for anyone watching the videos. Jeffrey’s videos are straightforward to understand and will quickly capture your attention and mind. What he is teaching will be elementary for you to grasp.

The best part about Jeffrey’s course is that he lets you go through it without feeling like Mr. Know It All. This particular aspect of this course is very intriguing because there are no prerequisites for watching this course. All of this contributes to a more effective response to this course.

Jeffery Allen Duality Course

Every week, the course’s modules are divided into different sections. This allows you to watch the video in short bursts. Consider this: if you are short on time, you can watch one video and save the next one for later.

This allows you to watch wherever and whenever you want without interruption. You can also resume watching the video from where you left off without reloading it.

Along with the videos, you will receive a Workbook in which you can take notes and write down your thoughts. It is available in PDF format and can be printed as a hard copy.

It is also possible to complete the entire course in a single day. The whole course is instantly available, and you can watch all the videos on the go. However, it is advised that you take the approach at your own pace. This will allow you to understand the course better and apply its values and ethics in real life.

Jeffery Allen Duality Course - Meditation

A hands-on approach to this course is something you should strive for. What you should be looking for is hands-on experience with the course itself.

Jeffrey’s course also includes access to a private Facebook group. The group is there to help you with any questions or concerns about the course.

Jeffrey Allen also pays visits to the group on occasion. He frequently comments and responds to people and their questions. You can also ask him your question directly on Facebook. Aside from that, the group is full of like-minded individuals.

Who Will Benefit from Duality?

Duality will prove to be beneficial for:

Jeffery Allen Duality Course - User Feedback

1. A person who wants to stop other people from affecting your energy and ruining your mindset: Module 4 is based upon the teachings so that your mind is not affected by different negative energies and moods. It will teach you how to put up blockades so that others can not affect you.

2. Someone who wants to find out what affects them: Over the course, you will learn how to identify what is affecting you and determine how to deal with it. This course will tell you how you can overcome your difficulties and fears.

3. Who wants to learn to find answers? Today, we rely on Google to find any answer we need. However, sometimes, you must rely on your own to search for answers. This helps you make decisions in the right way. Not every question is answered on Google.

4. People who want to influence this world positively: Becoming peaceful and aware benefits you and the world. When you think, you positively affect people around you, and they positively impact the world.

5. Someone who wishes to be more present: The Duality quest will help you bring together your energetic self and body. This will help you begin to feel a more current sense you might not feel.

6. The one who wishes to connect more to their energetic self: This quest will help you understand how your energetic self affects the physical self. Most people focus on their physical selves and ignore their energetic selves. This is why they fail to sense energies.

7. Someone who wants to stop overthinking: The duality quest helps you to think rationally and tap deep into your intuition.

8. People looking for happiness and better health: In this quest, you will learn how you can use your energetic self in Duality in combination with the physical self so you lead a happier and healthier life.

9. Someone who wants to eliminate the stuck energy: This quest will help you rejuvenate your energy and destroy all that negative energy that makes you feel stuck. You will also explore what chakras are and how you can heal them.

10. People who wish to get rid of old beliefs limiting their thought process to become more open-minded: Duality Quest focuses on tackling and changing your ideas from an energy-centric standpoint. This module will teach you to help people believe in things you wish.

Jeffrey Allen Facebook Review

Details Of The Course

  • Total Hours Of Training: 16 Hours
  • Languages: 5

Duality Course Pricing:

  • Digital Access: $299 (You can also pay in 2 installments. Each installment Of $159 to a total of $318.)
  • Mindvalley Quest All Access: $599 (Access to Duality plus all other 40+ Programs on Mindvalley at just $2 per day)

Verdict On Duality Course Review

Jeffrey Allen’s Duality, in my opinion, will help you focus on both your energy and your physical self. You can put both of these to use to live a happier and healthier life. It has nothing to do with losing your physical identity.

It talks about realizing that focusing on your energy is as important as your physical self.

Jeffery Allen Duality Course - User Review

What Makes Unlocking Transcendence & Duality Different From Each Other?

Jeffrey Allen reviews and courses

Unlocking Transcendence is about delving deeper into your spiritual path with the help of daily exercises that can spiritually strengthen you.

This is how you can fulfill your spiritual desires and align yourself with your soul’s purpose. This leads to significant synchrony and abundance and will stay with you forever.

Duality, however, is a program designed to help you discover hidden energy within yourself. It also teaches you how to command your energy in every aspect, area, and domain of life.

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✅ Why should I choose Jeffrey's course over others?

Jeffrey holds a global authority in the arena of energy healing and is regarded as the healer of the healers. His in-depth understanding and knowledge can prove to be of immense help to get your life on track.

👉 Can Jeffrey Allen's courses hurt my mindset in any way?

This course is carefully curated. It doesn't have any harmful effect on your mindset in any way. It will only shape it in a better, humane way.

👉 What if I don't like the course?

Duality course has a ten days money-back guarantee and Unlocking Transcendence has 15 days. You can cancel the subscription anytime if you feel like it.

Jeffrey Allen Review 2024: Is Jeffrey Allen Quests Worth The Hype? 

You can explore your inner self With the Mindvalley Quests, Duality, and Unlocking Transcendence.

Simply being a better YOU can have a substantial positive impact on the world. As your awareness expands, you can more effectively relate to the world around you.

Jeffrey Allen Facebook Feedback

You have a more significant and more direct impact on everyone with whom you come into direct contact. Not only that, but you will positively influence those with whom they come into contact.

If you have any other questions about the quest, please leave them in the comments.

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